Type Ranged

Role Ranged Sniper

Speed 2.5 tiles per second

Hitpoints 600

Tier Rare

Ease Of Use







Crowd Control

Our Rating


Brock Game Mode Rankings

Smash & GrabExcellent




Brawl BallDecent

Brock is great for those who are happy to affect a fight from a distance. He’s great for establishing early position, and keeping enemies away from key objectives & choke points. Brock is weak and can be destroyed easily, so if the fight comes to him, be prepared to use his Super ability to take down any aggressor.

Brock’s Super ability works nicely to open up line of sight to the enemies and reduce the places they can hide from his rockets.

Upgrade Priority

When upgrading your brawler, it is best to prioritize certain areas over others. Below is the priority for upgrading Brock.

  • 1. super
  • 2. attack
  • 3. health

Favorable Matchups

  • Crow
  • Colt
  • Jessie
  • Bull
  • Shelly

Difficult Matchups

  • Ricochet
  • Barley
  • Dynamike
  • Nita
  • El Primo

Hard Counters

  • Mortis


  • Very high damage output.
  • Can be lethal from long range.
  • Can destroy walls & cover with super ability.
  • Super is nearly an instant kill on mid-to-low HP targets.
  • Great pairing with a tanky pursuit character like Bull or El Primo because you can predict enemy movement.


  • Lacks utility.
  • No crowd control abilities, no movement buffs of any kind, and no gap closing, or escape abilities.
  • Fragile and can be one-shot by stronger Brawlers.
  • Primary Fire is a straight shot, straight line, reasonably slow missile… easy to dodge.

Tips & Tactics

  • Establish position to destroy chokepoints.
  • Use Super to destroy walls in addition to enemies – this eliminates their potential escape route and gives you line of sight.
  • Try to predict where it makes sense for your enemies to be (bushes), and pre-emptively fire into them before they actually are there. Many times people will walk straight into them.
  • Stay back from the battle – a dead Brock is not useful.


Primary Attack Rockin' Rocket

Brock lets fly with a single Rockin' Rocket that really goes the distance.

Skill Type Attack

Range 11 tiles

Recharge Time 2.1 s

Damage 260

Attack Delay 0.1 s

Super Ability Rocket Rain

Brock only wants to see you bathing in Rocket Rain: an explosive deluge that takes out enemies and obstacles.

Skill Type Attack

Range 7.5 tiles

Damage 260

Attack Delay 0.2 s

Range Map



Rare Unlock Brock

After unlocking Brock, additional unlocks gives you 2 Chips.


Brawler UpgradeIncrease Health

Increases the Health of Brock +30


Ability UpgradeUpgrade Attack

Upgrades Rockin' Rocket Damage +13


Ability UpgradeUpgrade Super

Upgrades Rocket Rain Damage per rocket +13

Brock Skins


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