Bo In Depth (Brawler Review)

Bo In Depth (Brawler Review)

Hey, Brawlers!

Today, I will be talking about Bo, a super rare brawler known for his excellent area control.  Let’s look in-depth into this brawler and take a look at how to properly use him.

Since Bo’s recent buff (and nerf), Bo has become one of the top area control brawlers.  This is due not only to his massive area damage with his mines but also because of his spread of explosive arrows.

The main use for Bo is area control.  Bo is able to use his regular attack AND his super to defend important chokepoints in maps such as Smash And Grab, Bounty, or Heist.


Main Attack – Eagle Eyed

Bo releases a trio of exploding arrows, tearing up enemies like an eagle’s talons.

Each arrow does a basic damage of 100.  In addition to this, the arrows spread out until they reach the max distance of 8 tiles, similar to a shotgun effect.

Bo utilizing the “shotgun” effect of his attack.

Because of how this attacks works, Bo is excellent for both long and medium range.  For control, Bo can either shoot from a medium-long range to allow his arrows to spread out, allowing them to splash the full entrance of a choke point, allowing him to easily whittle down the health of the opposing team.  For close range, Bo is pretty decent, though not as much as Shelley or Bull.  At close range, Bo’s arrows don’t have much time to spread out, so the three arrows deal 300 damage total.  Three attacks would deal 900 damage, completely wiping out weaker brawlers such as Barley, Colt, or even Shelley.

Super – Catch A Fox

Bo hides explosive traps on the ground. Enemies stepping on them get blown up and away!

While Supercell removed knockback from the traps very recently so that enemies don’t get “blow up and away” anymore, Bo’s mines are still pretty OP.  

The most obvious use for them is to place them at chokepoints.  However, the enemy will sometimes walk past them due to their slow explosion time.  The best way to prevent this is to have a bait brawler such as El Primo to tie them down at the chokepoint and hence let the mines finish the enemy team off.

The second way to use mines is to place them in common hiding spots such as bushes.  Maps with plenty of bush cover are commonly in the game modes Heist or Showdown.  The other team will try to take defensive cover in the bushes, only to be blasted away, leaving the position to take for your team.

Finally, the last way to use them is as a trap.  In this case, you don’t even have to be Bo to do this.  You just have to know the location of Bo’s mines, and lead an enemy brawler to the traps, which will of course explode in his/her and probably get you a kill as well.  

Luring Enemies into the Trap

Using Bo in Smash and Grab

Bo, just like all splash brawlers, is extremely good in Smash and Grab.  His arrows at far range can easily chip down the health of the brawlers coming in the chokepoints and at close range, his arrows can decimate brawlers like Shelley coming in from the flanks.  Finally, his mines can easily wipe out an enemy team coming in and let your team take control of the map.

Mines in Showdown in a perfect position to defend the mines from attacks to the left, Bo in a perfect position to the right to guard the flank.

Using Bo in Heist

Bo is one of the best brawlers in Heist.  While his arrows are often not effective in this gamemode, once he builds his super up, the momentum of the game will be changed.  Since many heist maps have only one entrance to the safe, the enemy will be forced to go through the mines in order to reach the safe.  If you have a distraction brawler like El Primo, then the entire team will be decimated, allowing Bo to again use his re-built up super.  

On offense, Bo is decent as well.  Since many of the maps contain defensive/grassy areas, Bo can easily use his mines to catch unsuspecting brawlers (Barley or Spike) who try to take cover.

Using Bo in Bounty

Bo is pretty OP in certain bounty maps, especially those which have only one main entrance.  In addition, he can take care of flanking brawlers pretty well.

However, some maps to not use him in are maps with more than 2 major entrance points.  If you play on a map like this with Bo, there is a lower chance that the enemy team will go through the entrance you place the mines in.  Another map to not use him in are maps covered by too much grass.  Although Bo is decent in low to medium range, Shelley can finish off Bo in two to three hits at close range.

Using Bo in Showdown

I wouldn’t recommend using Bo in showdown.  He can’t use his mines to their full abilities that well and unless you get someone to follow you through the map to get to the mines, he isn’t really that good.

Using Bo in Brawl Ball

Bo isn’t that good in Brawl Ball.  While his mines would seem to be the best form of area control, the enemy players often move right past his mines while they explode behind him.  In addition, his arrows at medium range often don’t deal enough damage to tankier brawlers who slip right past him to score.  Brawl Ball negates many of Bo mine’s weakness.  El Primo can’t be lured into a trap when he only wants to score.  You can’t send a brawler over the mines to delay the tankier brawlers when all the brawlers care about is getting past you, as quickly as possible, to the goals.  The goals (pun intended) of Brawl Balls really don’t match with Bo’s strengths.  


Overall, Bo is a very well-rounded semi-tanky character who can function both in medium/close range and long range very decently.  His mines add a unique spin to the character that puts him as one of the top area control Brawlers.

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