How to Get Brawlers (for Newbies)

How to Get Brawlers (for Newbies)

Now it does matter how many Brawlers you have unlocked as at 3 brawlers you unlock the second slot so you can access 2 different game types at once and advance quicker by earning more coins. At 5 Brawlers the 3rd game type is unlocked as well, 7 brawlers the 4th slot is available.

Remember, each slot can contain multiple game types so it doesn’t matter how many Brawlers you have you can play each of these game modes but it does give you more opportunity to play the different game modes the more Brawlers you have unlocked.

Brawl Boxes

Talking about unlocking Brawlers, let’s look at exactly how to get new Brawlers in your arsenal. You get new Brawlers by opening brawl boxes and these brawl boxes are obtained by either spending 100 coins which are earned through gameplay, or you can purchase them with gems.

Opening up a Brawl box does not guarantee that you’re going to get a new Brawler. You could get a duplicate Brawler which is then converted into chips.

Chips are used to purchase Brawlers that you do not currently have. In addition to Brawlers out of Brawl Boxes you can also obtain an Elixir.

Depending on the rarity of the Brawl Box, whether it’s Common, Rare, Epic, Or Legendary you will get a certain amount of Elixir from them. For Common Brawl Boxes you will get 1 Elixir, 2 Elixir comes out of Rares, 5 from Epic Brawl Boxes, and you’ll get 10 Elixir from Legendary Brawl Boxes.

The Brawl Boxes treat Brawlers the exact same way. Commons spawn at a very high rate while Rares are a little bit less often. Epic Brawlers are rarely seen and Legendary’s you have to get really lucky in order to obtain one.

Leveling Brawlers

To level up the Brawlers all you have to do is participate in PvP battles. With each battle, your Brawler levels up and there are specific leaderboards tied to each Brawler.

You can look up who is the best El Primo in the world or in your particular region. In addition to leveling up each individual Brawler your account will also level up as well.

Your account can level up based off of any activity that you’re playing in the game and by leveling up your account, specific and special avatars will be open to your account as you level up and for each character, or Brawler that you unlock you will be able to use their portrait as your avatar as well.

Trophies & Currency

Let’s talk a little about trophies and currency so you guys understand how this game works a little bit better. First, let’s talk Trophies.

Trophies are what you earn by participating with your Brawler in any PvP game mode. Trophies are also what your band attracts in order to move up the leaderboards. A band is what a Clan or Guild is called in Brawl Stars.

Coins are earned from participating in any game mode.You can get them by getting bonuses when you participate in the different game types or you can get bonus coins by winning your first PvP battle of the day or even winning the MVP of the round.

In the shop, they have available a coin boost and also a coin doubler. This means that you get more coins and also any coins that you do get in a particular game mode they then double up to 1000 coins. Elixir is up next

Elixir is the primary ingredient to all Brawler upgrades. If you wanna upgrade their health, their attack, or their super make sure that you use Elixir to do so.

Elixir can be found by opening Brawl Boxes that you’re purchasing with Coins or Gems. What are chips? Chips are probably the most confusing of the in-game currency.

I think it’s relatively genius though, instead of getting another El Primo that is worthless to you it is automatically turned in for chips. A common card will get 1 chip, a Rare card gets 2 chips, an Epic card gets 5 chips, and a Legendary card is worth 10 chips.

As you continue to open Brawl Boxes and collect more and more chips you can then spend those chips on Brawlers that you don’t yet have unlocked. This is a great way to work your way up to those Rare, Epics, and Legendary’s that are not likely to appear when you open up a Brawl Box.

And lastly, we have Gems. Gems are obviously the in-game currency that you can purchase with real money in order to speed up your progress. One thing I very much like about Brawl Stars is the impact that gems have.

You can actually get more accomplished with Gems and it’s not dependent on thousands and thousands of dollars unlike many other games that are out there. Even though you can progress your account quite far with gems in a very short amount of time and with far less real dollars, it still does not guarantee that you’re going to trounce the opponent even if they’re at the lowest level.

In Brawl Stars it’s very important to understand that if you have skill you can still compete. A low level, entry level player if they’re really good can easily take down a maxed out opponent.

Now that we have an understanding of trophies and coins and all the different currencies available in Brawl Stars lets talk about the Co-Op play and how you can work with your friends and guildmates in order to play in this game.

Co-op Play

Brawl Stars operates what’s called a Band. A Band is what you’re used to calling a Clan or an Alliance or a Guild. A Band is where you collect players and you can have quite a few people online.

It shows you how many people are online at the given time,  you’ve got a custom chat room, you can see the trophies that your Band has, you can look at the rankings that you have in the world or your region. It’s very similar to other Supercell games in that regard.

Where this game goes above and beyond in my opinion and really sets itself apart is the game rooms. If you go to the main Brawl menu and you click one of the game modes you will see that you can click “create game room”.

This is where it says you can invite friends and play together. By opening up a game room you are actually able to create your own 3v3 team in a very temporary environment.

In this environment, you’re able to partner with 2 other players. You can supply them with a room code to join located in the top right of the screen.

Once your teammates have joined you simply tap your own portrait to change the character that you would like to play. If you’d like to communicate with those in your game room simply click the blue 3 dot icon and you can start typing in a temporary chat room that only your game room can see.

If you want to start a group and take 2 players into the battle with you but you don’t have anybody in mind simply click the advertise in your Band blue button at the top of the screen. Notice when you click that button look at your bands chat room and you’ll see that there is an advertisement there that lets people in your Band know that you’re looking for players for a team game.

All they have to do is click the green join button and they will appear in your game room. At this point everyone has their character selected, they’re ready to play, you can click the practice against bots button if you wanna play against bots. Or if you leave that button unchecked you’ll play against real life opponents.

Once everyone has signified that they are ready by clicking the green “I’m ready” button, it will take you guys to match making where you’ll find an opponent.

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