Type Melee

Role Support and Healing

Speed 2.5 tiles per second

Hitpoints 1000

Tier Epic

Ease Of Use







Crowd Control

Our Rating


Pam Game Mode Rankings



Smash & GrabExcellent


Brawl BallDecent

Pam is a very good team healer that is very useful in coordinated team battles. Her super allows her to heal teammates in the designated circle.

Upgrade Priority

When upgrading your brawler, it is best to prioritize certain areas over others. Below is the priority for upgrading Pam.

  • 1. super
  • 2. health
  • 3. attack

Favorable Matchups

  • Mortis
  • Shelly
  • Crow
  • Poco

Difficult Matchups

  • Dynamike
  • Barley
  • Bo
  • Tara

Hard Counters

  • El Primo
  • Bull


  • She is very good in team play, especially if your teammates gather up in the healing circle.
  • She thrives in small zone control areas. Maps like Smash & Grab and Heist are great maps for her.
  • Her wide range shooting allows her to charge up her super quickly.


  • She cannot heal turrets or Nita's bear.
  • Her regular attack is not well suited for 1v1.
  • Misplacing your healing zone is devastating.

Tips & Tactics

  • Since your regular attack is weak and is unreliable at getting many shots, your main goal will be to use it to charge up your super quickly.
  • A point blank close range Pam attack hurts! It rarely happens as long as you don't stand in point blank range for too long.
  • Drop your Mama's Kiss in zone control areas. For example, dropping them right by the crystal spawn in Smash & Grab after you have gained control of the area allows you to hold the zone for a longer period of time.
  • Dropping Mama's Kiss and have your allies grouped up in the circle against Barley and Dynamite is a bad idea.


Primary Attack Scrapstorm

Pam has a straightforward way of dealing with scrap metal: suck it up and blast it at the bad guys!

Skill Type Attack

Range 8 tiles

Recharge Time 1.8 s

Damage 40

Attack Delay 0.1 s

Super Ability Mama's Kiss

Sometimes you can get dinged up while brawling. Pam can kiss it all better with the help of her healing turret!

Skill Type Attack

Range 4.5 tiles

Attack Delay 0.2 s

Healing Station Attack Range 3.5 tiles

Healing Station Health 900

Range Map




Brawler UpgradeIncrease Health

Increases the Health of Pam +50


Ability UpgradeUpgrade Attack

Upgrades Scrapstorm Damage per bullet +2


Ability UpgradeUpgrade Super

Upgrades Mama's Kiss Healing per second +3

Epic Unlock Pam

After unlocking Pam, additional unlocks gives you 10 Chips.

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