Ideas For The Future Of Brawl Stars [Part 2]

Ideas For The Future Of Brawl Stars [Part 2]

Ideas For The Future Of Brawl Stars [Part 2]

Hey brawlers, welcome back to the second part of this series. Today I will be going over more cool ideas/concepts that could be implemented in future updates for Brawl Stars. Enjoy! Part one can be found here.


QOL Changes

These small improvements to the game will make it more polished and add features that the community has been asking for for a long time.

Profile Interface

This addition to our profile would make the interface look slightly cleaner.

Credits to: jaimegarciaa

Hide Names In Showdown

All names in Showdown should be hidden in 400+ trophy gameplay. This will reduce matchmaking that high level players resort to for gaining trophies.

Customize Super and Joystick

There should be an option to customize your super and joystick to your preference. You could make the joystick and super button smaller/larger, make the joystick fixed, make the super button transparent, and more.

Band Mail

Similar to Clash Royale and Clash of Clans, Brawl Stars should have some method that lets leaders and co-leaders send important messages to the rest of the band. This is very important because bands can have up to 100 people, which is a lot. Band mail will help keep bands more orderly and organized. In order to prevent spam, a co-leader or leader can only send 1 Band Mail every 4 hours.

Band Search Filters

When searching for a band, there should be options to search by country, trophies, amount of people, and more – not just by name.

0 Tickets on Weekly Events

There should be an option of using 0 tickets on Boss Fight or Robo Rumble each week. It would just be for fun, and you wouldn’t get any rewards from it. Additionally, you would only match up with other people using 0 tickets; otherwise people would troll their team.

Credits to: PgSuper

Unwanted Upgrades to Tokens

Whenever you unlock a new medal or badge, there should be an option to convert that into tokens. For example, if you unlocked Barley’s Star Power, there would be an option to convert the Star Power into tokens. This would help players who are focusing on one brawler rather than all of them. In order to keep these boxes random, you should only receive 90% of what the upgrade is actually worth. This means that a Star Power would be converted into 900 Tokens.

Credits to: Anger-exclamation

End-Game Screen Stats

At the end of each match you will be able to see how much each player contribute to the overall objective, as well as their Kill/Death ratio. Although the picture above may seem a bit cluttered, most of the info, such as how many goals you scored in Brawl Ball, will only be seen if you click on the brawler. Also, there will be an option at the bottom of the screen to proceed as a team, meaning if you are paying with randoms and like your team, you can choose to stay together. However, this only works if all members of your team hit that button.

Credits to: Arighzz

Death Animations

When Tara dies, she explodes into her Tarot cards. So why shouldn’t other brawlers do the same?

  • Dynamike: May explode after death! (no damage, only animations)
  • Shelly, Brock, Jessie, and Piper: They leave behind their guns
  • Barley and Rico: They may explode into a bunch of gears too!
  • Bo: Leaves behind a bow
  • Poco: It may leave bones (like the obstacle) and drop its Guitar
  • El PrimoExplodes with green goo (from the meteor)
  • Mortis: After dying, perhaps some bats go flying from where he was to every direction
  • Crow: He may leave a bunch of black Feathers
  • Colt: Leaves behind a sheriff badge

Credits to: DeathBooGD

Brawl Log

If you click the brawl log icon on the front screen, a popup will appear with all of your past matches within a 24 hour time span – friendly battles included. In this log you can see if the game was ranked or not, and if you won, lost, or drew the match. Additionally, you can see all the brawler present in the game, the game mode, the map, and each brawler’s trophies and upgrades. On top of all of that, there is a button to replay the match if you so chose.

Credits to: gaugedicenso

Friendly Boss Battle

Currently it is impossible to play the Boss Fight with your friends, but adding a friendly Boss Battle would fix that. Many people find this gamemode the most fun in the entire game, so this feature is a must. The owner of the game room (person who created it) gets to choose who is the Boss, and all brawlers are max (just like any other friendly match).

Credits to: Arighzz

Five Tickets in a Box

There should be a very rare chance of obtaining a bonus of 5 event tickets. Currently the highest is 3, but making it 5 would be even cooler.

Credits to: Arighzz


More Voice Lines

Currently 10 out of the 19 brawlers have voice acting, so here are some suggestions for the remaining 9.


  1. “This was made only for you!”
  2. “Listen to me!”
  3. “Sweeeet”
  4. “I will take revenge!”
  5. “You can’t hide!”
  6. “This is music for my ears”


  1. “Aw you seem exhausted”
  2. “Mom’s kiss will fix it”
  3. “Poor you”
  4. “I’m sorry honey”
  5. “Shoot that metal at the bad guys!”
  6. “Nothing can hurt me!”


  1. “Make those rockets rain”
  2. “Do you like my smooth moves?”
  3. “I’m gonna blow up the party”
  4. “Umbrellas are prohibited”
  5. “Get a load these”
  6. “My rockets can’t fear anything”


  1. “Your destiny is DEFEAT”
  2. “You can run buy you can’t hide!”
  3. “Do you wanna see a magic trick?”
  4. “Pick a card, any card”
  5. “I have a secret plan for ya”
  6. “You know a magician never reveals his greatest secret”


  1. “Give me your soul!”
  2. “Now that’s spooky…”
  3. “You can’t run away from death”
  4. “Your coffin is ready”
  5. “BOOOO”


  1. “Rolling like a wrecking ball!”
  2. “I will show you what real damage is”
  3. “Zzzzztch” (this is supposed to be like a robotic noise)
  5. “AAAARH”
  6. “Overkill mode activated”


  1. “Free hughs!”
  2. “Have you seen a balloon?”
  3. “Hugh me!”
  4. “Take this as a gift!”
  5. “Splooosh!”
  6. “Wee Woo Wee Woo”


  1. “These feathers are gonna be the last thing you feel”
  2. “Don’t you dare touch me”
  3. “You’re looking for trouble?”
  4. “Take this!”
  5. “Yeah, try to run away now”
  6. “CAW!” (Caw is the noise crows make)


  1. “Three birds for the price of one”
  2. “Bullseye!”
  3. “Don’t try to hide from me”
  4. “Blow em up”
  5. “You are today’s prey”
  6. “That must of hurt a lot”

Credits to: thelucas2000


More Special Offers

Special Offers often incentivize players to spend more money on the game, so adding a couple more would never hurt. Here are a few offer ideas:

Tara’s Treasure

Level 40: 1 Big Box, 1 Random Skin, 200 Gems

Price: $15

Credits to: Blackjack2001

Jessie’s Jewels

Level 50: 1 Big Box, 500 Tokens, 200 Gems

Price: $20

Credits to: Blackjack2001

Ricochet’s Riches

Level 60: 2 Big Boxes, 1000 Tokens, 200 Gems

Price: $25

Credits to: Blackjack2001

Mysterious Brawl Box

The Mysterious Brawl Box can only be bought for a limited about of time, and costs 320 gems. However, it contains a guaranteed Epic, Mythic, or Legendary Brawler or Elixir. Furthermore, the Mysterious Box can be obtained from season rewards.

Credits to: IrrelevantSithLrd


In general, skins make your brawler seem more unique and cool, so why not add more?

Zombie Primo Skin

Credits to: yung_hat

Married Piper Skin

Credits to: SodaZz

Toxic Brock Skin

Credits to: bleapersYouTube

Cotton Candy Jessie Skin

Credits to: MiiguelG

Falco Lombardi

Credits to: yung_hat

Holiday Skins

Brawl Stars should have limited edition skins that you can only purchase during holidays. For example, once Brawl Stars one year anniversary rolls around, there should a dedicated skin to that. Another alternative would be to have a specialized profile image, rather than a skin for a brawler.

Top Player Skins

If you are a Top 200 Global player, all your brawlers should have a special skin that can only be obtained at being at the top of the leaderboard. This is just an added bonus to those who manage to climb that high. Additionally, if you are Top 200 Global for a certain brawler, than you get a limited edition skin just for that brawler to show off to everyone.

Brawl Ball Skins

There could be 4 or 5 different ball skins, and each match a ball skin would be randomly chosen.

Credits to: iOS_PLAYER


More Brawlers

More brawlers will keep the game fresh and exciting, as well as diversify the brawler lineup. The Brawl Stars Team said they plan on adding a lot more brawlers to the game, and often look at fan concepts for ideas. Here is 1 of those ideas:




The Shadow is a solitary warrior, who was hiding in the dark realms of the Brawl Land until his old friend, Bo, called out for help.


  1. Melee Brawler
  2. Attack has a secondary ranged effect
  3. Swings a sword to damage enemies
  4. Sword releases purplish-blue wave that decreases the damage of enemy brawlers
  5. Sword swings 2 times and released 1 wave per ammo
  6. First strike of the sword goes left, second to the right
  7. Sword can damage multiple enemies
  8. Wave lasts 5 seconds and has the range of Poco’s melody wave
  9. Decreasing damage effect from the wave cannot be stacked
  10. Super creates 2 clones of Shadow
  11. Clones don’t deal any damage but instead act as shields
  12. Mythic rarity
  13. Higher movement speed than Crow

Attack – Wave Strike:

After living in darkness for so long, the Shadow doesn’t like visitors. And he takes good care of them with his magical sword.

The Shadow strikes the enemies using his sword twice and releasing a wave that decreases the damage of enemy units. His sword has range similar to El Primo’s punches and the wave range is similar to Poco’s melody wave.

Super – Dark Forgery:

Perfecting the art of creating clones, the Shadow breaks the harmony of the Saloon with his clones!

The Shadow makes two clones of himself which have low health and no damage. The clones act as meat shield for the Shadow and his allies. The clones look exactly the same as the Shadow to the enemy team whereas for it’s teammates, the clones have a purplish appearance.

Strategies as Shadow:

Shadow is essentially a support brawler, and can easily support your team. It has the unique ability that allow him drain the damage of enemy brawler temporarily and his Super is very powerful in taking out enemy brawlers as it creates duplicate copies of himself, although they are just shields. He can be used In Smash and Grab, Bounty and Showdown pretty easily and effectively because of his high damage and decent health. He can’t do much good in Heist because he lacks range.

Strategies against Shadow:

High health brawlers can easily take out Shadow but low health and high damagers struggle against the Shadow as it is quite tanky and can reduce their damage. Even high health brawlers can struggle against the Shadow when he uses his Super because his clones can distract them. To find out the real Shadow between the clones, check for the one who’s damaging you, that would be the real one.

Credits to: WeeklyBrawler

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