Useful Resources for AoV

Useful Resources for AoV

Hello there and welcome to another article for Arena of Valor. As we all know, Arena of Valor has been really successful and there are many new players that are joining the game. There are plenty of useful websites out there that you may or may not know. These websites can be good resources for information on eSport scenes, statistics, item builds, gameplay, etc.

It does not matter if you are a player, coach, captain or whatsoever. Learning has no limits, you can always learn something new about the game.

Without further ado, let’s go ahead to the sites.

1.  ESC

Now, this is a very useful site for eSports scene. You can find every single ongoing and future tournaments on this site. You can find out more the tournaments and it’s prize pools, peak viewers, hours watched, event date, etc.

If you are a big fan of the Arena of Valor eSports scene, this site will come in handy. ESC is a simple yet resourceful site, it only takes one click to visit the site and check out the tournaments and the teams that are participating.

ESC is not just a site for Arena of Valor, it covers many other games as well.


2. ESL

ESL is very similar with ESC except that it is more complicated but more detailed as well. Unlike ESC, you can also analyze each team and their members that are participating the tournaments.

Once you clicked the link on the above, it will redirect you into the page where you have to choose the server that you are interested in. Once you do that, there will be a list of tournaments in that region.

In every each tournament you clicked, there are the info, rankings, results, teams and rules for you to analyze.

You can learn more about each team, their history and latest matches. Here is the interesting part, you can also review every tournament match history to learn about the team composition or item build in the replay section.

You may get confused at first but once you get used to this site, it is brilliant.


3. YouTube

There are many Arena of Valors YouTubers that are making gameplay videos with item builds and arcana choices. Some of them gives commentary as well. You can learn almost everything about game knowledge, strategy or hero mechanics from these YouTubers.

Sometimes if you want to improve on your gameplay, playing the game is just not enough. You might want to learn from a better player about what you can potentially do with a hero and what you cannot do.

Personally, I always check one or two videos regarding the hero that I wanted to play to learn about their item builds and arcanas. There is no shame from copying another item build or arcanas, this is just simply learning from your mistakes.

Here are some of the great YouTubers that provide quality contents.

  1. Ass_Dave MOBA (YouTube Link) – English
  2. Darkbreaker (YouTube Link) – English
  3. Shawn尚恩 (YouTube Link) – Mandarin
  4. Doyser (YouTube Link) – Thai
  5. EJGaming (YouTube Link) – Indonesian


4. Reddit

Reddit is a place where you can discuss about everything in the game. Esports, item builds, heroes, tier lists, almost everything you can find here. There are many active people on the Arena of Valor SubReddit, you can find new friends to play with and learn more about the latest news.

Most players are friendly on this site, you would be very unlucky if you ever meet a rude one. There are also weekly text post called the “Feedback Friday”, where you can give your feedback about the game here and discuss with other players about what could get better. Once in a while, people made some Arena of Valor memes and jokes in this SubReddit too.


5. Twitch

Twitch is one of the best live streaming video platform where players can stream their gameplay while communicating with their viewers. Every Arena of Valor tournaments are hosted with Twitch. You can ask questions from your favorite streamer about his choice of item build, arcana and playstyle.

Here are some of the Arena of Valor Twitch streams you should check out.

  1. DoyserLive (Thai) – Doyser is currently the number one streamer for Arena of Valor. Unfortunately, he only speaks Thai and does not speak English. Other than that, the gameplay is still entertaining. High conqueror.
  2. ArenaofValor – The official Arena of Valor stream where they host the tournaments.
  3. SimjoTV (German) – High conqueror player. I believes that he speak both English and German. Although, most of his viewers are only typing in German. He is a great player and you can definitely learn a lot from him.
  4. TheZelph (English) – Very entertaining to watch, also a good player. He usually gives useful information whenever he is playing.
  5. rocker19955 (English) – Also known as ALG Rocker, a high conqueror and competitive player from the North America server.

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