Simple Chips Guide

Simple Chips Guide

Chips are one of the currencies available in Brawl Stars. Every time you open a Brawl Box and get a Brawler you already own, it will be converted into Chips. The amount of Chips received are based on the Brawler rarity and they can be used to unlock Brawlers that the player does not yet own.

Chips Earned From Duplicates By Brawler Rarity

Common Brawler1
Rare Brawler2
Super Rare Brawler4
Epic Brawler10
Mythic Brawler25
Legendary Brawler60

Buying Brawlers With Chips

Currently there are only two ways that a player can unlock new Brawlers, opening Brawl Boxes or buying them with chips. The chip cost of a Brawler depends on its rarity.

Common Brawlers – 3 Chips

These are the easiest Brawlers to get from your Brawl Boxes. New players may be tempted to buy some Common Brawlers, since they are very cheap, but you SHOULD NOT spend your Chips for this ones because you will quickly have all of them.

Rare Brawlers – 10 Chips


Also, not a big deal to obtain all of those. When you start playing, you may want to rush some trophies and get all Brawlers as fast as possible, but you still should save your Chips for some Brawlers that are harder to get.

Super Rare Brawlers – 20 Chips


Super Rares are a little bit harder to obtain, you may get some duplicates until you have all of them, but it’s still not worth spending your Chips on them.

Epic Brawlers – 60 Chips


If you didn’t spend your precious Chips with lower rarities, you should have enough to buy one of these. This is debatable, but I still suggest you keep saving for Mythic and Legendary Brawlers.

It’s very hard to F2P players to get some Epic+ Brawlers. You will need to open a lot of Brawl Boxes and have some luck to finally get that Piper (I know you want her, everyone does).

Mythic Brawlers – 200 Chips


This rarity was added by Super Cell in the September update, between Epic and Legendary. This is where i think you should start spending your Chips. A lot of high level players still didn’t got any Mythic+ Brawlers due to its low drop rate.

Tara and Mortis are very hyped Brawlers due to their unique game mechanics that can help you to win on different game modes.

Legendary Brawlers – 500 Chips


It will take some time to you to save up 500 Chips. If you bought some gems, you can speed up this process with the lots of Chips you will receive from duplicated Brawlers that you will get from Brawl Boxes.

Here is the big tip i have: Let’s say you’ve got 500 Chips and still didn’t pulled any Legendary from the Boxes. You can finally have one! But there is something you may consider before buying Crow or Spike. These guys are very hard to obtain and you will be very frustrated if buy one of them and them get a duplicate. If you can hold your anxiety, I recommend only buying a Legendary AFTER you’ve pulled the other one from a Box to avoid this.

Final Toughts

Brawl Stars still in Beta and probably will change a lot until Global Release. The Chip system may well suffer some modifications until there, new Brawlers will be added and rarities can change. Try to save your Chips until we have a more polished version of the game and them you can wisely spend your resources to unlock all Brawlers.

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