Welcome to Soulreaver Nerf Patch Tier List! This list is adjusted based on pick/ban rates and the effectiveness of each heroes in high ranked games and competitive gameplays. It is based on purely an opinion of a master tier player, 3C and his friends. Feel free to state your opinions and comments about how would you adjust the tier-list in the comments section below! You can still see the old Tulen Patch tier list here.

Do not feel discouraged by the tier-list! If your favorite hero isn’t in the tier-list you ever wondered, do not feel disappointed. Every hero itself has a unique and special skill kit. It’s just that some heroes itself has even more damage, utility or mobility that outclassed the others. It’s based on purely competitive ranked games, if you are looking to have fun, don’t let this tier list stop you! Let’s proceed with the list. I’ll explain more about why they are in the list.

Soulreaver Changes

Since the nerf of the almighty item Soulreaver, one of the best items in game, there has been a lot of changes that affect some particular attack damage heroes – especially marksmen.  Without the magic damage on Soulreaver, tanks are even harder to kill than before. Tulen and Lauriel are almost picked/banned in every single game in Taiwan eSports games. Some heroes are still strong as ever even with the Soulreaver nerf.


S Tier

These heroes on this list are the “must pick/ban”. They are so powerful that almost no heroes can actually win them. If they get ahead with a kill or two, they could snowball extremely hard and carry the game if there are no mistakes made. You will have a really hard time against if they are fed. Shutting them down would be your team’s main priority if you want to win. There is literally nothing much you can do to stop them other than hoping them to make a mistake. They pretty much have no downsides. These are the best solo carry heroes.

 Violet (Jungle or Lane) – S Tier marksman. She is often played in the jungle and most effective way to play her is in the jungle. Why? She can clear jungle decently fast. As a jungler, you will always get more experience and gold, which gives you advantage over other players. Violet is strong early game, but a monster from mid to late game. She has high mobility and damage with a ridiculous range which out-class any other marksman and jungler. She could just burst a squishy down at a safe position at long range. She is most played in every server at any ranks, having one of the highest win rate and pick rate. Soulreaver is still a great item on Violet despite the changes.

Superman (Solo Lane or Roamer) –Superman is extremely powerful early to late game, with abilities scaling base on his max health. He can roam anywhere and burst down your carries and run away safely. He is very annoying to be deal with. A good Superman player can be very dangerous. Superman can also push towers really quickly with his ultimate. Some says he’s a support,assassin,tank,fighter,roamer,etc. all in one, jack of all trades.


Zill (Mid or Jungle) – Zill, one of the highest mobility hero with extremely high damage. There is no counter-play if you are against Zill as a squishy target. Whenever you are alone as a carry and you see Zill, you are pretty much dead. His ultimate and passive deals extremely high damage and there is nothing you can do about it. He is immune to crowd control, damage and can’t be targeted while under the ultimate’s effect. There is literally nothing you can do other than watch yourself fall to Zill’s blade. He is mostly played in the jungle or mid lane, granting him roaming capabilities to snowball and carry the game.

Murad (Jungle) – Murad is one of the “safe” assassins in game. What does it mean? It means Murad can assassinate you and teleport back into a safe zone without taking any damage. His cooldowns are extremely short and his ultimate deals really powerful area of effect damage. The downside of his ultimate is that he has to stack up before he is able to use it, which isn’t an issue at all. Safe assassination made him to the S tier. His main damage would be mainly from his ultimate, Temporal Turbulence.


A Tier

These heroes in the A tier list are very strong and mostly picked in many games. If the heroes’ in S tier are picked/banned, A tier is there to fill the blanks. Each hero itself is unique and does different things. They don’t usually get banned in high ranked games unless they know someone is a “one-trick”. There is still counter-play against them, that is why they belong in the A tier.


Alice (Support Roamer)  Alice is one of the best “purely” support based hero. She has the best crowd control in game by far. Alice can also buff her allies with shield and bonus movement speed which is very good in teamfights. Her ultimate silences and slow anyone in a huge area of effect, it could zone enemies and make them feel helpless against your allies attack. Downsides – you can’t carry with Alice alone by yourself, counters hard by Chaugnar and you need your teammates to follow-up which can be a nightmare in Solo Queue 1 Player especially in lower ranked games.


Airi (Solo Lane) – You can build Airi with tanky/bruiser items and still can burst down enemies carry and then the rest for some reason. She is very tanky,high damage and has shield from her ultimate as an assassin. She has a three times dash ability. Downside of it is, the cooldown starts after you’ve casted three dashes. During the cooldown, Airi could be vulnerable. Airi also has an extremely short cooldown shuriken throw “Spin” that deals damage and stuns enemies. Cool looking ultimate too.


Chaugnar (Support Roamer or Mid) – Team cleanse, immune crowd control, counters many other heroes and you can basically dive into the enemy back lines, deals damage with your assassin teammates and there is nothing that could stop you or your team. Downside – Chaugnar couldn’t last long in teamfights, you are rather more squishy than other tanks/supports and without your ultimate, you may feel helpless.


Fennik (Jungle) – Extremely powerful early game, Fennik often carry games by getting objectives, pushing towers and help snowball your team in the early game. He has the highest clearing speed in the jungle, fastest speed in killing Lord or Dragon in the mid game. He gets outclassed by other Marksman when it comes to late game. Fennik first ability, Thief’s Mark deal tons of damage in the early game when it reaches max stack. He was buffed in the recent patch, making him even deadlier foe than before.


Lauriel (Mid) – Lauriel is an unstoppable moving cannon that has tons of life steal, with decent damage and really tanky during late game. Lauriel requires team to help snowball her early game, if she can hold onto the late game, she will be deadly. That’s a problem, during early game your teamfights would be weaker compared to the enemy team if you decided to contest dragons. If Lauriel get caught in early game and couldn’t comeback, it’ll be a problem. High risk, high reward but still a solid strong pick.


Lu Bu (Solo Lane) – One of the strongest laner in game, no one could actually win him in a 1v1 face-to-face fight. Lu Bu is at the strongest at the few first levels in game. Very solid laner but often gets shutdown by crowd controls. You can also life steal back to full health on any target including towers. Soulreaver isn’t as useful on Lu Bu anymore but that doesn’t impact him much at all, still a very strong solo laner.


Maloch (Solo Lane or Roamer) – Maloch is a tank that deals high amount of true damage. Maloch’s playstyle is “Hit and Run”. You will never win in trading against Maloch during laning phase, all he has to do is Souleater for shield, Cleave, trade basic attacks and back off, in this case he doesn’t lose any health while trading against his enemies. Good initiating ultimate and has strong attacks for a tank. Other than his ultimate, Maloch doesn’t have mobility and he can’t really destroy towers by himself. Building a Fenrir’s Tooth as the only damage items scales extremely well with Cleave, dealing high true damage to low health targets. Maloch as a roamer works but not as good as it’s laning, heroes like Ormarr would be filling that role better.


Ormarr (Roamer) – One of the highest based damage fighter/tank in game. Powerful strikes with crowd control makes Ormarr the best support roamer in game. You will often see Ormarr in most games in either competitive or ranked. Ormarr itself has high damage without items and scales pretty well into the late game because his passive damage is based on enemies’ max health. Ormarr doesn’t belong in the S-tier because he can gets countered by crowd control and gets destroyed pretty easily.


Raz (Mid) – Raz isn’t as famous as before. When people realized how strong Tulen really is, they don’t ever pick Raz anymore. He has really short cooldown poke that deals a lot of damage and has very powerful early game at initiating. Sadly, his abilities range isn’t at the “safe zone” he gets shutdown pretty easily in teamfight by crowd controls and burst. Raz is like in between Tier A and Tier B. Tulen and Lauriel outclasses Raz in any team comps but when Raz is picked by the right hands, he could be deadly.


Ryoma (Solo Lane or Jungle) – Ryoma is like a long ranged fighter/assassin that has high damage and mobility. His ultimate and second ability hurts like hell. You are going to take tons of damage if you get hit by his second ability, Wailing Blade. Spectral Ire, his ultimate has a 10 second cooldown when maxed (before cooldown reduction), could burst down your squishy carries if they aren’t paying attention. Ryoma also has short cooldown mobility. Ryoma is in between S and A tier but I’ve decided to make Ryoma in the A tier.


Slimz (Jungle) – Why not Slimz lane? Because Slimz has the longest range stun in game which makes roaming extremely powerful when you hit your target. If your spear hits at a long range when you gank a lane, it’s basically a free kill. Why not Slimz full roamer then? Yes, it can work but you will be useless other than throwing spears. Slimz has decent amount of damage as a basic attacking marksman and with decent mobility. Spear can be easily dodged if they can see it coming in a straight line. Other than that, Slimz mainly rely on his basic attacks to deal damage.


The Joker (Mid) – Joker is an unique type of marksman. He is more like a poker, assassin with physical damage immunity. Joker is one of the most played marksman in competitive games. At level 4, it’s where Joker’s powerspike came in. His ultimate deals tons of damage. Joker’s second ability is a free out-of-jail card to run away from physical damage assassins, huge counter against them. Buying Fenrir’s Tooth early after Rankbreaker can shutdown squishy target with just an ultimate + passive basic attack. Downside – weaker than other basic attacking marksman in late game. Joker can fit in dive comps just fine, with the nerf of Soulreaver, there is no doubt that Joker will be played more than ever.


Tulen (Mid) – Tulen and Lauriel are the top picks in competitive games. Tulen has high based damage abilities with short cooldowns and decent range. Scales really well into the late game. Tulen also has an ultimate that cleans up low health targets and resets the cooldown timer.



Wonder Woman (Solo Lane) – Wonder Woman has a unique “Lasso of Truth” that can hook or follow. Her ultimate, Bracelets of Submission is very good in team fights. She is a solid pick in the Dark Slayer lane. She is more like a support tank that has decent amount of damage. She is unable to shutdown carries by herself if the enemy has peelers. Wonder Woman is one of the top picks because she could fit in easily, either a dive comp or peel comp.


 Xeniel (Solo Lane) – Xeniel is a support tank that deals decent amount of damage. Xeniel’s ultimate “Angelic Splendor” can be used on any allies in the map and after channeling, Xeniel crashes down into a target area dealing damage, healing and buffing allies. His abilities scale based on his maximum health, making him a challenging foe to fight against. Same as Wonder Woman, he can fit into any team comps. Xeniel can split push in any lane and ultimates to help his teammates, global pressure for the enemies, making it a 5v4 easily if the enemy doesn’t follow up.


Zephys (Solo Lane or Jungle) – Zephys has been often seen in solo lane and in the jungle. He deals a lot of damage in any phase of the game. Build him tanky bruiser items and he could be a tank assassin. His passive makes him really hard to die when low health. You can’t really escape from Zephys when you got caught, you are gonna need a lot of peels and crowd control to stop him from killing your carries. Zephys could almost made it to the S tier, the only downside is you have get your hands dirty to kill the enemies (getting in between enemies and put yourself in a dangerous spot). Zephys is still one of the best assassins in game, fits right into a dive composition.


Zuka (Solo Lane or Jungle) – Powerful early and mid game but falls off  a little into the late game. Zuka is mainly focused in the early and mid game to try and end the game before he falls off. He can get really squishy and bursted down in the late game.  Overall a very good solo laner, you would get bursted by this panda if you are not paying attention, his damage might surprise you.


Tel’Annas (Lane or Jungle) – Tel’Annas has two path which is laning and jungling. Why jungle? Because you can farm all the way in early game with some roams, if lucky a kill or two and snowball. She might be slightly weaker during early game but turns into a beast during mid and late game. Her range is what made her powerful, basic attacking from a safe spot. Tel’Annas also has decent crowd control. She isn’t often seen in competitive games because of the assassins counters hard and you need strong peels from your team to protect yourself.


B Tier

B tier is usually picked to filled in empty roles that the team lacks. They are not the best picks but they are able to still accomplish the tasks that are needed to win the games. They get outscaled by S and A tiers but they are still very good on their own. Solid picks, but weaker.


Arthur (Solo Lane/Roamer) – Ah, yes. Arthur. Everyone knows Arthur, he is the front face of the game. Anyways, Arthur actually has solid damage as a fighter. Arthur is actually very strong in low ranked games, drops off in higher ranks. Decent roamer, good one target lockdown ultimate. There’s another issue with Arthur, his ultimate can be interrupted by knockback effects such as Ilumia’s Banish, which cancelled his entire ultimate and puts it on cooldown.


 Astrid (Solo Lane/Jungle) – Astrid is very fun to play, but is she a viable solo lane pick? Definitely. You would want to play her as a bruiser tank, try to zone and shutdown the enemy carries while maintain yourself at good health. Astrid’s ultimate can be really deadly when she is low on health, dealing massive damage for comebacks. Although, there are many other bruiser tanks and assassins that could do the job better.


Batman (Jungle,Roamer or Solo Lane) – Very good in low ranked games, but falls off later on. Batman is extremely powerful during level 4 and can easily burst down once he unlocks his ultimate. It could be really dangerous when you are outside exposed in your lane, or when Batman invades your jungle. Great 1 target stun and high damage during early game. Essentially, you would want to snowball and get really ahead with Batman and end the game before it’s too late. Batman falls off really hard in the late game. Surprisingly, not much people know about the power of Batman roamer support. A solo laner Batman has a same playstyle as roamer, clearing the minion waves and roam as soon as possible.


Gildur (Solo Lane/Roamer)  Two different build that does the same job, either going full damage or support roamer build. With full damage build, Gildur’s Extravagant (second ability) can burst down 50% ++ of an enemy carries health. Gildur is good at crowd control. With a nicely timed ultimate, enemy could be destroyed by the stuns. Thus, players don’t usually take Purify as their talent skill. The stun from his ultimate could be deadly, but it’s very hard to land at times, and it can be stopped by a simple crowd control.


Ilumia (Mid) – One of the highest win rates mages according to Thailand and Taiwan server. She could almost make it to the A list but she has too much down sides. Why? She could play safe, hiding under towers early game with Endure, making her impossible to dived or killed by her enemies and still able to gank her enemies with ultimate. She may be really weak in early game due to her damage being low but late game can be strong. She could 1 shot her enemies in late game with her combos. No one pick Ilumia in competitive games but a strong solo queue mage.


Jinnar (Mid) – Jinnar used to be a very strong mage, but eventually gets outclassed by Lauriel and Tulen. His damage can be high but easily kited by enemies. Jinnar might need a fellow teammate for crowd control, then follows up and destroys the enemy team. Not to mention, Jinnar can be a bad 1v1 duelist, especially when there are no other targets for your Battering Beads to bounce. Jinnar’s passive has solid damage though. Overall – decent early game, gets stronger later on, powerful in team fights and downside is that Jinnar’s doesn’t have a reliable crowd control.


Kil’Groth (Solo Lane) – His damage is really low early game and doesn’t have reliable crowd control. His laning phase is surprisingly strong as he can heals back his life every basic attack while on the effect, Enraged Spear. In an organized team, Kil’Groth can make it into the B tiers. Otherwise, he belongs in C tier. He requires a lot of snowballs and farm to actually shine in mid game. If you get caught, and you’re out of lead, it’s almost impossible to get back into the game.


Lindis (Jungle or Laning) – Lindis has been underestimated by most players. Lindis can actually deal a decent amount of damage by building armor piercings and attack damage instead of focusing on critical strikes. She has a decent range and can be really scary when snowballed.



Mina (Roamer) – Weak in lanes, good roamer overall. Mina has been proven a quite strong roamer because of her crowd control and early game damage. You could stack up HP Arcanas and deal tons of damage early game as her ability scales on her maximum health now. Mina is a good peeler as well, you could peel really well for your carries from your ultimate. But she couldn’t make it to the top due to her range is too small.


Nakroth (Jungle) – Nakroth is probably the hardest hero to play in game. He has extremely high mobility which makes him a perfect jungler. He could harass the heck out of all enemy laners and dash back to safe zone. On the right hands, he can split push really well and runs away safely. Downside – he is not that great in teamfights. The Soulreaver nerf has been hitting Nakroth really hard. Nakroth couldn’t 1v1 most heroes anymore, all he can do is split push and gank.


Taara (Solo Laner or Jungle) – I wouldn’t recommend jungling with Taara as her ganking capabilities is really bad. Solo laning is the way to go. She is one of the tankiest hero in game so far. Build her full tank with Frost Cape and Mantle of Ra and she is still able to kill your team carries. She is slightly weaker in early games as she doesn’t have any crowd control to rely. Even though Taara is tanky, she can still be bursted down when the enemies is targeting her.



Moren (Jungle or Lane) – Mostly played in the jungle, not as effecting in laning as Moren requires items to shine. He can be really weak in early game, but then suddenly the best marksman in late game. If you can survive till late game, you are good to go. Moren has been nerfed and together with the Soulreaver nerf, I doubt we will see him shine anytime soon.



Thane (Roamer) – Thane is extremely weak in lane but proven useful as a roamer. He is also a very good peeler along with Mina. Decent crowd control, good initiate from behind to catch enemy off guard, etc. Powerful ultimate that deals true damage based on enemy health as well. Good from early to late game. Mina and Thane are the best peelers in game.


 Wukong (Jungle or Solo Lane) – Wukong has insanely high critical strike damage during late game and could easily 2-3 shots your carries. He is often played in the jungle. Laning might be viable but he is really weak in lane, all you could do is farm up. Wukong can be weak early game unless you picked up some lucky critical strikes and get kills for yourself. He is known as a “Pub Stomper”, really good at low ranked games but falls off, countered easily in higher ranked games. Also, requires critical strikes Arcanas to be more effective.


Preyta (Mid) – Preyta is hard to play and his abilities are unique. Preyta is decently strong in team fights, especially when it gets messy. He could secretly unleash his abilities onto the enemy team and deal a lot of damage. Unlikely any other mages, he is required to stood still and channel his ability when he isn’t under the ultimate effect. Requires high skill cap to master Preyta entirely.


Yorn (Jungle or Lane) – Yorn is highly picked in the Taiwanese server. He is the highest damage marksman, yes definitely higher damage than Violet in late game but can never beat her because of her mobility. He has a global ultimate that can steal enemy jungles, assist in duels/fights from other lanes or picking last hits. Mobility is the only thing that stops Yorn. Yorn can shred through tanks in late game. Yorn has been used by some players in top conqueror games, choosing Yorn over Violet. What’s interesting is Yorn has been picked and banned too in the competitive eSports scene. With a reliable team that could peel for Yorn, it’s no doubt that he is extremely strong.


Chresht (Solo Lane or Roamer) – Chresht is the best hero to dive towers due to the massive shield he receive from ultimate. Chresht’s abilities has high attack damage scaling which makes him a great fighter in the solo lane. One of the best initiators in game.




C Tier

These heroes in C Tier barely show in any team composition (high elo) as their kits and abilities are too weak to fit anywhere in the game. They could be really fun to play, since they are underrated and barely shows themselves in game, which makes them a surprising pick. However, I can’t deny the fact that they are weaker than most heroes. Some of these heroes may have unique abilities but not strong enough to make it up from the list.


Aleister (Mid) – A zoning ability to stun enemies and 1 target lock ultimate. Easily countered by any crowd control and Chaugnar’s cleanse. Has decent damage but still not high enough to compete with other mages. Can be good in early game to gank, but bad in team fights.



Arduin (Jungle, Solo Lane or Roamer) – Arduin has decent crowd control, and people have been experimenting him on every role possible. An average peeler, not a very good bruiser. Although, his cooldowns are short and can soak up damage. Maybe one day, people can make use of him with certain item builds but for now, he belongs in C tier.


Azzen’ka (Mid) – Azzen’ka is actually pretty decent for his kit. He has really good crowd control and decent damage over time. But the problem is, he doesn’t have any mobility that could help escape from enemies. Azzen’ka is basically a moving target for assassins. You are going to need your team to help peeling if you would like to shine.


Butterfly (Jungle) – The only hero that can be really unstoppable once you or your team gets a kill or two. Resets would heal Butterfly and gives her huge damage reduction whenever she ultimates. Butterfly has high based damage, most players built her as a tanky bruiser. She is like a high risk, high reward hero. If you don’t get a kill or assist in teamfights for resets, you would be useless. You have to make sure you are going to get a kill before you ultimate into the enemy team. Gets shutdown way too easily by crowd control and doesn’t have mobility to escape. Butterfly is all about going in but never out.



Diao Chan (Mid) – She is good in lower ranked games, but falls off in higher ranks. Her second ability Diamond Dust is really powerful as it freezes enemy for a very long time. Her ultimate deals a lot of damage as well if no one is there to stop her. Unfortunately, her abilities are easy to dodge and she is fairly squishy.


Grakk (Roamer) – Grakk is great in early game with slowing down enemy jungles, invading, picking off targets, and ganking but he gotta be in the low C tier. His hooks are predictable and easy to dodge, same as his ultimate. If you have used your Devil’s Chain and World Devourer but you are not winning teamfights, you can’t do much to help your team.


Ignis (Mid) – The only mage that deals reliable true damage. His ultimate in late game could burst down squishy targets and also tanks. Powerful in teamfights but he doesn’t have any mobility or reliable crowd control. That means he needs a crowd control team mate alongside him to be effective. Every assassin counter Ignis hard.


Kahlii (Mid) – Magic Power boost, a zoning first ability, and a long range ultimate. Overall bad damage, requires a lot of items to deal damage. Weak early, can’t duel anyone, can’t burst. She is definitely fun to play though. Kahlii has been buffed to deal slightly more damage in the early game but still not enough to bring her into the top tiers.


Kriknak (Jungle) – Has high mobility, short cooldowns, high damage, can be built tanky and still deal ridiculously amount of damage. Strong in early games and low ranks. Decent in late game and high ranks. Since the buff, I believe Kriknak belong in a low-B, top-C tier.


Krixi (Mid) – I like Krixi, her ultimate is really unique and powerful, as well as her first ability Mischief, she could harass a lot with it. Unfortunately, she couldn’t make it in higher ranked games. Other mages outscales her badly. She could build full cooldown speed reduction and spam all her abilities. Best way to build her.


Lumburr (Roamer) – Personally I think Lumburr is a good solid pick for roamers. I’ve played a lot of Lumburr during my climb and smurfs. He has decent crowd control, shield for your allies and great ultimate but he could never beat Ormarr or even Thane/Mina as a tanky support roamer.



Mganga (Mid) – A basic attack type of mage. Requires to stack up to burst/deal damage. A decent healer. I guess he is just good at dealing damage over time. Magic damage scaling is pretty bad compared with other mages. Sadly the huge damage buff didn’t approve to the live servers. At least a decent mage pick now.


Natalya (Mid) – Great in lower ranked games. Has really high damage, especially her first ability, Arcane Spirits. Her abilities are way too predictable and easy to dodge, but if you managed to land your stun, your are able to burst the enemy down.



Omega (Roamer/Solo Lane) – Omega can be annoying, he can be a peeler, he also roams really well. The triple stun combo actually helps a lot in game (Guardian Mode > Crash Mode > Guardian Mode). His skill set is really unique, but unfortunately his damage is fairly low compared with other tanks/fighters.



Peura (Support Roamer) – She is also named as Payna in SEA server. Peura would be a great support if her base damage increases. She is the only actual healer in game, but extremely long cooldowns. Her ultimate can be cancelled easily. Let’s say if there’s a major buff on Peura in the next patch, such as “immune to crowd control” during ultimate, decreases cooldown and increases base damage. She would be in A tier easily. Peura ultimate works with Purify! It’s actually decently strong to team-up with a marksman like Yorn.


Skud (Roamer) – Skud is good as a roamer with good ganking abilities (Power Glove > Furious Charge > Basic Attack (Power Glove) to slow your target down > Walk behind while charging Wild Beast Fury > Power Glove again. You can catch someone offguard and knock them off to your teammates and Power Glove again to safety. Sadly, Skud doesn’t really do damage, at least not as much as Ormarr does. The combo is harder to land now, Skud doesn’t stop after hitting an enemy hero with Furious Charge.


Valhein (Jungle/Mid/Laning) – Valhein has a 1 target stun which makes him really powerful in early game, especially when ganking. He has two different builds, first is basic attack damage carry build, and the second is magic damage build. Either way, he will be still in C tier due to his range and mobility. By building magic damage, he is required to walk in melee range, into the enemy face to ultimate if you would like to deal damage with it. That puts you in grave danger. Jungling Valhein can be very powerful in lower ranks by ganking a lot, snowballs and scales into mid-late game. Jungle Valhein > Mid Magic Valhein > Laning Valhein in my opinion.


Veera (Mid) – A good beginner hero, but couldn’t survive in high ranked games. Decent damage, good target stun but zero mobility and survivability. Inferno Bats can’t be focused into a target, it spreads to nearby enemies. Outclassed and outscaled by other mages as usual.



Tier D

The heroes in Tier D are the weakest. They are pretty much terrible and couldn’t be much use in any team composition. Hopefully there will be a major buff or entire hero rework to make them actually shine. Otherwise, they are just fun picks. Not viable in competitive games or high ranked games. Not entirely useless, but every other heroes above this list outscales and outclass them. No reason to pick them if you are aiming to climb.


Toro (Roamer) – Bull Rush is the only actual useful abilities in his skill set. Battlecry is too slow and Cracked Earth is easy to dodge or avoid. He is useful in 5v5 Abyssal Clash, but definitely not in 5v5 Grand Battle.



Zanis (Jungle or Solo Lane) –  He is terrible in solo lane, couldn’t win duels and extremely slow in clearing jungle. It’s almost like there is no role available to play on Zanis. His damage is really bad early game, he can shine in late game but how would you accomplish that if you can’t survive early and mid game? Zanis has been buffed but still not enough to make any changes to his gameplay.