Batman: Hero Spotlight | Gameplay – Strike of Kings

Batman: Hero Spotlight | Gameplay – Strike of Kings


This is a transcribe for Strike of Kings from the video above so please watch that first. This guide is going to go over the hero Batman and talk about him as a character and go over his skills and play style.


Batman is an Assassin role Super hero who depends upon his ability to deal explosive levels of damage. Batman is able to weave in and out of battle by himself and break down enemy ranks.


Passive: Caped Crusader

Batman bends himself to the shadows giving him a 20% increase movement speed when he nears an enemy hero. However this speed boost will disappear if he leaves with his back turned to the enemy.

So Batman is able to rely on this speed boost effect to easily hunt and slay enemy forces as they flee while low on health.

Skill 1 – Forearm Strike

Batman releases a quick blade that deals damage to nearby enemies. Followed by a second attack hitting a random enemy next to him dealing the same quantity of damage.

This is an AoE skill, and the second attack preferences striking enemy heroes. His first skill is certain to deal grief in two stages to the enemy when he faces only one enemy hero.

Skill 2 – Batarang

Batman will throw out a Batarang that damages enemies and reduces their movement speed. This is a straight line, AoE skill that after 3 seconds will also cause enemies to suffer physical damage equivalent to 24% of the HP they just lost.

if enemies who have suffered from Batmans second skill are struck again by B atman within 3 seconds, they will become dizzy and enable Batman to restore some of his HP. Deal a lot of damage after you’ve just released the second skill during battle, and you’ll boost the damage you inflict after 3 seconds to it’s maximum extent.

Skill 3 – Dark Knight

Batman uses his natural affinity with bats to make himself invisible after 1.5 seconds. This skill will last for 30 seconds, during which time it is released again Batman will appear and launch an attack in his designated direction.

This skill has a line based area of effect. If you are invisible and wait next to the enemy for more than 3 seconds, this will dispel the invisibility at a slightly greater range than for the skill. Of course Batman will also dispel his invisibility when he inflicts damage on an enemy. In any case enemies further away from batman will start to notice something is amiss when he is invisible and an alert will appear above their head. So you have to grab the opportunity once your 3rd ability makes you invisible.


Typically Batman will damage enemies using his second and first skill together. One use of Batmans second skill is sometimes enough to take out an enemy when they are low on health.

Should Batman not be doing so good he can use his third skill to slip away from the field easily. Batman would normally first use his ultimate to hide himself in the shadow, then after getting close strike with his second skill then unleash all skills in a quick flurry.

Of course you can always reserve his ultimate for a second release and it may get used again as enemies flee. In summary, Batman possesses skills that can easily deal explosive damage for a win.


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