How to Deal with Long Distanced Brawlers(Piper, Ricochet, etc)*For Players at 100-600 Cups

How to Deal with Long Distanced Brawlers(Piper, Ricochet, etc)*For Players at 100-600 Cups

HI, I’m Trainer JJ and this post is about how to deal with long distanced brawlers.

These brawlers can be a bit tricky when it comes to taking them out because they do a lot of damage if left unattended and usually stay close to their base because they’re damage dealers.

In this post I will be focusing the most on Piper because admit it, you will never survive long if you even get a hit off from her.

Piper is officially the most effective brawlers right now, according to the tier list(accessible in the tier list menu in the menu section). I will also be talking about other long distanced Brawlers, so stay tuned.

Piper’s abilities

Piper is very well known for her powerful gunbrella and her very long range. It is easy to say that Piper is an OP brawler. She has a range of 10, slightly more than Jessie or Dynamike’s range. She is a She has a range of 10, slightly more than Jessie or Dynamike’s range.

She is a damage dealer, and most of the times she will stay away from opponents and deal damage. She will deal 460 damage without upgrades with a 3 second reload time. Her super is the Poppin’ in which she can jump into any area within 8 tiles whilst dropping three tea kettles that deal 300 damage.

How to avoid her shots

It might be hard for some to really try to avoid Piper’s shots, but if you know how to, you will probably find it easy. First, you need to know if you are in Piper’s range. If you can see Piper in your screen, then she could probably snipe you.

When you’re behind a wall and the opponent’s Piper is on the other side, then you have to back off, make sure the Piper knows that you’re gone. When Piper comes into your range, you can start to approach her in stealth mode and eventually kill her.

One of Piper’s weaknesses is that she is not a melee brawler. When you see that she doesn’t have her super(if she has a double ring under her that means she doesn’t have her super), you can sneak to her and try to kill her from a close range. Be careful of other opponent brawlers trying to protect her.

Often times players try to bait out other players by approaching towards an opponent with a Piper, then using her super and kills them with the tea kettles. To not get baited like this, you need to always keep in mind of Piper’s super.

When the Piper is trying to snipe you, you have two main options. One, you move in a zig zag towards the Piper, or you run away and find your way around to the Piper. I personally recommend the second option because it is a lot safer to risk any shots from her.

Other brawlers

Piper might be deadly, but there are other brawlers with a similar range as Piper and deals a lot of damage. The two main long ranged brawlers I will be talking about will be Colt and Rico(Ricochet). Now you might be wondering why I’m not going to talk about Brock.

That is because Brock is extremely easy to counter and unless you completely get owned by a pro player, you’ll be fine. Anyways, these two each are damage dealers that each do a lot of damage, and here’s how to counter them.

Colt’s Abilities/How to Counter

Colt is a deadly brawler that shoots 6 bullets per shot and deals 80 damage per shot. This might seem small but all six shots do 480 damage in total, which is more than the damage that Piper does.

He has a reload time of 1.5 seconds, less than Piper. Although he has a slightly smaller range than Piper, he can be deadly if left unattended.

His super is the Bullet train which deals 80 damage per shot, but shoots out way more bullets than his regular shots, and looks WAY cooler. Although it is very hard to land every single shot onto an opponent, it is effective at putting pressure and making sure damage is being made.

To counter Colt you need to know how to avoid his shots, which is fairly easy. When he shoots in one direction, move to the other. Because it takes time for the bullets to reach you, you have plenty of time to avoid the shots.

Colt is comparatively easier to counter than other long distanced brawlers, because of the difficulty of landing shots on enemies and how easy it is to avoid his shots. Colt’s real hard counter is the Mortis because he can dodge most of the shots with his dashing ability.

Ricochet’s Abilities/How to Counter

Rico(I will be calling him Rico) is similar to Colt except that he fires bullets that can bounce off of walls. The bullets can’t bounce off players like Jessie’s shock wave. Each of his bullets deals 80 damage and for some reason, it has a 1.25 seconds reload time, 0.25 seconds faster than Colt. He does have the same range as Piper so you need to keep that in mind.

His super is the Trick Shot, and it shoots out bouncing bullets rapidly that reach a longer range but does the same amount of damage as his normal shots. This is a deadly super and needs to be avoided.

Even though he can shoot bouncing bullets, his worst weakness is that he has just a hair of health. A Piper could one shot a Rico if she’s upgraded, which is why you will find it easy to kill Rico.

When you’re in a narrow hallway surrounded by walls and Rico decides to shoot at you, you will at least take one shot from him, no matter what. Because the bullets bounce off walls, therefore the bullets will act as pinballs and bounce towards you. You need to avoid those situations no matter what. If you are planning on killing a Rico, stay away from walls and go around towards him.


To wrap things up, I want to talk about some tips to counter long distanced brawlers in general. First of all, stay away from their range. If you are in their range, you will take damage. Go around them through bushes and attack them from behind. Next, constantly move around.

If you stay in one spot then a sniper or even other Brawlers will get a free kill. If you are not playing with a joystick, try your best to move around. Moreover, practice making your way around those bullets that come at you. If you get good enough, you will be able to even predict where exactly your opponent is going to shoot.

Most importantly, even though I said it before, keep in mind of their super. If you see the red futuristic looking circle under them, it means you have to stay alarmed. Thank you guys for reading, and Brawl away.

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