How to Spend Gems in Brawl Stars

How to Spend Gems in Brawl Stars

Hello! Worldpeece back here with another brawl stars guide! Today we will be going over how to spend money and gems in brawl stars.

What Should I Buy?

Now that you have the ability to buy gems, what should you buy?

1. Special Packs/offers
Special packs have the best deals for you, and I recommend buying them because they provide great value.
1. Shelly Stash: 2.79$, 1 Big Box and 80 Gems
2. Bulls Bag: 6.99$, 1 Big Box and 170 Gems
3. Poco’s Pouch: 13.99$, 1 Big Box and 350 Gems
These are extremely good, you should spend your money on these first.

2. Regular Gems
After you buy the special offers, you can buy regular gems with money. Down below is a picture (In Canadian Dollars) of how much gems cost. With gems, you can buy many things, including

Coin Boosts:

Coin boosts are a great thing to spend gems if you play alot, since they can allow you to possible get 5 or more brawl boxes a day! For 50 gems, you can buy Jessie’s coin doubler, which doubles the next 1000 coins you earn, and also a coin booster which increases your coins by 50% for the next 7 days for 20 Gems.


Skins are a way to make your brawlers have a new look to them, but not all brawlers have skins. In my opinion, skins are a good way to spend leftover gems but do not buy gems for the sole purpose of getting skins, because overall they are worthless.

Here is a list of all the skins available in the game at the time of this writing and how much they cost

Shelly: Bandita (20 Gems)
Colt: Rockstar (20 Gems)
Nita: Panda (20 Gems)
El Primo: El Rudo (20 Gems) El Rey (50 Gems)
Bull: Viking (20 Gems)
Brock: Beach (20 Gems)
Barley: Golden (20 Gems)
Ricochet: Golden (20 Gems)
Spike: Pinky (100 Gems)
Crow: White (100 Gems)

Big Boxes:

Big boxes are 10 brawl boxes for 80 gems, and you open them all in one, and at the bottom, it will tell you how many chips and elixir you have received. They are worth it, and with 80 gems you should buy these.

Regular Boxes:

Have alright value, the most basic. If you have 20 or fewer gems, consider buying these, since they can be worth it, but most likely are not. They can contain anything from common elixir to a legendary brawler!

Brawl Box Odds:

After the September update, it has been a hassle to find brawl box odds, but we do have data from pre September update. I will show the data down below, but as for post-update, all I can say is getting a legendary, mythic, or epic is extremely hard, and elixir is more common than brawlers. To see the odds of getting brawlers and elixir pre-update, go to This Link. The person

The person in this video opened up 1413 Brawl Boxes and recorded the results of what he received. In
the end, he ended up only getting 2 Legendary brawlers, so do not feel bad if you don’t receive a legendary brawler on the first time.

Thanks for reading my guide on gems! If anything confused you, please make a post on
r/brawlstars (reddit’s page for brawlstars), and the community will be happy to answer any questions. You can post a comment on this page for an answer. I hope you get something good out of your brawl boxes! (R.I.P me all I get is commons…)

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