Brawl Stars just recently had a brand new update giving a lot to the game. We’re going to go over all the changes, the nerfs, the buffs, the changes to showdown, the changes to coins and how much you can get from the events, and all things in between.

Brawl Stars New Update!

Matchmaking Changes

So the first thing to note in this update is Matchmaking Changes. They’ve updated the Matchmaking system to be more balanced and remove the chance of games being completely one sided.

  • “Duplicates of the same Brawlers on the same team will very rarely occur in Matchmaking (Note: Players in low trophy games will still encounter duplicates).”

What this basically means is that there will no longer be high chances of encounter teams with duplicate characters. Like running into a team that’s playing three Pipers or Bulls.

This makes the game far more balanced play wise and gives a better variety to everyone playing. Though it does note that players in low trophy games will still encounter duplicates, so it can also be a slight incentive for lower players to get to a higher trophy level.

Character Balances

Next up is where things get a little crazy and that is in the Character Balance.

  • Ricochet – Health increased to 600 (from 500) putting his max HP at 750
  • El Primo – Health Increased to 1400 (from 1300) putting his max HP at 1750
  • Brock – Super shoots a total of 9 rockets (From 6) faster, and also has a bigger area of effect.
  • Mortis – Health decreased to 700 (from 800) making his max health 875
  • Poco – Decreased main attack damage to 140 (from 160) max level damage now being 175
  • Jessie – Super charges 12.5% slower
  • Nita – Super charges 25% slower

All these changes to characters make a pretty significant difference in how they’ll be played in the games current meta. Ricochet now being far more useful with his higher health giving him better standing for surviving against heavy hitting Brawlers.

El Primo’s health increase being perfect for his huge disadvantage against Piper. With his max health now being the highest in the game he can survive an onslaught from her and actually stand a chance with out being completely mopped up.

Brock’s super boost is a big change giving him 9 instead of 6 rockets and making them fire both faster and have a wider range. His super already having a good damage out put and range, to begin with, this only making him far more viable.

Mortis having a decrease in health which is an understandable nerf especially for Smash and Grab. Most likely done to keep any Mortis players from dashing in and collecting all the crystals and being able to hold them til the end of the game.

Poco is similarly in the same boat as Mortis but for different reasons. Having his attack damage lowered he won’t be as versatile as before where he could play defensively but still dish out heavy damage with his incredible range. But still keeping him a viable choice.

Jessie and Nita both suffering the same nerf having their super charges decreased. Nita getting it the worst by a big 25% making it far more difficult to get her bear out to help her.

Game Modes

Next up are the changes to the game modes.

  • Heist – Decreased health of all Safes by 1000
  • Showdown – Power Up box damage boost increased by 15%, up from 5% – This should benefit high range, low health Brawlers, and even the playing field

Heist’s big change lowers the Safe’s health by 1000. Basically evening out the difference between playing defense and offense.

Now making it where the defense won’t be able to hold the safe the entire match with just a sliver of health. Even though it seems like the offense is dominating the match.

And Showdown’s change to the Power Up boxes giving that big 15% change could make the game mode much more interesting. Something we’ll have to play to really figure out.

Economy Changes

Next up are the changes to the game’s economy.

  • “We wanted to make it easier and quicker to earn coins in short sessions so we have increased the First Win coin bonus! The total coins earned still remains the same.”
  • Event 1 – First win bonus changed from 8 to 16 and normal coins earned changed from 60 to 52
  • Event 2 – First win bonus changed from 8 to 16 and normal coins earned changed from 40 to 32
  • Event 2 Showdown – Showdown new event changed from 16 to 24
  • Event 3 – First win bonus changed from 4 to 8 and normal coins earned changed from 16 to 12
  • Event 3 Showdown – Showdown new event changed from 8 to 12
  • Event 4 – First win bonus changed from 4 to 8 and normal coins earned changed from 20 to 16
  • Event 4 Showdown – Showdown new event changed from 8 to 12

Basically, these changes make it where the normal coins got are decreased from each game but the bonus coins from first wins are doubled. So by just playing and participating in an event the first time gives you more coins making up the difference in the drop of normal earned coins.


Be sure to watch Powerbang Gaming’s video above for gameplay showing off the new characters and their changes.

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