Arena of Valor Football Fever

Arena of Valor Football Fever

Football Fever is one of the latest game modes in Arena of Valor. It’s only available on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Unlike any other game mode, the objective of this game mode isn’t to destroy your enemy’s base or killing enemy heroes. If you are ever stressed out from playing ranked games, feel free to take a break and enjoy a casual match between friends or rivals.

You can find the Football Fever game mode in the casual match tab.



Both teams compete in a 3v3 football match on an football field. The opponent’s goal will always be at the top-right corner of the map. The objective of this game mode is to kick the ball into the enemy’s goal.

Each match lasts 4 minutes. When the time is up,  the team with the highest score or goals wins. If both of the team has same score at the end of the match, the game will goes on into overtime. The first team that scores first during overtime wins. There is no timer within overtime, whoever scores first, the game ends.



In this Football Fever game mode, every heroes’ normal attack ability has been replaced with Kick. Heroes can kick the ball forward, the arrow indicator shows the direction of the ball will travel when kicked.

All heroes still has their own abilities but it doesn’t cost any mana or energy. All ability cost are removed in this game mode. Also, all heroes’ abilities will not deal damage to opponents. However, their control effects such as stun, slow, snare, etc. will remain effective.

On top of that, every heroes are granted three new abilities in this game mode. There are Intercept (Talent), Volley and an ultimate ability called Gravity which costs Morale to cast.


Intercept (Talent)

The Intercept talent is exclusive to Football Fever only. When this talent ability is casted, a Force Field appears around the hero that lasts for up to 2 seconds. If the ball enters the Force Field, it will immediately stop moving. This is only effective for one time. As Intercept is able to stop a moving ball, it can be used on your own half of the field for defense, as well as to steal the ball from your opponent while on offense.



Tap and holding on Volley allows players to aim and shoot the ball in a straight line. You can aim to any direction of your choice.  Every hero in Football Fever will receive this ability. Volley can be used for both passing and shooting. With all three members working together, you can pass the ball quickly with Volley.

Making good use of Volley is key to winning the match, it’s a very flexible ability that you can use in all sorts of situations.


Gravity (Ultimate)

If Gravity is used when the hero is within a certain range of the ball, the ball will become bound to the hero’s feet, and for the next 5 seconds the ball will move together with the hero. Again, this ultimate can be used in both offensive and defensive. The enemy heroes cannot steal the ball from you while under this effect.

In order to use this ultimate, players are required to fill their morale bar.


Morale System

The morale system is a brand new mechanic in Arena of Valor which is exclusive to Football Fever only. Whenever the morale bar fills up completely, players are able to cast their ultimate ability, Gravity. Morale increases over time. During the last minute of a match, it increases at an accelerated rate.

To narrow the difference between both teams and enable the trailing team to stay in the game, every time a team scores a goal, the other team will receive additional Morale. It makes the game more enjoyable rather than being bullied in the game, giving the losing team a higher chance to strike back.


Working as a Team

Just like any other team game, you are going to need to work together as a team and pass the ball around to maneuver around the map. Volley alone won’t send the ball across the entire field. However, if three heroes spread out and work as a team, they can get the ball from their goal into enemy goals quickly. Rather than just chasing the same ball altogether, cooperate and work as a team, pass to each other and work towards the same goal.


Strong Heroes

Due to the mechanics of Football Fever, some high-mobility and control heroes may have a slight advantage. For example, Murad’s abilities allows for quick movement, giving him the power to dribble the ball around others and to return to a defensive position very quickly, while Omega has an extremely high movement speed ability that also stuns the opponent and Superman can knock back both the opponent and the ball at the same time.

There are some balancing adjustments to individual heroes for Football Fever, while maintaining the characteristics of heroes that give them their unique strengths. I’m sure that there are still a lot of powerful combos out there to discover.



There are two different modes in Football Fever. The Tornado Mode and the Storm Mode.

Tornado Mode

In Tornado Mode, a tornado will form and move about randomly on the field at certain intervals. At the base of the tornado is a directional arrow indicating its spin. Any hero too close to the tornado will get sucked in and thrown back in the direction of the arrow, where they will be dizzy for a short time. The ball can also be sucked into the tornado if it gets too close, after which it will be ejected in the direction of the arrow. A ball that’s shot from a tornado cannot be stopped, and will send heroes flying if hit by it. Exploiting the characteristics of a tornado might just be the key to winning a match.


Storm Mode

In Storm Mode, a bolt of lightning will strike the ball at certain intervals, granting random effects to nearby heroes.
Buffs: Increased movement speed, immunity to control effects, and reduced cooldown for abilities.
Debuffs: Reduced movement speed, becoming stunned on the spot, and becoming silenced.

You can’t predict what effects lightning will pass on to the heroes. All you can do is hope for the best! There will be a lot of RNG in this mode, which is also fun in a way.



Here’s a quick gameplay of the Football Fever game mode. Unfortunately, there is no commentary. I hoped you enjoyed reading and until next time!

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