Nintendo Switch – Butterfly Jungle Gameplay Guide

Nintendo Switch – Butterfly Jungle Gameplay Guide

By abrownbag

Big thanks to abrownbag for the information in the video above.

Nintendo Switch – Butterfly

In this video, it focuses on playing Butterfly on the Nintendo Switch. The video shows a full gameplay match of the character Butterfly who is an Assassin.

Now, in the video, it starts by focusing on the Blue Buff. You do load in a bit later on the Switch so it is already gonna be spawned for a few seconds.

I do believe Butterfly is really good on the Switch especially if you build her tanky she lives a bit longer than other Assassins. So that’s gonna let you get your abilities off cause on the Switch the abilities have a bit of delay on them.

Also, she’s super easy like an Auto-Pilot character. Her only ability that’s kill shot is her “R” ability and it’s not very hard to use or understand.

In the video, the Butterfly goes for first blood with her kill shot ability. And I do think it’s worth getting first blood because it gives your team extra gold and what not.

If you’ve never played Butterfly or never seen her, the way she works is all her abilities get reset if you get a kill or assist. So that makes her really good for killing people.

The biggest problem is you need your team to do damage. Otherwise, you can’t get kills and you can’t get your ability resets if you don’t get kills.

And something to focus with Butterfly is going for the Abyssal Dragon like shown in the video. It’s a bit hard if your team doesn’t rally with you but if you get around two Abyssal Dragons in a match you’ll basically win every time.

Butterfly is really good on the Switch because of her damage and how she plays. She doesn’t have any speed boosts like on the mobile version but she makes up for it with damage.

You wanna build her in a more Tank/Cooldown build. You never want to build her with a damage build because she won’t survive for very long that way.

She does an insane amount of damage without a ton of damage items or a build for it. So giving her more survivability is a higher priority.

One thing to note is that on the Switch the Spirit Sentinel in the forest gives you a lot of healing. Compared to the mobile version it’s a big difference.

But with Butterfly, you’ll rely on your team in many factors as you do jungle. Your main focus is dishing out damage, getting buffs, and taking kills when your allies have damaged heroes enough.

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