Wukong Guide for Beginners

Wukong Guide for Beginners

By YikeZAoV

A big thanks to YikeZAoV for the information in the video above. Be sure to watch the video for all the details and gameplay footage.

WuKong Guide

WuKong is a Crit based Assassin hero who is great at dealing with the lower health heroes like Mages. As long as WuKong isn’t getting any crits he’s essentially going to be useless.

So you want to be using Blitz as your Red Arcana which gives you Crit chance and attack speed. It means you’ll land more attacks and be able to crit more.

For your Purple Arcana, you want Attack and movement speed which is called Guerrilla. And then you wanna have Attack damage and armor penetration for your Green Arcana which is called Skewer.

And then for your build, you’re gonna have Soul Reaver going into Gilded Greaves then into Claves Sancti which gives more crit. Then into Omni Arms which enhances attack damage and then into Slick Sling which gives movement speed and quick chance.

Then finally into Fenrir which gives 30% more damage when people are low on health. So once you’re set in the match you want to clear the first few minion waves then start your jungle rotation.

Take out the dragon and continue your jungle rotation and keep the buffs flowing. Your biggest focus needs to be jungling for gold so you can get the equipment you need for your build.

Especially Claves Sancti because WuKong really sails once you obtain that. So keep clearing your jungle and throw out helping hands to other heroes when they need it.

If you can get your late game equipment early you can push with certain other heroes on your team. You may be able to get their red buff for free if you can apply pressure and keep the enemy team back.

A big thing to focus on with WuKong is keeping your buffs up. Each time you’re able to get a buff then clear your camp and get them.

Once you reach the late game equipment and levels you’ll be able to start taking on heroes pretty easily. It gets pretty easy to one shot people once you’re equipped properly.

So your focus is going to be pushing enemy heroes and getting as many crits as you can. In between buffs make sure to clear camps each time your buffs are available.

Once you get Omni Arms after Claves Sancti you’re going to get an attack boost. That on top of the already heavy damage you do with your crits is going to make you a very high damage hero.

When you reach this level of the match you’re essentially just a farm hero by this point. Being able to clear camps and get buffs while dealing with any enemy heroes that cross your path.

You can let your team focus on the towers and minions for the majority of it. They’ll be able to push while you keep them buffed and apply pressure to the enemy team.

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