How to Win at Heist

How to Win at Heist

Hi, Guys! Worldpeece here with an ultimate guide to Heist! Heist is a game mode which was released when the Beta release came out. It is one of the 4 original game modes. The goal of heist is to either destroy the safe or defend the safe.

This game mode is 3 versus 3, and lasts up to 3 minutes. In this guide, we will go over each type of heist, how to play, and what brawlers to use.

Types Of Heist:

When you start a game of heist, you will either be put on a team to defend the safe or attack the safe. In each subsection, we will go over how to play each type of section, and then later we will go over what brawlers to use.

Shoot Open The Safe:

Shoot open the safe is one of the 2 types of Heist. The goal of this Type is to try to break the safe on the enemies side. When spawning, try to push up and attack as soon as possible. If using a brawler that throws over walls, (Barley), find a good place where the enemy can not attack you and throw bottles over the wall.

If your super can break walls, try to break the wall guarding the safe as soon as possible, in order to allow easy access to the safe by your teammates.

Defend The Safe:

When defending the safe in Heist, push up at the beginning to combat the attackers, and provide pressure so they can’t go to the safe and attack it. When they all die, push up even further, but do not go too far. You should not push too deep into the enemy’s territory if you are on defense because they will then be able to kill you easily, ruining your momentum. When playing defense, you should be mildly aggressive.

Play smart, don’t let the enemy charge their super on you, but still play aggressively. Remember, there is no penalty for dying.

What Brawlers To Use?

Since you do not know what team you will be on (Defense or Attack), I will put a list of the top 5 brawlers to use in Heist, the best for defense, and the best for attack.

Top 5:

5. Spike

Spike Is a good brawler to use for heist because he provides great area control, and can do good damage to the safe. The main role of Spike, however, is to try to provide area control and cause enemies to scatter so heavier hitting brawlers can do massive damage to the safe.

When playing defense, try to throw spike balls at the entrances where brawlers come in, to try to deal damage and charge your super. When using your super, try not to use it on a single brawler, unless that brawler is an immediate threat to the safe.

Using it on 2 or more brawlers will cause you to almost regain your super back while damaging, if not killing these brawlers. On offense, your role is to support, so use your main attacks primarily on brawlers defending the safe, not the safe.

If the defending brawlers are dead, however, you can use your attack on the safe. It is a bad idea to use your super on the safe unless it is a matter of winning and losing.

4. Bull

Bull is a great brawler to use in Heist because he has the ability to break walls, and can do massive damage up close. When playing defense, try to play aggressive, causing chaos where the enemy is. As Bull, your health is very good, and take advantage of this by playing aggressively. Try to get up close to a brawler and shoot, since your attack does so much more damage that way.

Bull’s real power comes when playing offense, however. Charge your super up, and use the super to break the wall guarding the safe, so you can have easy access to the safe. When you reach the safe, shoot it from up close in order to deal massive damage. If you are being attacked by a brawler such as dynamike and barley, you may want to kill that brawler first, because even though they do not have much health, they do massive damage.

3. Colt

Colt is good at Heist because he is very well-rounded. On defense, use him to pressure the enemy from a long range. Never play too aggressive, because Colt does not have an insane amount of health. Play at a range which you can hit them and they can’t hit you.

Try to move around while shooting, so you don’t become an easy target for someone like barley, who can easily hit you if you are standing still. On offense, stay back and charge your super, and as I said in Bull’s article, use your super to break the wall and also see if you can hit the safe with your super too.

Then pick off the safe from a long range, while moving around. Since Colt does not have much health, he is susceptible to brawlers such as Dynamike and Bull, so try to kill them before you attack the safe, because then you will be unopposed. If you do this all right, Colt will be able to deal massive damage to the safe.

2. Dynamike

Dynamike is one of the best brawlers for heist because he can throw over walls, making him a valuable part of any team. On defense, use him to pressure the enemy, and always throw your TNT where the enemy player is going to be, not where they are at the moment.

When your super is charged, try not to break any walls and give the enemy team an advantage, unless it is a matter of winning and losing. If you can, hit more than 1 person with your super, because if you hit 2 people, you will have your super back again.

On offense, stand behind a wall and throw TNT at the enemy, when you have your super, try to destroy the wall guarding the safe along with damaging the safe itself, if you can. This opens up a path for your teammates.


Barley is incredible at Heist, and the best brawler to use. On defense, throw your bottles to block the entrances, and try to throw them where you think the enemy is going to be, not where they are. Use your super to deny a massive part of the map, but try not to waste your super, since it is the most valuable aspect of Barley. When throwing bottles, remember to move around as to not get hit by a character that does massive DPS.

On offense, Barley shines. Use his regular attack to poke at enemies, Denying parts of the map to let your teammates move in. When you have your super, you can potentially deal thousands of damage to the safe. Try to get as close to the safe as possible, but make sure you are not in immediate danger since if you get killed while using your super you do not get it back. When on offense, Only focus your super on the safe, unless you are confident
you can attack with your super and gain it back with ease.

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