Lu Bu

Martial Master


Reduce Impale's cooldown by 1 second whenever Lu Bu hits a target with an ability or normal attack.

Lu Bu

Red Stallion


Lu Bu lunges forward (tap him to stop), dealing 160 +146 physical damage to enemies in his path. This ability can be used 3 times in a row, with the 3rd cast knocking enemies into the air.

Show Stats
Damage Cooldown Mana
1 160 12 0
2 185 11 0
3 210 10 0
4 235 9 0
5 260 8 0
6 285 7 0
Lu Bu



Lu Bu launches a mass of dark energy in the specifed direction, dealing 240 +156 physical damage and reducing enemies' movement speed by 50% for 2 seconds.

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Damage Cooldown Mana
1 240 12 0
2 300 11 0
3 360 10 0
4 420 9 0
5 480 8 0
6 540 7 0
Lu Bu



Lu Bu powers up, boosting his attack damage by x, life steal by 80, and resistance by 20% for 8 seconds.

Show Stats
Damage Cooldown Mana
1 80 30 0
2 120 30 0
3 160 30 0

Lu Bu Stats

Max HP



104 / 0%

Magic Defense

50 / 7.6%

Attack Damage


Ability Power


Max Mana


Movement Speed


Magic Pierce

0 / 0%

Attack Speed


Critical Chance


Critical Damage


Life Steal


Magic Life Steal


Cooldown Speed


Attack Range




HP Per 5 Seconds


Mana Per 5 Seconds


Max Energy

Regen Energy Per 5 Seconds


Lu Bu Guide


Lubu is a melee fighter with insane damage making him a powerful killing machine in battles.


Ability 2 – Impale

Lubu uses his halberd to unleash a shock wave at enemies in front causing damage and slowing their movement speed. Impale is an AoE skill that allows all enemies in range allowing Lubu to easily catch up and finish the enemies.

Passive – Matrial Master

Whenever Lubu hits an enemy with a skill or normal attack the cooldown for impale is reduced by one second. This passive enables Lubu to constantly deal damage and slow the enemies using impale.

Ability 1 – Red Stallion

Lubu lunges forward and deals damage to all enemies hit the skill can be discharged three times in a short period. With the third attack applying a knock up effect Lubu can use red Stallion to sweep among enemies in team fights. However, the skill cannot be used to dash through walls.

Ultimate – Conqueror

Lubu is Empowered with battle rage which greatly boosts his physical attack and tenacity. In addition, skills and normal attack are granted with lifesteal effect the buff lasts for eight seconds allowing Lubu to unload tons of damage in battles. To maximize damage use impale first to slow the enemy and deal some initial damage.

Activate Conqueror and use red stallion to charge onto the enemy with martial master. Lubu is able to slow the enemy with constantly refreshed Impale thereby completing the kill.

During team fights use red stallion and normal attacks to reduce the cooldown of Impale and continually slow the enemies with impale. Activate conqueror when Lubu is low on health for the exceptional life steel and damage. Of course, Lubu can also disengage from Battles using Red Stallion.

Overall Lubu is a strong warrior with exceptional damage which allows him to lead the team Towards victory.


“You submit? How dare you submit!”

Sitting upon his mighty steed, Red Hare, Lu Bu looked down upon his enemies, prostrate and shaking in horror, and found them inadequate. He could not suppress this anger for much longer. Such victories meant nothing to him. What he desired was a good fight with a real opponent. He loved nothing more than pushing himself when in danger, and that was how he came to be known as the “Peerless Warlord”

Lu Bu began to reminisce of his battle against Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei at Hulao Gate. It did indeed seem unfair to fight against the three of them, but Lu Bu was accustomed to these kinds of odds. Truth be told, it was highly unlikely that any other mortal could match him in single combat.

“Tell me, am i the strongest warrior in the world?”

Lu Bu Seldom showed his gentle side as he shone resplendently in his armor. The enchanting Diaochan smiled sweetly at this, and fished out a note from her sleeve.

“There may be no one in this world worth fighting with. But, my General, how about the opponents in Heaven? Would you care to battle against them?”

“In Heaven?! That’s it!”

Lu Bu could not hide the excitement in his eyes.

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