Coin Earning Guide (Fast and Reliable Methods!)

Coin Earning Guide (Fast and Reliable Methods!)



Welcome to the coin earning guide. There are any ways to earn coins, we will be listing all the ways to earn coins up to this point.


There are a few ways you can earn coins, namely:

  • Leveling up via player level = 20 coins
  • Leveling up your Brawler PvP Trophy level = 10 coins
  • Getting first win = 12 coins
  • Opening new event maps  = 4 – 12 coins
  • Brawling in event maps = 12 – 60 coins

Leveling Your Brawlers via PvP Trophies

Now the fastest way to earn 10 coins consistently is to level up your Brawler’s PvP individual trophies. Below is a table that shows how many trophies you need to get to the next level for the sweet 10 coins.

LevelToTrophies Required

Initially, you start off with Shelly. You will want to play any event available to try and get your first 100 coins to open your Brawl Box. The odds of you getting a common Brawler is high. I would say your first few opens will be 1/2 new common Brawlers. With some new Brawlers, you will want to level them via the awesome method which we will discuss…

Showdown Event

Once you have gotten a few new Brawlers, you will want to level them to at least level 4 for PvP trophies. Showdown is a great place to do so. Now, El Primo is one of the top Brawlers in this map. If you haven’t gotten him yet, don’t worry about it. This map is all about survival. If you have pulled Colt, Brock, Barley, Jessie, Dynamike or Ricochet, your best bet would be to survive!

The tip is to hide in the brushes and only move at times where there are no other Brawlers around. You can pick up Power Up Boxes if no one is around. The goal is to wait for other Brawlers to get defeated. Once you are the last 5 Brawlers on the map, it will be easy PvP trophies for you. Of course, if you are in the top 2, then more power to you. This method doesn’t always work out every round, but it is consistent enough so that you can safely level any of your Brawlers.

Sneaky Power Up Box Stealer

What I like to do is to hide in the brushes, wait for an opponent to try and destroy the box. I wait until it has 1 to 2 more hits left, I position myself close by and go pick them up or hit the box myself and get the power up. It is a bit of a cheap method, but it gets the job done. After all, its free for all!

El Primo

Now this guy is just a beast in this map. Not only is he tanky, he can defeat any enemies by waiting in the bushes while another Brawler is caught trying to get a power up box or fighting with other Brawlers. When it comes to Showdown, you have a couple of choices:

  • Stay around the outskirts and slay other Brawlers before heading to the center
  • Go straight for Power Up Boxes
  • Hide in bushes, waiting to strike on susceptible enemies

Regardless of which strategy you take, El Primo will thrive in all of the scenarios. Just play with whatever strategy that suits you the most. I tend to switch around these strategies depending on my starting location. If I start around the outskirts, then I tend to hide and try to take out other enemies on the outskirts. If I am close to the center, then I go for Power Up Boxes.

Aside from El Primo, here is what Masterofclash had to say about other Brawlers that can excel in Showdown.


Nita is a great option for Showdown purely because Big Baby Bear becomes stronger along with Nita when boosted. It starts to become a huge force when it can leave a Big Baby Bear in front while firing off Rupture attacks from behind.



Bull’s ability to take down a crate in 3 shots is brilliant. It matches the strength of El Primo with its hard hitting double barrel shotgun and raging bull charge. This paired with great Health and it’s instantly a threat that can land you in a high rank when played well.



Shelly is the number one El Primo counter and actually gets pretty bulky with a few boosts. If any El Primo somehow get in your zone, her Super can instantly push him back and wreck with her primary attack. From personal experience, Shelly is the best pick for consistent Showdown wins.

Leveling Your Player Experience

The other easy way to get 10 coins is by leveling up via your own player experience. This can be done by playing any event map. Each time you win or lose a battle, you get experience points. This is pretty straight forward. Do keep in mind that you get bonus experience for getting “Star Player” after battle. You will want to max out the experience given out by each event to maximize the experience you can get per day.

Vs Bots

If you could care less about PvP trophies, then you will only want to do events only against bots. Use someone strong like El Primo or Poco to farm maps like Showdown or Bounty. Against bots, they are a lot more predictable and easy to defeat. Also use this mode if you can’t play actively for hours.

If you only have 1 hour to spare daily, playing vs Bots might be the way to go for fast coin collecting in event modes. Other than that, fighting PvP is a lot more efficient.

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