Brawl Ball Ultimate Guide

Brawl Ball Ultimate Guide

Hi, Guys! Worldpeece here and today we will be discussing the newest game mode inside of Brawl Stars, Brawl Ball. Brawl ball is a game mode that was added in the September 2017 update and allows brawlers to participate in a game similar to soccer. In this guide, we will explain what Brawl Ball is, what brawlers to use, how to play, and other tips and tricks.

1. What Is Brawl Ball?

Brawl Ball is A gamemode inside Brawl Stars that works similar to a soccer match. The teams are 3 vs 3, and the objective is to have the ball enter the enemy team’s goal. At the time of this writing, there are 3 maps, but we will go over 1 of them, Backyard Bowl.

As you can see in the picture above, there are 5 components to a Brawl Ball match

1. Enemy Team’s Goal: The main objective of Brawl ball is to take the ball from the middle,
and score on the enemy team’s goal.

2. Enemy Team’s Spawn: This is where the enemy team will spawn on this map

3. Ball Location: After every goal or at the start of every game, the ball will spawn here.

4. Your Spawn: Where you start the game. (NOTE: when you die, you spawn back near
your goal, not here)

5. Your Goal: Do not let the enemy team get the ball in your goal

Cool, But what Brawlers should I use?

2. What Brawlers Should I use for Brawl Ball?

For this question I would like to recommend Powerbang’s youtube channel, he posts awesome Brawl Stars content. Recently he made a video on this exact topic, and here is the list he created I will discuss the top 3 brawlers he picked.

3: El Primo


Type Melee

Role Melee Bruiser

Speed 650

Hitpoints 5600

Tier Rare

Our Rating 9/10

El Primo is very good at Brawl Ball because of his insane health. He has the most hit points in the game, at 1400 Base HP. He can also break walls with his super, which is valuable to be able to clear up space to shoot the ball. His only disadvantage is his range however.

2: Mortis


Type Melee

Role Chasing and Disruption

Speed 650

Hitpoints 2800

Tier Mythic

Our Rating 7/10

Mortis is very good at Brawl Ball because of his dash ability. His health is OK, but his dash ability allows him to kick the ball forward, and then dash to it creating confusion and allowing him to get a distance advantage over the enemy team.

1: Bull


Type Melee

Role Short Range Attacker

Speed 650

Hitpoints 4800

Tier Rare

Our Rating 8/10

Bull is extremely good at Brawl Ball because he is good all around and excels at breaking through barriers. He is the second tankiest brawler and also does extreme damage at close range, allowing him to quickly take out brawlers.

When picking a good brawler, pick one that can escape from close situations, does high DPS, and is somewhat tanky. Since Brawl Ball maps (so far) are mostly cramped, do not use Sniper characters like Piper.

3. How To Play?

When you spawn, you will see the ball in front of you. Decide if you are going to get the ball or not, if so rush toward it and go off to the side. If someone else on your team gets the ball, support them. When you pick up the ball, you will be presented with a different interface.

Instead of your normal attack, you will see a straight line. If you try to attack, you will kick the ball along this line. You can not attack while holding the ball.

Super Kick: If you have the ball and your super is charged, you will see a longer, yellow line instead of the standard white one. If you try to attack now, you will lose your super but kick the ball much farther and with more force than a normal kick.

When anyone scores, your screen will cut the goal that was scored on, and confetti will erupt. Then you will spawn back at the place you started the game. First one to get to 2 goals wins. You can score in 3 ways.

1. Shoot the ball into the goal
2. Walk the ball into the goal
3. Have a member of the enemy team score an own goal
Passing: It is possible to pass in this game mode, by pointing the white line at your
teammate and kicking it to them.

4. Advanced Tips & Tricks

● If possible, have one member of your team play goalie. El primo works well
as a goalie.
● Wait a few seconds before rushing the ball because the enemy team will
want to spam all their ammo at the beginning expecting that your team will
rush in
● Pass to your teammates, it helps alot!
● When wanting to kill someone with the ball, take advantage of the rule that
you can not attack with the ball and pass it to them, kill them, and take the
ball and move on.
● Like in real soccer, it is a good idea to never clear the ball into the middle of
the field.
● If your character can break walls with his or her super, use your super on
breaking the opponent’s walls so you can more easily score
● If you can get into the enemy’s base unseen, hide in the bush as a high HP
High DPS Character to perform a surprise attack, get the ball and score. Use
this with caution, because then your team is a player down

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