On Murad's 4th consecutive normal attack within 3 seconds (ineffective against buildings), he gains 5% attack damage and releases the seal of Temporal Turbulence for 5 seconds.


Thorn of Time


Murad leaps forward, dealing 120 (+178) physical damage to enemies in his path and stunning them. He can leap again within 5 seconds of the initial cast, and he can return to his starting location if the ability is cast a 3rd time within 5 seconds.

Show Stats
Damage Cooldown Mana
1 120 12 80
2 144 10.6 80
3 168 9.2 80
4 192 7.8 80
5 216 6.4 80
6 240 5 80

Another Dimension


Murad creates a distortion in space and time that deals 110 (+96) physical damage to all enemies in the distortion field. Also deals 180 (+160) physical damage to those entering or leaving the distortion field and reduces their movement speed by 90% for 2 seconds. In addition, he lowers target armor by 100 for 3 seconds. Murad cannot be targeted or attacked while creating the distortion.

Show Stats
Damage Cooldown Mana
1 110 12 60
2 142 11.6 60
3 174 11.2 60
4 206 10.8 60
5 238 10.4 60
6 270 10 60

Temporal Turbulence


Murad enters a temporal rift, unleashing 5 attacks on enemies in the target area, dealing 150 (+121) physical damage per attack and life steal effects apply for these attacks. While in the temporal rift, Murad cannot be targeted and attacked. This ability can only be used after Murad's passive opens the seal, which will close again after use.

Show Stats
Damage Cooldown Mana
1 150 12 120
2 215 12 120
3 280 12 120

Murad Stats

Max HP



98 / 14%

Magic Defense

50 / 736%

Attack Damage


Ability Power


Max Mana


Movement Speed


Magic Pierce

0 / 0%

Attack Speed


Critical Chance


Critical Damage


Life Steal


Magic Life Steal


Cooldown Speed


Attack Range




HP Per 5 Seconds


Mana Per 5 Seconds


Max Energy


Regen Energy Per 5 Seconds


Murad Guide


Hey, guys the hero we are introducing today is Murad the wanderer. As an assassin, Murad’s job is to nuke down the squishy targets on the enemy team.

Since another dimension and temporal turbulence can make Murad temporarily invincible, Murad can use these abilities to dodge enemy abilities and damage. In addition, the third part of thorn of time allows Murad to return to the starting location making him even more untraceable and helping him to get out of combat alive after assassinating the enemy backline. Wanna Catch Murad? You’ll have to beat time.


Passive – Rift

On Murad’s fourth consecutive normal attack within three seconds, ineffective against buildings, he gains 5% attack damage and releases the seal on temporal turbulence for five seconds. Rift is the premise to unlock the ultimate, therefore try purchasing items with the tax speed in order to unlock temporal turbulence quickly.

Notice that the four consecutive normal attacks don’t have to all happen in three seconds, as Long as the time intervals between normal attacks are less than three seconds rift will still be triggered upon the fourth consecutive normal attack.

Ability 1 – Thorn of Time

Murad leaps forward dealing physical damage to enemies in his path and stunning them. He can leap again within 5 seconds of the last cast and returns to his starting location. When used for a third time within 5 seconds Thorn of time has three parts. The first two are forward leaps which can pass through walls. The third part is returning to his starting location.

When Murad is being chased by enemies, he can use Thorn of time to leap forward twice if enemies persist in chasing him he can juke them by returning to the starting point.

Ability 2 – Another Dimension

Murad creates a barrier that deals physical damage to all enemies within. It also deals physical damage to those crossing the barrier and reduces their movement speed by 90% for 2 seconds, in addition, the barrier lowers the target’s armor for three seconds. Murad cannot be targeted or attacked while creating the distortion notice that another?

Murad cannot be targeted or attacked while creating the distortion. Notice that Another Dimension can lower enemy’s armor, therefore, crossing the barrier is even more dangerous than standing still for enemies within it.

Since Murad is invincible when putting down the barrier the ability can be used to Dodge enemy abilities and damage.

Ultimate –  Temporal Turbulence

Murad enters a temporal rift, unleashing five attacks on enemies in the target area dealing physical damage per attack. While in the temporal rift, Murad cannot be targeted or attacked. This ability can only be used after Murad passive opens the seal, which will close again after use.

Temporal turbulence is a powerful ability which has a rather short cooldown, however, the condition to unlock the ultimate is quite tricky, too. After all not many enemies will stand still and wait for Murad to hit four consecutive normal attacks.

Therefore, Murad should take advantage of Creep’s jungle Monsters or even bosses to unlock the seal for temporal turbulence. The recommended combo for Murad is to unlock temporal turbulence by normal attacking jungle Monsters or Creeps.

Then use thorn of time to charge into enemies followed by temporal turbulence and another dimension then we turn to the starting location by casting thorn of time again. As a mid to late game Assassin, Murad should remember to take sage buffs in the early game in case of running out of mana and failing to cast abilities at critical times.

After reaching level 4, Murad should help out allies when temporal turbulence is ready with the control and slowing effect of thorn of time and another dimension few enemies can escape from Murad in the mid and late game.

It is not a tough mission for a well-geared Murad to solo bosses. The buffs from slaying the dark Slayer and the official Dragon can greatly improve the damage of all allies. In battles, Murad can easily be focused on by the enemy team and get first hit down before even touching the enemy carries.

Therefore, Murad should unlock temporal turbulence with jungle Monsters and creeps first before casting thorn of time and temporal turbulence onto enemies. When an enemy is caught alone, Murad can use sort of time to approach the enemy then cast another dimension to encircle the enemy if the enemy tries to run away he will be slowed when crossing the barrier, this way Murad can easily normal attack the enemy and unlock temporal turbulence to secure a kill.


Space and time are the fabric in which this world exists. They are also a source of supreme power. However, none of the known systems of magic have spells capable of harnessing the power of space-time. Only an Andura Stone can contain the intangible power of space-time, and allow people to harness it.

With the aim of acquiring this power, Murad’s ancestors journeyed deep into the desert to look for fragments of Andura. However, Murad’s ancestors were able to outsmart Azzen’Ka and acquire the fragments. They used the fragments to forge an extremely powerful weapon that could manipulate space and time and built a new empire in the desert with its power.

When Murad came of age, he inherited the weapon from his father and officially became the heir apparent. He led the imperial army on many expeditions, eliminating dangerous creatures and expanding the empire. This eventually threatened the authority of Azzen’Ka who was furious after discovering the truth behind Murad’s weapon. But Murad paid Azzen’Ka no mind. AS long as he had the weapon, Azzen’Ka couldn’t hurt him.

Azzen’Ka was forced to parley with Murad and capitulate to the demands of the imperial prince. Murad gladly accepted his enemy’s willingness to surrender and missed the golden opportunity to rid the empire of a potential threat once and for all. No power lasts forever, and Azzen’Ka understood this only too well. From the shadows, he manufactured multiple crises that forced Murad to use his weapon to defend the fledgling empire.

Overuse of the power accelerated the Andura Stone’s decay and, unable to withstand the burden, the weapon developed numerous cracks through which the power of space-time leaked. This efflux greatly weakened Murad’s ability to fight, and Azzen’Ka seized the opportunity to conjure a mighty sandstorm that completely engulfed the once prosperous empire. The weapon only had enough power to protect Murad himself, so after a plea by his father, he escaped the catastrophe.

But he did not give up. He covered his handsome face and became a solitary desert ranger, seeking a way to repair his weapon while accumulating the strength to confront Azzen’Ka. Murad firmly believes that as long as he has his weapon, he will one day be able to kill Azzen’Ka and restore the honor and glory of his empire.

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