Crow Gameplay and Tips (Top 25 ft Clash with Ash)

Crow Gameplay and Tips (Top 25 ft Clash with Ash)


This is a little guide to describe and under the character Crow.

The Legendary Crow!

So the first thing to note about Crow is that he’s the faster Brawler in the game. He’s very very quick, his movement speed allows him to evade a lot of fire coming in and allows him to escape quickly as well.

His super ability allows him to jump a far distance, think Primo like distance away from whatever you’re trying to get out of. And in away that allows him to really shine in Smash and Grab where you can really go after that last crystal and then with super charged you can get out of there as quickly as possible.

It can also be used to get yourself out a near death situation like when you’ve boxed yourself into a corner and need to escape. Keeping his super charge gives you this option to get out of a crowd and get some breathing room.

A good team setup for Crow is being with Bo and Poco. They all bring a good synergy together and are each good control Brawlers.

So what we’re gonna talk about first is mainly breaking down Crow. We talked about his movement speed and his super, now let’s talk about his projectiles.

His projectiles do damage against his opponents and prevent them from being healed. It’s kind of like a poison and it has a decent range and radius on his attack.

His projectile can cover a lot of distance with it’s range and radius making him very similar to heroes like Shelly and Bull. Not nearly as big of a radius as Shelly has but with the distance it can cover it doesn’t really need it.

His projectiles themselves don’t do a heavy amount of damage but it does make up for lacking damage with its other effect. When his projectiles make contact with enemy Brawler’s they will suffer from a DoT effect or Damage over Time.

A big benefit of the Damage over Time ability is the constant damage it deals especially when enemies are trying to get away. Most times the poison will keep dealing damage while an enemy is trying to escape and that alone will take them out for you.

Another benefit of the DoT effect is that enemies can’t hide when hit with it. So this is very helpful when you’re in other game modes with a lot of grass, especially in certain Bounty maps making them very easy to see your enemy.

Next we’re going to talk about how to use Crow in the Smash and Grab game mode. He’s very good and well set up for this mode and paired up with a good team set up can be pretty deadly.

First thing to note is that Crow is not a melee Brawler so he’s gonna want to stay as far back as possible from all other enemies. Keeping him in range is what’s important but keeping him in range and out of range of your enemies is far more important.

In a 1v1 situation Crow is most likely going to lose every time. If he does happen to get singled out and get to close to an enemy go ahead and use his super to get some distance.

Crow’s super is a little more interesting compared to some of the other Brawlers. In most cases with other characters you wanna charge up your super and use it when you can so you can charge up another but Crow is different.

You wanna charge and save his super until you’re using it in the right situation. You can play a little more aggressively as Crow when your super is charged because of his ability to evade.

So using him as the main crystal holder for the team isn’t a bad idea because he has his evade giving him a good chance to get distance from everyone. At other times Crow is just good to focus on damage not taking in any crystals but laying down his DoT ability on enemies to keep suppressing fire.

When you’re going up against 3 other Brawlers with Crow you can actually dish out some pretty heavy damage. Crow has 3 projectiles for each of the 3 Brawlers and they’ll all take DoT damage which will add up over time.

So the main thing to remember about Crow is that he is the fastest character in the game. So whether you’re going up against a Shelly or a Mortis your Crow will be able to out run them no matter what.

Crow is definitely a great Brawler to use in most game modes and can more often than not be a good team crystal holder in modes like Smash and Grab. Just remember to save his super and use it in the right situation and keep your distance from Brawlers, he is a ranged character so try to benefit from that.

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