Gut Punch


Each time Ormarr deals damage, he has a chance to stun the target and deal physical damage equal to 9-15% (scales with hero level) of the target's current HP. (4-second internal cooldown.)




Ormarr dashes forward and enhanced his next normal attack to deal 150 +196 physical damage and knock the target into the air.

Show Stats
Damage Cooldown Mana
1 150 10 65
2 200 9 65
3 250 8 65
4 300 7 65
5 350 6 65
6 400 5 65



Ormarr bashes the ground with his hammer, dealing 215 +179 physical damage to enemies within range and reducing their movement speed by 50% for 1 second. Each cast that hits 1 or more targets grants Ormarr a stack of fighting Spirit. After reaching 3 stacks, the next cast will trigger Gut Punch.

Show Stats
Damage Cooldown Mana
1 215 4 55
2 260 4 55
3 305 4 55
4 350 4 55
5 395 4 55
6 440 4 55

Walking Tall


Ormarr swings his hammer in a circle, dealing 100 +85 physical damage to enemies within range on each hit.

Show Stats
Damage Cooldown Mana
1 100 28 140
2 120 24 140
3 140 20 140

Ormarr Stats

Max HP



120 / 0%

Magic Defense

50 / 7.6%

Attack Damage


Ability Power


Max Mana


Movement Speed


Magic Pierce

0 / %

Attack Speed


Critical Chance


Critical Damage


Life Steal


Magic Life Steal


Cooldown Speed


Attack Range




HP Per 5 Seconds


Mana Per 5 Seconds


Max Energy

Regen Energy Per 5 Seconds


Ormarr Guide


Ormarr is an offensive oriented warrior with extremely powerful disabling abilities that allow him to first disable and then slay his opponent. Having Ormarr is often enough to get the balance in your team’s favor.


Passive – Gut-Punch

Every time Ormarr deals damage he has a chance to stun the target and deal physical damage equal to 9% to 15% of the targets current HP.

Ability 1 – Unstoppable

Ormarr lifts up his hammer and charges forward enhancing his tech standard attack while briefly sending enemies flying as they take additional physical damage. His unstoppable enhanced attack allows Ormarr to inflict area of effect damage on enemies within a short range and to send them flying. This ability makes it very easy for Ormarr to taste down enemies and keep feeling them damaged in a sustained way.

Ability 2 – Swagger

Ormarr brandishes his hammer and strikes the ground with fury inflicting physical damage on enemies within its area of effect while also slowing them down. After inflicting this skill on the enemy three times the next will deal a guaranteed stun. Swagger is a small skill area of effect killed stunning on the fourth hit gives it a very reliable disabling effect. Although this requires four hits, Swagger’s reduced speed effect should also allow Ormarr to continue dealing hits and stuns allowing him to easily trap and take out opponents.

Ultimate – Walking Tall

Ormarr spins around with his weapon dealing continuous damage to enemies within range. This is a continuous and small-scale area-of-effect skill. Spinning around for a certain length of time will inflict a definite stunt or mark and activate his ultimate. While moving around spinning and attacking to escalate his area of effect damage and stuns to a fearsome level it should be enough to give his team a relatively Rapid victory in team fight.

To damage enemies, Ormarr uses his skill 2 four times to stun opponents and then continues to deal damage with his ultimate. When his enemies flee he chases them down with his skill 1 sending them flying while continuing to deal damage and take out opponents.

In team fights. Ormarr charges in using his skill 1 and then his 3rd to stun enemies this will help his teammate handle the battlefield. Of course, he can also use his skill 1 to send enemies flying as he stuns them with his skill 2. Disabling enemies as much as possible will work well alongside his teammates if they finish the fight.

in summary, Ormarr has incredible disabling abilities and will often play a key role in team battles where he will leave his teammates to victory.

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