Type Ranged

Role Short Range Utility

Speed 2.5 tiles per second

Hitpoints 3200

Tier Common

Ease Of Use







Crowd Control

Our Rating


NITA Upgrade Priority


NITA Game Mode Rankings

Smash & GrabGreat




Brawl BallGreat

Nita is a fantastic character, and a staple in many team compositions on almost every map & mode. Her bear can be overwhelming to opponents, and it’s a MUST to deal with it, or else the bear will force them into bad positions OR hit them enough to generate another Super for Nita - you find yourself playing in 4 on 3 situations more often than not. Perhaps the greatest utility player in the game that can also do other things very well also, with no glaring weaknesses.

Favorable Matchups

  • CROW
  • COLT
  • BULL

Difficult Matchups

  • BO


  • Very well rounded character. She can pursue, poke from decent range, play defensively, use her bear to tank and deal damage or buy time.
  • Play objectives - Smash & Grab & Heist are very strong.
  • Top Showdown brawler.
  • Nita’s bear can hunt down hidden enemies.
  • Rupture ability is very strong, and forgiving on it’s aim.
  • Most useful Super ability in the game - the Big Baby Bear.
  • Like Jessie, Can build super with her primary attack AND her Bear’s attacks.


  • Average range.
  • Average HP.

Tips & Tactics

  • Laying down a bunch of Ruptures at the initial engagement is valuable AOE effect means you can very quickly damage enemies.
  • Always be poking. Any shot you can land with Nita is super valuable. Building your super is a top priority.
  • Once you’ve got your super in hand, it’s time to get aggressive. Attack with your teammates using the bear as a distraction, cover & a helper… you’re essentially fighting 4 v 3.
  • Use your bear to cut off angles of escape of your enemies.
  • Use your bear to land in spots where the enemy is forced to deal with you OR your bear.
  • When your health is running low, make sure to retreat a bit while your bear is still alive. As long as YOU are not firing shots, your health can replenish. Your bear can remain in combat and put pressure on the enemy team while you get ready for the next push.
  • If you’re unsure of where the enemy is, throw down your Bear, it targets and pursues the closest enemy, and if that happens to be in a bush… well that sucks for them.
  • Try to work with your bear and your team to put pressure on whoever is trying to take it down. If you can keep the bear alive, and keep your 4 to 3 advantage, that is massive. Throwing them a free bear to kill isn’t super helpful.
  • On the Heist game mode, use your bear and drop it over the wall at the safe if you’re on offense. It will do a significant amount of damage and force the defenders back into the spawn, which gives up defensive position.
  • On defense, use the bear to counter push and drive the offense away from the Safe.
  • During Showdown, your bear is hugely helpful. Stay close to it, and never be ambushed, because it always targets the closest enemy. As long as you’re close to it, it knows to pursue the closest brawler, which means you get to apply pressure to them from two angles AND you won’t be surprised from any near by bushes.
  • Toss your bear over a wall to help flush out enemies towards you. Keep your distance as they come around the corner so that your Rupture is in range, but their abilities are not, or are dodgeable.

NITA Abilities

Primary Attack RUPTURE

Nita sends forth a shockwave, rupturing the ground and damaging enemies caught in the tremor.

Skill Type Attack

Range 5.5 tiles

Recharge Time 1.25 s

Damage 680

Attack Delay 0.1 s

Attack Duration 0.15 s


Nita calls the spirit of Big Baby Bear to manifest and maul her enemies.

Skill Type Healing

Range 4.5 tiles

Shaman Pet Range 2 tiles

Shaman Pet Attack Damage 400

Shaman Pet Attack Speed 0.6 s

Shaman Pet Health 4000

Range Map



Star Power: Bear With Me

Nita recovers 180 health whenever her bear hits an enemy. When Nita deals damage, her bear regains 180 health.


NITA Skins


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