Brawl Stars Colt Guide (Character Review) – Six Shootin Colt

Brawl Stars Colt Guide (Character Review) – Six Shootin Colt


This guide is about the Brawler Colt and will go over his use as an all around character.


Colt is a ranged attacker and his purpose is to sit back and pick and pop and take out the enemies while dealing some big damage and not getting involved in the melee fights. He’s got low HP around 600 base and they can be increased by improving his hit point ability.

His primary attack is called Six Shooters which is perfectly fitting. Colt fires two long range revolvers in a blaze of glory.

His super ability is called Bullet Train. Colt spins his chambers rattling off a massive burst of bullets that will shred through almost anything. Colt’s abilities are perfectly themed with the western style hero look they’re going for.

Strength and Weaknesses

Let’s talk a little about Colt’s strengths and weaknesses. First off as he has some interesting characteristics and this is probably the most vanilla character lets start with his strengths.

He has very high damage output. He can be absolutely lethal from long range and he can puncture through walls with his super ability Bullet Train.

So that super ability actually has a long range than his basic attack. Colt can strafe back and forth to accurately mirror his opponents movements that way all of his shots can land and he can deal an absolute load of damage.

If you can connect from the start to the finish of a burst from Colt’s six shooters you can take down an enemy in one burst. Lets go into the long line of weaknesses for this Brawler.

Colt is very basic with out much usefulness to a team. In short, he lacks utility. He has no crowd control abilities, no movement buffs, no gap closures or escape abilities, which makes Colt a sitting duck in most occasions.

So he has to be very mindful of his positioning and really understand where he is on the field at all times. He’s easy to flank and once you get in close on Colt you can deal a world of hurt.

Colt is also a little fragile at only 600 hit points it only takes 1 or 2 shots from one of the stronger characters to take him out. That being said, usually you have to get into range and Colt is pretty good at holding people off provided you can aim well.

One of the biggest weaknesses on Colt is that when a new player picks him to play for the first time despite how basic he is the skill cap is relatively high for this character. It makes sense how to play him but doing it well is another story.

To play Colt get a feel of his nuances and the way the character behaves and really a lot of practice in order to start landing the shots that you need to land in order to make him an effective character.

Let’s get into the tactics and tips for using Colt. Colt can be very useful in puncturing walls or cover with his super ability.

Using Bullet Train you can destroy places where enemies might be hiding when it comes to bushes or walls or even in game modes like Heist you can crack the wall that goes into the enemy safe. I highly recommend using Colt’s super when more than one enemy lines up even if they’re behind a wall.

Do your best to stay out of the thick of the fray. Stay out of battle and on the back lines with Colt, he doesn’t have any ways to get away or is he good close up. So play support to your tankier team mates.

Try to pick and pop and do damage every so often to try and chip away at your enemies so your team mates can swoop in rather than a long drawn out fight where they’re losing hit points as well. Use your beefier team mates as bait.

When opponents swoop into attack, you can play the hero and fry them before your team mate is harmed. Looking at game modes, Colt’s super is useful on modes like Smash and Grab where people try to hide behind the walls close to the gem mine.

Colt can actually take out that wall and leave the enemy with nowhere to hide. That allows your team to control the center of the map and thus the gem mine.

The Bullet Train super is also great for Heist. As we mentioned before, you can take out the wall guarding the safe from way back and that opens up a path for melee characters and others that dont have attacks when walls get in the way.

As we alluded to Colt’s best game modes are Smash and Gran and Heist. His worst game modes are Showdown and Bounty.

Showdown he struggles in a 1v1 situation with low hit points as well as his limited maneuverability while being effective. I suppose a very very talented Colt player could still make it work but there are better options.

He could work on Bounty as well but again it’s not his best suited game mode you’re likely better off choosing another Brawler. Let’s take a look at how Colt stacks up against some of the other Brawlers.

Match Ups (Favorable)

His favorable match ups include Ricochet, Brock, El Primo, and Bull.

Ricochet and Brock quite frankly do a lot of damage but Colt simply can out damage them if he can simply get into range. Dodge one shot and land his he can pick and pop take those guys apart.

He slightly out weighs Ricochet when it comes to hit points and he’s even with Brock. So it all comes down to who is more accurate. El Primo and Bull are two Brawlers that Colt stacks up favorably against.

It’s very difficult for El Primo and Bull to get into range of Colt. So as long as he’s kiting and running away the extreme amount of damage that Colt can do really stacks up against characters like Bull and El Primo. They’re bigger bodies also make for bigger targets for Colt to land on.

Matcups (Not Favorable)

Difficult match ups whiles numerous are as follows:

Bo is very very challenging because of his explosive arrows and the ability to set traps and control movement on the field. Colt needs to be able to move freely while dodging shots while still landing some of his own and Bo can kind of negate that with his explosives.

Another difficult match up is Nita. Not only is Nita really strong but her bear can be just as strong against Colt. It has the second highest amount of hit points in the game only to El Primo and that bear can act as a meat shield to Nita.

As Colt is being approached from behind his traditional attack does not penetrate so Nita can stand behind her bear and drop her rupture ability to do damage to Colt while she is unharmed thanks to the bear.

Lastly we have Jessie. In addition to a really strong primary attack she has Scrappy. Scrappy is the turret that can really do a great job of holding and pinning down characters behind a wall.

That allows Jessie to flank and also have her way with characters who like to sit behind cover. Characters that do sit behind cover typically stay there as they’re being approached so Jessie can then chuck that turret over the wall which fires upon Colt and that way Jessie can come around the corner and engage Colt, two at the same time and Colt will have issue dealing with that.

Hard counters to Colt only include Mortis.

Mortis is probably the most common hard counter because he is a melee hero and he has no difficulty at all getting into range and take out characters who have difficulty playing against melee characters. Mortis’s dash ability is devastating, not only can he get into range quickly but he does a decent amount of damage and 3 swipes with Mortis is enough to take Colt. So if he gets into range it’s all over provided that he doesn’t miss.

To wrap up this guide we’ll leave you with this thought. Colt is the all america brawler like we talked about.

Unfortunately he just isn’t all that great in most people’s hands. Colt can be very difficult to get all of your bullets to go where you’d like them to go and he lacks many of the utilities the other Brawlers offer.

But there is an owner for everyone and even Colt will find somebody who can strike fear in the hearts others when they’re at his controls.

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