High Level Poco (Game Play and Tips) – Clash with Ash

High Level Poco (Game Play and Tips) – Clash with Ash


This guide is for the Brawler Poco and will go over his general usefulness as a character.


Poco is a good Support Brawler with a wide radius of attack and a good DPS effect on his hits. He is also the only character (Aside from Mortis) who has a heal ability.

Poco really shines mostly in Smash and Grab but he’s really good in all team based events. Not to amazing in Showdown but not horrible either.

For Smash and Grab it all depends on where you start in the match with Poco. Whether you start on the Left, Middle, or the Right you can maneuver him into good positions on the map.

Sticking to the sides and staying on the edge of the map is a good method with Poco letting him attack from those sides and stay hidden within the grass when needed. He has enough health to keep him from ever dying and being able to out run enemies.

With Poco the thing you wanna be focusing on the most is charging up your super as often as possible. Dying as Poco is not a big issue as long as the occasion is right.

When you die you’ll typically respawn back on your side so you can keep that area covered. A good strategy while playing Poco is making it so only one person on the team is the crystal carrier.

Basically any Brawler that has a Super allowing them to evade opponents is a good choice for crystal carrier. Allowing them to focus on the crystal then being able to basically sacrifice yourself as Poco using your super to heal everyone and allowing them to keep onto crystals.

Poco’s main function is his Super so you really wanna get it charged and use it as often as possible. With Poco the biggest thing you gotta watch out for is when to use your super.

You never want to miss with it so you need to keep an eye on good openings as they come. And sometimes it’s better to die as Poco and hold onto his super than using it only to die and waste it.

As for damage and DPS with Poco something he’s good at is take advantage of the grass and bushes. Poco doesn’t have the best ammo set in the game but it’s not horrible so you don’t want to just spam the button using all his ammo up.

You wanna use it sparingly and utilize the grass as well as possible to get in clean hits when you aren’t seen. The beautiful thing about Poco is that not only is he a good support and healer but he’s a DPS Brawler.

Something really smart to do with Poco is hide out and wait until the other team is grouped up in heavy fire areas. Then with Poco’s wide radius get them all together to deal some heavy damage from his high damage output and radius being able to hit them all together.

A good way to get better with Poco is to use him in Showdown. Even with a squishy character, Showdown will give a good sense of how and when to use Poco’s ability and what he’s good at.

The most important things to remember while playing Poco is that ontop of being a good DPS Brawler he is a Healer and needs to make use of his super. Don’t go for trying to get the most kills with Poco just go for damage to charge his super so you can use it.

And be sure to never miss with it because the last thing you wanna do is waste his super when no one is in range for it. Just keep an eye out and stay focused and Poco will come naturally.


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