Ice Queen


Frozen enemies take extra 155 magic damage.


Chilling Frost


Diaochan attacks with frost, dealing 305 +0 magic damage to enemies in the target area and slowing their movement speed by 50% for 2 seconds. She also places a Mark of Frost on target for 5.5 seconds. When marked targets are hitw ith CHilling Frost again, the mark is consumed and target's movement speed is reduced by 80% for 2 weeks.

Show Stats
Damage Cooldown Mana
1 288 10 80
2 324 10 80
3 360 10 80
4 396 10 80
5 432 10 80
6 468 10 80

Diamond Dust


After a short delay, Diaochan freezes and deals 288 +0 magic damage to enemies within the target area. Frozen enemies take additional damage.

Show Stats
Damage Cooldown Mana
1 288 10 80
2 324 9 80
3 360 8 80
4 396 7 80
5 432 6 80
6 468 5 80



Diaochan summons a Blizzard, dealing 350 +0 magic damage to enemies within target area and slowing their movement speed by 30%. She also gains 600 armor.

Show Stats
Damage Cooldown Mana
1 350 42 150
2 440 35 150
3 530 28 150

Diaochan Stats

Max HP



91 / 0%

Magic Defense

50 / 7.6%

Attack Damage


Ability Power


Max Mana


Movement Speed


Magic Pierce

0 / %

Attack Speed


Critical Chance


Critical Damage


Life Steal


Magic Life Steal


Cooldown Speed


Attack Range

Long Range



HP Per 5 Seconds


Mana Per 5 Seconds


Max Energy

Regen Energy Per 5 Seconds


Diaochan Guide

Diao Chan

Diao Chan is an AP carry who shines with her formidable crowd control and AoE damage.


Passive – Ice Queen

The mysterious Eastern Magic allows Diao Chan to deal additional magical damage to frozen targets in combination. With her other powerful spells, ice queen turns Diao Chan into an absolute killing machine.

Ability 1 – Chilling Frost

Diao Chan instantly casts a long-range AoE spell that slows her enemies dealing magical damage. The long range of this ability allows Diao Chan to easily kite and damage her enemies from afar.

Ability 2 – Diamond Dust

After a short delay, Diao Chan summons an ice lotus at targeting area, freezing nearby enemies and dealing magical damage. This is Diao Chan’s core skill. Since Diao Chan can peel additional damage to frozen targets it is critical to not miss the spell, However, due to the brief delay of this skill, it may be easier to land the spell after hitting the enemies with chilling frost first.

Ultimate – Blizzard

Diao Chan casts a blizzard around her healing massive damage to all nearby enemies within the range. Blizzards temporarily grant her physical defense and slow enemies around to prevent them from escaping.

Blizzards explosive damage allows Diao Chan to easily kill her foes during team fights. When being tower dove, Diao Chan can first use chilling frost to slow the enemies then follow up with Diamond dust to keep the enemies within the towers attack range.

Of course, skillful players can also use diamond dust first to freeze the enemy and then slow them with chilling frost to deal even more overall damage to maximize her damage output. Diao Chan should first use diamond dust to freeze her enemies activating her passive and then cast killing frost and blizzard to finish them off.

Although in many cases blizzard is all it takes to complete the kill after all blizzard is the main damaging spell.

OverallDDiao Chan is a mage carry who excels at destroying her opponent both in lane and in team fights With her powerful and chilling abilities.


“Men may think they rule the world, but I rule men.”

Diaochan said this at the tender age of 18. She had just learned the art of Sleeve Dancing and with it, she had already managed to seduce all the men who frequented Chang’an Avenue. An old official claimed: “This girl must be the incarnation of heavenly sin!” before falling at her feet, eager to catch the fragrance of her dress.

Even the might Lu Bu could not resist Diaochan’s beauty. When she frowned, lu Bu was ready to slay his own godfather, Dong Zhuo, for unintentionally offending this beauty with his glance. The very sight of Diaochan’s sad face was cause enough for Lu Bu to kill.

Diaochan was indeed beautiful, but her beauty was matched by her manipulative nature. Heroes all over the world came to challenge Lu Bu to become Diaochan’s new champion. Most of them were killed with a single strike. In fear, some banded together and yet met the same fate. Seeing his enemies multiply and Lu Bu’s thirst for battle grew, Diaochan quietly left the man who loved her so deeply in one stormy morning.

“Try not to think of me too much.”

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