Type Ranged

Speed 2.5 tiles per second

Hitpoints 600

Tier Super Rare

Ease Of Use







Crowd Control

Our Rating


Ricochet Game Mode Rankings

Smash & GrabGreat




Brawl BallDecent

Ricochet is a long range Brawler that utilizes bouncing bullets to take down his foes. He does well in maps with plenty of narrow walls such as Bounty and Smash and Grab. He is all about geometry!

Upgrade Priority

When upgrading your brawler, it is best to prioritize certain areas over others. Below is the priority for upgrading Ricochet.

  • 1. attack
  • 2. super
  • 3. health

Favorable Matchups

  • Dynamike
  • Bull
  • Brock

Difficult Matchups

Hard Counters

  • El Primo
  • Mortis


  • Very long range attacks.
  • Bullets ricochet off walls. That applies to both his regular attacks and super!
  • Thrives in Bounty map due to the walls and bushes keeping him safe.
  • He does well in teams where he has Melee support such as Nita's Bear, Jessie's turret and El Primo. They allow Ricochet to shine from range!


  • Low health and susceptible to melee attackers such as El Primo and Mortis when they come in at melee range.
  • Relatively high skill and harder to master to the average player.
  • Needs to always be playing hide and seek to stay safe.
  • Does poorly in Showdown and requires constant hiding to be in the top 5.

Tips & Tactics

  • In Bounty, you will want to stay behind the center of the map. Shoot at an angle in the narrow corridors to prevent them from advancing!
  • In Smash & Grab, you will want to start shooting once you can see the crystal box in the center. Utilize the walls and hide behind them to avoid getting hit.
  • Use geometry to bounce bullets off at an angle to shoot your enemies. This does require skill to perfect!
  • Your Super is highly effective in kiting and dealing damage to any Brawler in range.
  • Avoid El Primo and Mortis at all costs. Once they gap close on you, you are toast. The best bet is to stay within El Primo's point blank range and deal as much damage as possible


Primary Attack Bouncy Bullets

Ricochet's bullets bounce off everything except his opponents, and can hit them behind cover.

Skill Type Attack

Range 12 tiles

Recharge Time 1.25 s

Damage 80

Attack Delay 0.15 s

Super Ability Trick Shot

Ricochet fires a long burst of bullets that can pierce through enemies and bounce off walls.

Skill Type Attack

Range 18 tiles

Damage 80

Attack Delay 0.1 s

Range Map



Super Rare Unlock Ricochet

After unlocking Ricochet, additional unlocks gives you 4 Chips.


Brawler UpgradeIncrease Health

Increases the Health of Ricochet +30


Ability UpgradeUpgrade Attack

Upgrades Bouncy Bullets Damage per bullet +4


Ability UpgradeUpgrade Super

Upgrades Trick Shot Damage per bullet +4

Ricochet Skins


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