Brawl Stars Dynamike Brawler Review (Guide to Blowing Stuff Up!)

Brawl Stars Dynamike Brawler Review (Guide to Blowing Stuff Up!)


This guide is about the character Dynamike who is a common long ranged Brawler.



Type Ranged

Role Ranged Splash Damage

Speed 650

Hitpoints 2800

Tier Common

Our Rating 9.5/10

Dynamike is a long range splash damage Brawler whose pretty minimum on the hit points department because he’s supposed to stay back from battle he’s only got 600 HP and he’s got a primary attack called Short Fuse.

Mike gleefully lobs two lit sticks of dynamite, hiding behind a wall will not keep you safe. His super ability is the Big Barrel O’ Boom.

A big barrel of dynamite blows up just about everything, enemies get knocked back on impact. There’s a knock back effect as well as incredible damage from Mike’s super.

He’s got some strengths and weaknesses and quite a few of them at that so let’s go over them now.

Strength and Weaknesses

For his strengths, Dynamike can do loads of damage to an area. Key distinction, Area. Because Dynamike is so strong at dealing damage to an area he can easily lock down and control areas of the map.

Dynamike is a very strong character when posturing defensively, but he can have his troubles when he tries to go offensively.  Now the number one advantage Dynamike has over most other Brawlers is he doesn’t need Line of Sight to deal his damage he simply needs to be in range.

Now while that means enemies are hiding in the grass or behind walls, Dynamike just needs to be in range. If they’re behind a wall it doesn’t really matter his dynamite can go over obstacles and do damage none the less.

Dynamike’s super is very strong and deals a lot of direct damage to a significant area around its detonation spot. The Big Barrel O’ Doom can also destroy walls and cover.

This is a distinction that not many of the Brawlers have. So being able to open up new passage ways or offer your teammates line of sight to hiding opponents is very valuable.

Not everybody can chuck their weapons over the walls just like Dynamike can. Dynamike is a master at making key areas in objective base plays inaccessible due to damage.

So if there’s a choke point or a particular bush that everyone hides in when they’re getting ready to rush the gem mine all you need is a Dynamike with you and he can flush those guys out in no time.

Now as far as weaknesses go, Dynamike has a few. He does not deal damage to targets first off so its quite difficult to land damage. Sometimes your opponent can fake you out and move in another direction.

So because of this his primary attack is usually easily dodged because its quite slow. Way slower than bullets or other primary attacks of other characters.

It does do a large radius worth of damage though instead of a straight line attack. Dynamike has low HP and is also very weak to melee characters because he has to move to run away but also must drop his dynamite to try and stop the aggressor.

It rarely ever happens and the aggressor typically wins. There is a buffer area with Dynamike that he makes difficult to cross because of his ability to move and drop bombs right in your path. But once you get across that buffer zone he is almost certainly dead meat.

For tactics and tips for Dynamike you wanna lob all 3 of your initial attacks at the beginning of a battle into the popular staging area towards the middle of a team map. You’ll like kill the weaker HP Brawlers and damage everyone else bad enough to force a retreat.

Use your super to uncover hiding foes by destroying the walls or the cover they are in. Make sure you attempt to lead your opponent with your primary attack into cover so they run into your dynamite. Rather than aiming at them and letting them run out of range because of the slow attack speed.

Dynamike is an objective player and an assist guy so make sure you’re always on the look out for when an enemy has to duck for cover due to the pressure that your team mate is putting on them. Make sure you’ve got a nice stick of dynamite waiting on them when they arrive.

Use your abilities as a buffer to buy time for your retreating team mates when the end of round timers are active. When you’re trying to go back to your spawn at the end of the gem grab make sure you use your dynamite to keep those opponents lit up as they chase you.

If you’re able to sneak up within range of a choke point or an oblivious enemy Brawler get a nice spread on your dynamite. Thing like the Olympic ring where they over lap in the middle and the damage would be extreme at that particular location but also spread them out a little so they’re not all directly on top of each other. That way the person doesn’t move and ends up taking no damage in exchange for an empty attack bar for yourself.

When you spread out your damage kind of similar to that Olympic rings analogy you’re going to make sure you get some damage in on the enemy before they can escape. Also be on the look out for opportunities during the Heist game mode to sneak in and do a lot of damage to the safe.

You will not need line of sight to the safe in order to deal damage so just chuck those bombs over the wall and get out of there. The best game modes for Mike are those that are objective based.

We’re looking at Heist and Smash and Grab. Anything where there’s an area to attack or an area to defend he accels at because he knows where he has to place his dynamite in order to be effective.

The worst game modes for Mike are 1v1 types of games such as Showdown or Bounty. In those where he has to go 1 versus 1 up against another opponent its way to easy to dodge Dynamike or charge close to him and take him out.

Matchups (Favorable)

Favorable match ups for Dynamike include Ricochet, Colt, Bull, Shelly, and Brock. Basically any weak character that is ranged that Dynamike can preemptively strike areas and take them out. A well placed super can also nearly one shot a lot of those characters.

  • COLT
  • BULL

The only exceptions here are Bull and Shelly. Again, Dynamike out ranges them and he can predict where they’re going to go because in order to deal damage they have to get within range to deal that primary attack.

Matchups (Not Favorable)

Difficult matchups for Dynamike include Bo, Barley, and Spike. Bo is basically very very strong and he can also control areas himself with his trap ability.

  • BO

In addition to his trap, his hunt ability with his 3 explosive arrows makes it very difficult for Dynamike to expose himself to do damage to Bo without getting popped himself. Barley is another area splash damage character and he is almost far superior to Dynamike in almost every situation.

His main attack does a great amount of additional damage and also ticks and does damage over time. This makes him able to control areas better than Mike because it’s not an initial blast you’re trying to watch out for, there’s an additional second or so they have to avoid that area or they’re going to take a big amount of damage.

Barley has a far superior ultimate ability as well covering a much bigger area and if Brawlers find themselves in it, they are typically dead. In addition to those we have Spike who is very very good and he also has a very effective ultimate that he can spread where Dynamike is standing and make it difficult for him to get away.

Spike can also close the gap quickly or one of his teammates can and can hurt Dynamike to the point to where he is taken out of the fight. Hard counters for Dynamike include El Primo and Mortis.

Both of the melee characters, if they do get into close range with Dynamike then he is dead. There is no ifs and or butts about it.

Overall recommendation for Dynamike is that he does a pretty fair amount of direct damage to areas on the battle field. This can be very useful as a support player especially in an object based game mode like Heist or Smash and Grab.

He can deal loads of damage to grouped up opponents and he can control an area very well provided he has distractions like his teammates in the area. But the second Dynamike is alone it gets very lonely for him like a bleed fish in shark infested waters he will be quickly pressured and overcome by force.

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