Type Ranged

Role Ranged Utility

Speed 2.5 tiles per second

Hitpoints 2800

Tier Rare

Ease Of Use







Crowd Control

Our Rating


JESSIE Upgrade Priority


JESSIE Game Mode Rankings

Smash & GrabGreat




Brawl BallGood

Jessie is a very well rounded brawler that can provide excellent support to her teammates in a variety of game modes. Her super ability is not to be underestimated. One of the best things about Jessie is that none of her abilities seem really strong, so she flies under the radar a bit as far as being a target that enemies feel they need to focus down.

She doesn’t do anything EXTREMELY well, but she does almost ALL things well, and this makes her one of the most reliable choices for Brawlers. In capable hands, the skill cap of Jessie is VERY high and this brawler can really have a high impact for a skilled player.

Favorable Matchups

  • CROW
  • COLT
  • BULL

Difficult Matchups

  • COLT


  • Decent range.
  • Amazing super ability summons a gun turret that does a significant amount of damage. It cannot be left unattended.
  • Primary attack will seek out the next closest target to deal damage to once the initial blast has been landed.
  • Master of misdirection.
  • Deceptively dangerous - She is one of the more lethal Brawlers, yet does her work quietly, and does not attract a lot of attention.
  • Extremely useful to teams because the turret acts like a 4th player and teams with Jessie can very effectively lock down key areas of the map.


  • One of the more well round Brawlers, Jessie has very few weaknesses.
  • Her hit points are on the lower end, and if a stronger brawler sneaks into range, she can be dead meat.
  • Single target fire power is not overwhelming.

Tips & Tactics

  • Unload the primary attack at the beginning because it’s likely the opposing team will all approach together in the middle. Because her orb continues to damage multiple brawlers, you may even be able to score a triple bounce damage-dealing shot on all three shots.
  • Scrappy! (the gun turret) becomes easier to dodge at distance because the bullets are relatively slow. Place your Scrappy! In one of two ways: Directly next to your opponent as close range Scrappy never misses. OR you can throw the Scrappy far from you but in range of your target. This makes a nice attacking angle an puts pressure on whoever it is you’re pursing. They can’t just sit behind a wall because you can flush them out and have Scrappy finish the job.
  • Sometimes players do a great job of dodging your attacks or hiding behind cover so you can’t hit them. Jessie can use others to deliver damage to the intended target. Rather than leaving your protected and fortified position to shoot at a low-HP target that is hiding behind a wall, try shooting the enemy player who is approaching the scene to help out his buddy… he doesn’t know it, but he’ll be the END of his buddy when your orb redirects to the intended target and now he doesn’t have time to react. Other things you can shoot in addition to enemy brawlers are Jessie’s turret, OR Nita’s bear. Nita’s bear is a GREAT one to deal damage to the pursuing enemy because you can kite and avoid all damage, but as you kill the bear, not allowing nita to build her Super juice, ALL of the shots you land on the bear will be sent at Nita (who is presumably following) with perfect accuracy.
  • Engage when enemies cluster up. The ability to weaken EVERYONE is a risk worth taking with Jessie
  • Try throwing your Scrappy on the OTHER side of a wall… next to where an enemy is hiding. Once he is preoccupied, time your assault on his position so that you’re hitting at the same time Scrappy is landing – TIP: Don’t put Scrappy on the field in a position where it will line up with where you will approach from. This makes it so the enemy can shoot both of you at the same time. Make them choose. It’s one, or the other… and the one they DON’T choose, is likely the death of them.

JESSIE Abilities

Primary Attack SHOCK RIFLE

Jessie's own invention, the Shock Rifle fires an energy orb that seeks out up to three targets before fizzling out.

Skill Type Attack

Range 8 tiles

Recharge Time 2 s

Damage 720

Attack Delay 0.1 s

Attack Duration 0.15 s

Super Ability SCRAPPY!

Jessie cobbles together a gun turret out of random scrap. She's a genius!

Skill Type Healing

Range 4.5 tiles

Mechanic Turret Range 8 tiles

Mechanic Turret Attack Damage 240

Mechanic Turret Attack Speed 0.3 s

Mechanic Turret Health 2800

Range Map



Star Power: Energize

Jessie modifies her Shock Rifle to recharge her turrets! Hitting a turret restores 600 of its missing health.


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