Type Ranged

Role Mid Range Attacker

Speed 2.5 tiles per second

Hitpoints 3200

Tier Common

Ease Of Use







Crowd Control

Our Rating


SHELLY Upgrade Priority


SHELLY Game Mode Rankings

Smash & GrabGood




Brawl BallGood

Shelly is not only the very first character unlocked, but also one of the easiest to play in my opinion. In addition to being able to do very well with Shelly in the first ever game with her, she’s a beast in 1 on 1 situations, and can even overpower entire teams if they’re foolish enough to group up for her. Shelly is an extremely versatile brawler that can make a significant impact in the majority of the game modes. She’ll make a great addition to nearly any team.

Favorable Matchups


Difficult Matchups

  • CROW
  • NITA
  • BULL

Hard Counters



  • Very high damage output at point blank range.
  • Attacks form a wide cone with decent range for a shotgun. Makes landing shots simple.
  • Can cripple a whole team at the same time.
  • Able to stop an enemy approach before it starts because Shelly can cover an area very effectively.
  • Excellent at protecting teammates due to her knockback on her Super ability.
  • Ability to destroy walls & cover with Super.
  • Very easy to play at a high level. Low skill cap character, which makes it a great choice for your very first Brawler.


  • Average to short range. Can be kited fairly easily.
  • Not a glass cannon, but when she’s in range to do damage, she had better not miss.
  • No gap closer when in pursuit.
  • Little utility for supporting game mode objectives besides very basic suppressing fire.

Tips & Tactics

  • Great brawler for an early game mid rush. Able to damage ALL opponents at the same time, so even if Shelly dies, her teammates can mop up a weakened squad.
  • Catch your enemies off guard by using your Super to obliterate the walls that they are standing behind.
  • When 1 or more enemies lurks in wait or are deliberately kiting you behind a wall or cover, wait until your teammate approaches from another direction and when the fighting is about to start, use the Super on the wall to destroy their cover, and also deal significant damage, and disorient the opponent.
  • Shelly is one of the most dangerous Brawlers to stumble upon in the bushes. Try to sneak into the bushes in high traffic areas when no one is looking. Great opportunities to do this are when all of the action is taking place on the far side of the map, or when you wipe the opposing team, and they’re respawning. Shelly’s shotgun blast at short range is lethal, and can even take out weaker brawlers in a single shot.
  • Don’t forget to fire upon Brawlers that are in pursuit of YOU! Just a couple of taps from your Shotgun, and they’ll have no option but to retreat.

SHELLY Abilities

Primary Attack BUCKSHOT

Shelly's boomstick is always locked and loaded. You don't want to be anywhere in front of this baby.

Skill Type Attack

Range 6 tiles

Recharge Time 1.5 s

Damage 320

Attack Delay 0.1 s

Attack Duration 0.15 s

Super Ability SUPER SHELL

Shelly's Super Shell obliterates both cover and enemies. Any survivors get knocked out of the way.

Skill Type Attack

Range 7 tiles

Damage 320

Attack Delay 0.1 s

Attack Duration 0.15 s

Range Map



Star Power: Shell Shock

Shelly's shocking Super shells slow down enemies for 3 seconds!




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