[Top 5] Best Arena of Valor YouTubers to Follow

[Top 5] Best Arena of Valor YouTubers to Follow

Hello everyone and welcome back to another article! First of all, this is not a guide whatsoever but something different. Sometimes, you don’t just improve by playing the game a lot because you have no idea where you should improve on.

Sometimes, you need guidance and help from other players especially the experienced ones. Therefore, here’s the [Top 5] Best Arena of Valor YouTubers to Follow list that will help you improve in gameplay and follow up with the latest meta, item builds, “OP” heroes, etc. Without further ado, let’s move on with the first YouTuber that you should take a look on.


5. Vex190 (YouTube Link)

Vex190 is a top Conqueror player actively in the EU ladder with very high win rates. He has competes in several tournaments and won a couple of titles. Vex190 is expertise in playing jungle assassins such as Zephys, Murad and especially Nakroth.

If you want to learn more about these champions, you should check his channel out. Unfortunately, he doesn’t upload videos that much anymore but you should still check out his old videos for his fast-paced action gameplay and learn how smooth is his movement in the jungle. Vex190 doesn’t gives commentary in his videos but it’s still very entertaining to watch.

If any of you are interested, Vex190 also streams on Twitch.tv. Follow him on Twitch and maybe you can see him playing once in a while. (Twitch Link)


4. iFlekzz (YouTube Link)

Former professional Mobile Legends: Bang Bang competitive player that has retired from the game and go-pro on Arena of Valor. He gives very useful tips, commentary and shows cam on his videos or livestreams. He uploads new videos every week and you should subscribe now to keep it up!

iFlekzz is not “specialized” in any role or heroes. He plays almost every role and heroes which makes his channel more interesting. Overall, a very helpful YouTuber that will definitely help you in the game.


3. Simjo AOV (YouTube Link)

Personally, Simjo is my favorite Arena of Valor YouTuber. It feels really “chill” to watch his videos. Simjo is a top Conqueror player in the ladder and uploads new video every single day.

He always shows item build and arcana build in the beginning of each video, it’s a very useful quick-tip to grab if you have no spare time to watch any videos but just enough for a quick game. It’s a up-to-date meta build so what else can you ask for?

Simjo doesn’t commentate in his videos but I think it’s fine and it doesn’t bother me at all. Feel free to check him out and try out some of the crazy fun but viable builds he has in his videos. He works hard on his videos and uploads daily, he deserved more subscribers than he should.


2. Darkbreaker (YouTube Link)

A competitive professional player who has been Rank 1 multiple times in the EU ladder, Darkreaker is known as the best Ryoma in the EU. He has incredible win rates with Ryoma and it’s really amazing. Darkbreaker is a jungle main but has flexible hero picks/pools and also plays other roles if needed.

Darkbreaker does gives commentary in some of his videos and has item/arcana builds shown in the videos. He has a very aggressive play style, especially in the jungle to get snowballed or early lead in the game so that he could carry the game. It’s something that you should learn, it’s very impressive.


1. Ass_Dave MOBA (YouTube Link)

Ass_Dave (Assassin Dave) is a chinese player from the NA server. A top Conqueror player in NA and he is very familiar with the chinese community. So if there’s any “OP/Overpowered” or “Broken” build, meta changes or strategies that are invented by the chinese players, he would be the first one to know.

Ass_Dave is currently in Team Immortals. He has a playlist on youtube named “New Hero, Buff(s), Nerf(s)” that you should really check it out. It’s all about hero balance changes and how you should build them even better than before, making these heroes stronger or even overpowered.


Final Thoughts

These are my [Top 5] Best Arena of Valor YouTubers. What is yours? It’s all about personal preference. Before I go, I would like to introduce a few more YouTubers that didn’t make it to the list but you should still really check them out.

EJGaming (YouTube Link) – A YouTuber from Indonesia. He is very entertaining even if you don’t understand what he is trying to say.

Shawn尚恩 (YouTube Link) – A Taiwanese YouTuber. Very helpful item/arcana builds on his videos and uploads new video daily.

Doyser (YouTube Link/Twitch Link) – From Thailand. Quite a competitive player in the Thai server. Apparently, he is very famous in Thailand and has over 1 million subscribers on YouTube. Really good player and you should check him out. He doesn’t speak english but I’m sure you can still pick a thing or two based on his gameplays and item/arcana builds.


Feel free to let me know what are your thoughts in the comment below!



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