Demolition Mode


Omega's ability deal full damage to structures.


Guardian Mode


When activated, Omega gains a damage absorption shield and increases movement speed by 25% for 5 seconds. The next normal attack deals 180 +178 physical damage, knocking targets into the air briefly.

Show Stats
Damage Cooldown Mana
1 180 12 70
2 210 11 70
3 240 10 70
4 270 9 70
5 300 8 70
6 330 7 70

Crash Mode


Omega charges forward, dealing 330 +249 physical damage to enemies and stunning them.

Show Stats
Damage Cooldown Mana
1 330 12 65
2 370 11 65
3 410 10 65
4 450 9 65
5 490 8 65
6 530 7 65



Omega continuously strikes nearby enemies, dealing 172 +97 physical damage on each hit.

Show Stats
Damage Cooldown Mana
1 172 30 140
2 217 25 140
3 261 20 140

Omega Stats

Max HP



139 / 0%

Magic Defense

50 / 5.7%

Attack Damage


Ability Power


Max Mana


Movement Speed


Magic Pierce

0 / %

Attack Speed


Critical Chance


Critical Damage


Life Steal


Magic Life Steal


Cooldown Speed


Attack Range




HP Per 5 Seconds


Mana Per 5 Seconds


Max Energy

Regen Energy Per 5 Seconds


Omega Guide


Omega Is a powerful tank Hero. His Swift Mobility combined with the Ability to deal massive damage to Structures makes him a powerful feed weapon against the enemy team.


Passive – Demolition Mode

This passive allows Omega to deal full damage to structures making Omega a juggernaut at pushing down enemy towers and leading his team to a quick victory.

Ability 1 – Vanguard Mode

Omega activates s protective shield and charges into the enemies. His movement speed will be boosted and his next auto attack will deal extra damage knocking up the enemy for a while Vanguard Mode enables Omega to effectively catch up and crowd control his opponents.

Ability 2 – Crash Mode

Omega deals damage and stuns enemies in front of him. Crash Mode is Omegas premier crowd control skill. However, due to its short cast range, it is best to be used in combination with Vanguard Mode to crowd control and finish the enemy.

Ultimate – Exterminate

Omega spins in place dealing damage to all nearby enemies. Exterminate enables Omega to deal continuous damage to all enemies around him making him a walking ball of death.

Omega Initiates with Vanguard Mode to knock up the enemy followed up with Crash Mode to stun the enemy while dealing continuous damage with Exterminate. Once Omega crowd controls the enemy, Exterminate can deal massive continuous damage and scores him the kill when the other skills cooldown.

During team fights, Omega activates Vanguard Mode to knock up enemies followed by Crash Mode and Exterminate to deal massive damage helping his team secure the victory. Omega should always look for the perfect time to use Vanguard Mode and Crash Mode in order to crowd control multiple opponents.

Overall, Omega leads his team to victory with incredible crowd control skills and the ability to quickly destroy enemy defense towers.


“Peace or war? That is the question.”

The birth of this weapon was juxtaposed with the capability of destroying all weapons. It was unclear whether or not Omega was created to wage wars or to end them.”

His existence and the contradictions his abilities possess had captivated and fascinated gods and mortals alike. Omega was one of a kind. It belonged to no specific realm or civilization, yet it possessed intelligence, self-awareness, controlled behavior, and a natural instinct to wage war.

Theories suggested that Omega was part of an ancient, powerful, and mysterious civilization that proceeded all civilizations and divine realms of the present. Yet he was the only living proof of it and was alienated by this world because of it.

The intrigue of Omega’s origins was not important, for more pressing issues was its abilities and their contrasting connotations. Omega’s compulsion to wage war and his prowess in battles had led suspicious to rise among the gods. They had every reason to doubt by which method Omega was created to end all wars.

“Violence for violence, war for war!”

PRO Build