Brawl Stars El Primo Review (Guide to Macho Man)

Brawl Stars El Primo Review (Guide to Macho Man)


This guide is for the Brawler El Primo and will go over his general usefulness as a character.

El Primo


Type Melee

Role Melee Bruiser

Speed 650

Hitpoints 5600

Tier Rare

Our Rating 9/10

El Primo is a common tier Brawler, he’s a melee bruiser. He likes to get in close range and pummels them with his fists in order to get his victories.

His primary attack is the slap sandwich. Primo throws a trio of thundering slaps, a smack down flavored sandwich.

His super ability is a little different as its used to either close gaps or escape, it’s called the Flying Elbow Drop. Leaping high, El Primo drops down on his elbow that knocks back anything that he lands on.

Primo’s base hit points are 1300 which is the most of any character in the game. El Primo has many strengths and also some weaknesses so let’s go over those.

Strength and Weaknesses

Starting with his strengths, he’s an extremely strong Brawler with some of the highest damage output in the game. In addition to hitting really hard, he also has a giant amount of hit points.

His range is deceptively long, even though he is a melee character you’d think they’d have to be directly next to him it’s much farther than you’d expect a melee character to be. It’s almost like his hands themselves punch and give off shock waves that reach a bit further than the hands themselves.

His Flying Elbow Drop can be used both offensively and defensively. Defensively it can be used as an escape, offensively it can be used to separate a player from their team or dropping El Primo down on another player dealing heavy damage and knocking them out of the fight.

His super also destroys walls and cover and provides a knockback effect to the other brawlers. This makes him a great Brawler for line of sight with the safe in Heist or destroying cover enemies can hide behind in Bounty or Smash and Grab.

Primo is never out of the fight with his ability to close the gap with his super. And if he gets in range his melee is going to knock off some serious hit points with each thundering slap.

His extreme damage and hit points make him the number one choice for the Showdown game mode and because of this he is likely the Brawler with the most overall wins on that game mode.

Now, El Primo doesn’t come without weaknesses. He’s a melee character so he’s prone to being kited if his super is not charged.

So if he can’t get in range to land hits with his slaps he can’t generate super and is a target to be taken out by a ranged super because they can land hits on him from afar allowing them to charge theirs up. El Primo is also susceptible to enemies who are in close proximity to him, as in standing right on top of him because he won’t be able to aim in the correct manner to hit them making him an open target for the enemy to wail on him.

One thing players will do when facing El Primo is when they retreat instead of running away from Primo and getting caught in his range they’ll run towards him. Making it more difficult for him to aim in the right direction to hit him and disorient in the play trying to confuse them by the tactic.

One of his last weaknesses comes down to dealing with spawned in enemies, specifically Jessie’s turret and Nita’s bear. Because of Primo being a melee character and having such high HP he has to get in close to deal damage to these spawned enemies.

But being so beefy with his HP it allows the turret or the bear to get hits in and charge Nita and Jessie’s supers. So by the time El Primo takes out the turret or the bear another one will be summoned right next to him and catch him in an endless loop of summons.

As far as tips and tricks go you wanna use his high hit points to get control of the field early in the game. So that way when gems spawn your team gets control and can hold the tide of the match.

As for Showdown when you’re playing by yourself El Primo can basically run in head first to the center of the map and get all the energy power-ups in the crates there. And even when an enemy comes to attack El Primo will most likely be able to run away or withstand the attacks and end up winning because of his high hit points.

If you’re playing with a team that is coordinating well you wanna group together and team fight against one or two of the opposing team. Try to split up their spawn times to make it so you’re only dealing with one or two enemies at a time making them have to respawn while the next set of enemies come and keeping them in that cycle.

Keeping your enemy team separated this way makes it very easy to gain control of the field and with El Primo he can take a lot of the heat and give openings to your teammates to keep laying in damage. But just don’t break off from the team and try to play hero with Primo because you’re hitting hard and surviving everything. Sticking with the team is the best way to keep the other team separate.

When standing at corners you can angle El Primo to have his range focused on the corner. Doing this right can allow you to time his slaps to hit enemies as they come around the corner basically allowing him to hit around corners.

And don’t forget that when you’re in a tough spot you can use his super to leap across the map and get a moment of peace to collect yourself. No one wants to chase a full health Primo so doing this to get away and recovering is a great way to stay alive.

Game modes that El Primo is good for is literally all of them. He can do good in every game mode in the game but he excels the most at Showdown.

Being in a one on one setting is the best place he can be because of his heavy damage and high hit points. He can absolutely dominate Showdown and is reasonably one of the top heroes used in it.

Matchups (Favorable)

Favorable matchups are as follows:


Mortis simply doesn’t have the hit points to stand up to El Primo and doesn’t deal the damage he needs to weaken Primo enough to take him down. The most Mortis can do is dash in and take out a weakened Primo.

Dynamike, Barley, Ricochet, and Brock are great choices for matchups with El Primo and pretty much anyone else who can get into melee range aside from Bull or Shelly. Dynamike, Barley, Ricochet, and Brock are all ranged characters that can make it hard for Primo to get into range but once he does he can pretty much steamroll his way through them due to their low hit points.

Matchups (Not Favorable)

Difficult matchups are as follows:

There are a lot of difficult matchups for El Primo mostly because he can be kited easily. Bo can kite him and deal damage with his explosive arrows nearly taking out Primo’s entire health bar but also trap the ground between them making it a very difficult situation.

Crow can deal damage over time and at first it doesn’t seem like much but combined with kiting El Primo most likely into enemy territory the damage starts to stack up.So by the time Primo can get into range to fight Crow his health can drop extremely low and leave him in a vulnerable state in enemy territory.

Nita can almost be considered a hard counter for El Primo if not for her fragile hit points. Her rupture ability can deal heavy damage to El Primo and her bear is a big problem that can box Primo in and keep him from escaping and has just as much HP as Primo making it a somewhat event fight against each other.

Bull is a great character to use against El Primo because of how strong he actually is. His hit points are decently high as well and his damage output is great making it a pretty even fight against Primo. Being able to get in range and attack Primo can bring him down after a couple of hits and if needed to get away he can use his super to dash through any obstacle and come back for a second round.

We also have Spike and Colt who are pretty good counters against Primo because of kiting and how quickly they can bring him down. Spike can lay down ground coverage to trap Primo and keep him nearby either making it where he can’t escape or can’t follow after to land hits. Whereas Colt just hits so hard he’s one of the few heroes that can take down Primo relatively quickly.

A hard counter for Primo is as follows:


Shelly is a good El Primo counter because of her primary attack being able to chip away at him with its wide range but mostly because of her super. Her super is Grapeshot and it’s basically her primary attack on steroids and used up close can knock down Primo’s health by over half. By having her range she can play back and forth by either getting in close to deal damage or staying just out of reach to keep kiting him and basically control Primo across the field.

Overall recommendation for El Primo, for a common character he is just about as strong as it gets. He’s very easy to get the hang of by just attacking characters near you.

Despite being common and so easy to use he can be used very competitively and in difficult matches because of how easily he can be to learn. It’s why he’s such a high priority character and a go to for anyone who plays.

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