Type Melee

Role Crowd control and Utility

Speed 2.5 tiles per second

Hitpoints 800

Tier Mythic

Ease Of Use







Crowd Control

Our Rating


Tara Game Mode Rankings



Smash & GrabDecent


Brawl BallDecent

Tara is a mid range attacker with a powerful super that acts like a black hole that sucks everyone that is caught in the center of her super. She is very valuable in team oriented modes and can turn the tide with her super alongside other nasty area of effect attacks.

Upgrade Priority

When upgrading your brawler, it is best to prioritize certain areas over others. Below is the priority for upgrading Tara.

  • 1. attack
  • 2. health
  • 3. super


  • Very power zone control with her super. It opens up nasty combos with other AoE characters like Dynamike and Barley.
  • A good long range attack that pierces targets and is useful in many situations.
  • Her point blank damage is decently strong with all 3 cards hitting the same character.


  • Her long range 1 on 1 isn't all that strong.

Tips & Tactics

  • Tara's basic attack have a very good range and is more effective when enemies are grouped up. The tarot cards can pierce through enemies and hit multiple targets at once. Each card deals 100 DMG at level 1 and 125 DMG when maxed per (+5 for upgrade).
  • If you are playing against Tara, the best way to counter this skill is keeping a certain distance from your team-mates, not allowing her to make an effective use of Gravity, pulling your team together and setting up the terrain to her team deal a high amount of damage at once.


Primary Attack Triple Tarot

Tara flicks her wrist, snapping off three tarot cards that pierce through enemies. Quite a trick!

Skill Type Attack

Range 8 tiles

Recharge Time 1.8 s

Damage 100

Attack Delay 0.1 s

Super Ability Gravity

Tara's greatest illusion draws her audience inexorably in. Everyone caught in the attraction will bump heads painfully!

Skill Type Attack

Range 6 tiles

Damage 100

Attack Delay 0.1 s

Range Map



Mythic Unlock Tara

After unlocking Tara, additional unlocks gives you 25 Chips.


Brawler UpgradeIncrease Health

Increases the Health of Tara +40


Ability UpgradeUpgrade Attack

Upgrades Triple Tarot Damage per card +5


Ability UpgradeUpgrade Super

Upgrades Gravity Damage +5

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