Type Ranged

Role Map Control and Area Damage

Speed 2.5 tiles per second

Hitpoints 600

Tier Rare

Ease Of Use







Crowd Control

Our Rating


Barley Game Mode Rankings

Smash & GrabGreat




Brawl BallGreat

Barley is a long range attacker with a strong area of effect attacks. He can deal a lot of damage over time with both his regular attack and his super.

Upgrade Priority

When upgrading your brawler, it is best to prioritize certain areas over others. Below is the priority for upgrading Barley.

  • 1. super
  • 2. attack
  • 3. health

Favorable Matchups

  • Bull
  • Jessie

Difficult Matchups

  • El Primo
  • Shelly

Hard Counters

  • Mortis


  • Barley has extremely long range and wide area of effect regular attack, allowing him to zone opponents.
  • Barley destroys opponents when they group up together in a small area.
  • He can stay safe behind walls/obstacles and deal damage from afar.
  • Barley's super does damage over time and has a large area of effect that burns enemies over time. It is a great super that will annihilate enemies that are trapped in the area.


  • Barley's attacks have a slight delay, so sometimes it will be hard to hit good players that know how to juke.
  • His super has a casting time, so if he dies during the casting, the rest of the bottles thrown will not occur.
  • Once strong melee enemies like Shelly, Bull, El Primo or Mortis gets in range, he is vulnerable to dying fast.

Tips & Tactics

  • Hiding behind walls and bushes is Barley's strongest play. You will want to stay way out of range of most Brawlers and slowly poke them to death.
  • Try to predict the path of your opponents by throwing bottles in places you think they will run into.
  • Save your super when enemies clutter up together. It is devastating and you can kill all 3 opponents in Smash & Grab, Heist or Bounty.
  • If someone is chasing you, you want to run around a wall and throw the bottles behind your path to damage them.


Primary Attack Undiluted

Barley lobs a bottle, breaking it and spilling the contents. Its corrosive contents damage enemies standing in the puddle.

Skill Type Attack

Range 6.5 tiles

Recharge Time 2 s

Damage 140

Attack Delay 0.1 s

Super Ability Last Call

This one’s on the house! Barley hurls a flurry of fiery bottles, covering a huge area in flames. Get out of there, bad guys!

Skill Type Attack

Range 8.5 tiles

Damage 140

Attack Delay 0.2 s

Range Map



Rare Unlock Barley

After unlocking Barley, additional unlocks gives you 2 Chips.


Brawler UpgradeIncrease Health

Increases the Health of Barley +30


Ability UpgradeUpgrade Attack

Upgrades Undiluted Damage per second +7


Ability UpgradeUpgrade Super

Upgrades Last Call Damage per second +7

Barley Skins


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