Best Methods to Unlock and Upgrade Brawlers Fast!

Best Methods to Unlock and Upgrade Brawlers Fast!

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Unlocking Brawlers

There are quite a few different things you can do to unlock Brawlers. First thing is if you haven’t already, go and connect your Super Cell ID because if you don’t have Barely it will give you him and the Wizard Barley skin.

So that’s the first thing you want to do as soon as you finish the tutorial. The next thing you want to do is get high up in the ladder.

This is for the hardcore people out there who want to get all the Brawlers as fast as they can. You just need to push your way up the ladder as best you can.

You unlock Nida really quickly and you unlock Colt at 60 Trophies and Bulls at 250 Trophies. It doesn’t take to long and if you have the time you can easily get 500 trophies and unlock Jessie, Bull, Colt, and Nida all in day one.

And if you’re really doing good you can do another 500 on day 2 and unlock Brock. So that’s like the hardcore players that are gonna get in there and really go crazy.

Other than going for trophies, the next thing you gotta do is go for those tokens. You need tokens to unlock boxes and it takes 100 Tokens to open.

You need to play at least every twelve hours. Every twelve hours you can get 100 free tokens and then on top of that you want to play each of the game mods and win at least each game mode once.

Each time you win one game mode it unlocks another event slot on a 24 hour rotation. So every day you can win the four game modes and get star tokens to open up the Big Box.

If you’re someone who doesn’t have to much time to play a lot, at least get the star key from each game mode. If you have a bit more time then play every twelve hours for the tokens.

And on top of that for those who play hardcore take every Brawler you have and push them up to 50 trophies as fast as you can. Because not only do you get tokens for experience your character gains, but for every rank up given you also get more tokens you can use to then open up more boxes.

Brawler Trophy Method

When it comes to pushing trophies with Brawlers there is one strategy that works really well in the beginning part of the trophies. It’s essentially just Bush Camping.

The strategy is going into a Showdown match and find the closest bush. Then you just hide in the bush and when anyone comes near you just run away.

It may not be very exciting but it makes it very easy to push trophies in the early game. You can easily push up to 200 or 300 trophies super easily with this strategy.

You just have to get better than 6th place to get trophies in Showdown. And you can easily get 2nd or 3rd with this strategy.

Once you hit 300 trophies with a Brawler you should switch from Showdown. If you push all the way to 500 Trophies in Showdown you’re going to miss out on a lot in the game.

I recommend going into Showdown to learn the mechanics of new Brawlers. But every day when you open up the game go get the Star Tokens from every game mode and mess around with different Brawlers in each of those game modes to get a good idea of how they work.

There are a lot of Brawlers where you can push them beyond 500 trophies in just Showdown. But there are a lot who need more than just Showdown to get them high enough with out it becoming frustration.

Brawlers Economy

So obviously, there is a cost – reward type of thing in this game. If you really want a Brawler and you want to support the game then go ahead and just buy Brawlers in the shops or on sale.

But if you’re iffy about it or don’t want to spend money. The reward system basically guarantees that you will get all the Brawlers by playing the game.

As you get the rarer Brawlers your chances of getting the more rare ones increase for each one. It will take some time but it will happen guaranteed.

There is also a Luck Factor that increases with each box you open that doesn’t give you a Brawler. It increases your chances of getting a Legendary Brawler.

Realistically the best tip to getting Legendary Brawlers is just opening boxes. It’ll take time but it’s worth it in the long run.

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