Dread Judge


Every 4th normal attack knocks the target into the air. Each time an ability hits an enemy, Nakroth gains 50% attack speed.


Jury Fury


Nakroth lunges forward and knocks the target into the air, dealing 135 +106 physical damage. The ability can be used again within 5 seconds of first use before triggering the full cooldown.

Show Stats
Damage Cooldown Mana
1 135 9.6 55
2 151 8.8 55
3 167 8 55
4 183 7.2 55
5 199 6.4 55
6 215 5.6 55

Death Sentence


Nakroth flips backwards and the next normal attack within 3 seconds becomes a horizontal sweep that deals 180 +172 physical damage.

Show Stats
Damage Cooldown Mana
1 180 5 80
2 200 5 80
3 220 5 80
4 240 5 80
5 260 5 80
6 280 5 80

Judgement's Blade


Nakroth swings his blades against enemies in range, dealing 130 +107 physical damage each hit, with the last hit knocking enemies into the air. He is immune to control effects during the ability.

Show Stats
Damage Cooldown Mana
1 130 36 140
2 165 30 140
3 200 24 140

Nakroth Stats

Max HP



92 / 0%

Magic Defense

50 / 7.6%

Attack Damage


Ability Power


Max Mana


Movement Speed


Magic Pierce

0 / %

Attack Speed


Critical Chance


Critical Damage


Life Steal


Magic Life Steal


Cooldown Speed


Attack Range




HP Per 5 Seconds


Mana Per 5 Seconds


Max Energy

Regen Energy Per 5 Seconds


Nakroth Guide


Nakroth is a nimble Assassin with lightning mobility and incredible damage. Once targeted, few enemies can Escape Nakroth’s assassination.


Passive – Dread Judge

Every fourth normal attack applies a knock up effect to the enemy. Moreover, whenever Nakroth hits an enemy with a skill he gains a 50% attack speed bonus.

Ability 1 – Jury Fury

Nakroth charges forward knocking up his enemy and dealing damage. This skill can be reactivated within five seconds Jury Fury is Nakroth’s main skill for mobility and crowd control. Which is often used in combination with dread judge to knock up and finish the enemies.

Ability 2 – Double Whammy

Nakroth flips backwards. His next normal attack within three seconds becomes a horizontal sweep. Nakroth often initiates with double whammy instantly dealing AoE damage and nuking down his opponent before getting out unstressed with jury fury.

Ultimate – Judgment Blade

Nakroth activates his battle rage quickly swinging his blades against enemies in front of him. This is an AoE skill that deals multiple waves of damage with the last attack applying a knock up effect.

Notice that the skill cannot be interrupted once cast allowing Nakroth to charge head-on into the battle and absorb multiple crowd control abilities. When chasing an enemy first cast double-whammy to close up the gap before using jury fury twice to deal some damage.

Wait for double whammy to come off cooldown and use it again to finish the enemy. This combo can also be used during escape the mobility skills allows Nakroth to escape battles with ease.

During team fights use mobility skills to enter the battle and instantly cast judgments played to absorb enemy control abilities then continue using jury fury and double whammy to sweep among enemies to clean up the battle. Alternatively, Nakroth can also eliminate enemies one by one.

Overall, Nakroth shines when played as a jungler. His exceptional mobility allows them to easily set up ganks and Carry his team.


“Your sins will be judged in the underworld.”

Nakroth served as the Arbiter of Souls to the underworld. Prince or pauper, sinner or saint, all must face his judgement before continuing their journey to the underworld.

When Preyta opened the channel between the underworld and the continent, Nakroth joined Hell’s Legions in invading the mortal realm. However, unlike the ruthless Fallen, the souls under his command were prohibited from killing prisoners and civilians under his strict code. For Nakroth, combat was the means to test his mettle against the most formidable adversaries available, not an excuse for unbridled slaughter.

Of course, Nakroth’s benevolence did not extend to the battlefield, where he inspired deep reverence in his enemies for his bravery and skill. “No one would dare ignore Nakroth’s presence. The blade he wield is the source of our nightmares.” Although unusually reserved, Nakroth couldn’t help but give a faint smile upon hearing such words from his enemies.

“In life or in death, you will not escape me.

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