Top 5 Tips and Tricks (Be a Better Player)

Top 5 Tips and Tricks (Be a Better Player)

Here are a few simple to follow tips you can use to become a better player at Arena of Valor!

1. Pick 1 or 2 Heroes to play all the time

The biggest mistake players make when they start playing MOBA games is being indecisive in the characters they want to play. Thankfully in Arena of Valor you can try out characters to see what their skills/abilities do, and get a general idea on if that character suits your play style.

The reason you want to focus on one to two different characters is this increases how fast you will master the heroes of choice, and it helps you work on being good at the game. You don’t’ want to get stuck learning mechanics, and abilities, and builds for different heroes! You could learn 1 or 2, and play the game non-stop, and gain a better understanding of how to play it as a whole, and then you have a small selection of go to heroes, that you will surely dominate on.

2. Buy Arcana!

Don’t over look Arcana, even starting out, the small bonuses from Arcana can help you win matches. Since (if you followed whats up above), you’re focusing on one or two characters, you don’t have to spread your gold around on a lot of the Arcane. Just name your page, and fill them in as you can with something apprioritate to the character.

3. Unlock characters by playing 3v3 matches

A fast way to unlock some of your characters is to win 3 matches, playing the 3v3 game mode. The reason you want to play 3v3 matches is because they usually only last 3-4 minutes. This adds up to about the length of 1 casual match. They are quick and usually fun.

4. Set up your item builds.

Each hero in Arena of Valor, has their own recommended set of items. You can change this however when you head over to the armory. In the top left corner, you can change your heroes, and over on the right side you will find the default button, the change button (to change any item in the current build) and the Pro Builds. It’s best to change it to a pro build until you get comfortable with the game, and know what your want you heroes build path to be. This’ll save you a lot time and make you not need to shop as much.

5. Be a Team Player

This is a MOBA game, and unless you’re playing with Bots, you are playing with other real players. If you want to increase your chances of winning the game, try to follow up players that seem to be doing good, either by their Kill to Death ratio, or their shot calling of map objectives.

These games are all pretty short, so make sure you give the game your full attention, don’t be the guy or girl AFK in your base, or doing obnoxious things in the game that will likely frustrate your teammates. This’ll keep you from getting reported, and decreasing your credibility score.

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