Introduction to Showdown: The Best Brawlers

Introduction to Showdown: The Best Brawlers


This guide will help you get a better understanding of the best Brawlers to use in Showdown, and improve your skill as one of the Brawlers in an FFA format, courtesy of Ben from Brute Brawlers.


Before we get too ahead of ourselves, we need to go back to the basics. In all game modes, some Brawlers will do better than others, which means that picking the right Brawler is absolutely critical, especially in Showdown.

In general, there are 3 main Brawlers that excel in Showdown, the 3 best Brawlers being Shelly, Bull, and El Primo. Now, this doesn’t discount any of the other Brawlers, it’s just that you can generally play well with them not needing a ton of experience or skill.

Because they are the best brawlers for Showdown, they are also some of the most commonly used Brawlers, so even if you have chosen the best brawler for your skill set, it doesn’t mean that you’re going to be cruising to a win. These 3 Brawlers each have their own advantages and disadvantages when it comes to playing them, so be sure to take note of what your Brawler is good and bad at.


Shelly is a great choice for Showdown because of her range, power, and accuracy. Unlike the other two Brawlers being featured, Shelly has a fairly long range, which allows for her to slowly whittle down the health of an opposing El Primo or Bull from a distance, as shown below.

Now slowly hitting an El Primo or Bull at a distance may seem pointless, but because of Shelly’s range and wide spray attack, her super can charge up quickly, which is extremely helpful in Showdown, as you can camp with your super and quickly kill an enemy running by at close range. (Shelly’s base super does 710 at close range) Camping with Shelly even when you don’t have your super isn’t a bad idea, since Shelly’s base attack at close range does 400 damage.

But if you’re attacking a fleeing Bull or El Primo, don’t let them get in range of you, as then you will sustaining some serious damage most times, although Shelly also has a fair amount of health (800-1000), and when she has more than 5 power-ups* she is just broken if played skillfully.

*Power-ups are those little jars with a lightning bolt on them that boosts your damage and health.

Shelly is also quite efficient at destroying power-up boxes, being able to destroy one in just 4 shots with her base attack at max range.


Simply put, El Primo is a beast. He is one of the tankiest Brawlers out there (1300-1625 Health) and also does decent damage that is fatal when on target. He just has way too much health, and because of this, you will typically lose a fair 1v1 to an El Primo just because of his sheer amount of health.

There are typically two ways of playing El Primo, first, you can play aggressively and go after much lower health enemies, and then focus on destroying power-up boxes. Alternatively, you can focus purely on getting the power-ups, and then once you get to about 4 power-ups or so, you can then go camping and wait to ambush a low health Shelly or Bull.

El Primo’s super, the ‘Flying Elbow Drop’, is extremely useful in 1v1 situations, since you can use it as an escape route from an enemy if you have low health, or you can use it on the enemy first, and while the enemy is knocked back, you can get a few extra punches without being damaged.

You can also use the knock-back to your advantage and push the opponent into the gas, as seen above.

El Primo may have some problems against countering Bull, so stay clear of Bull and if he is chasing you just run around a barrier.

El Primo is the best at taking out multiple power-up boxes at a time with his main attack, which can hit multiple targets in one attack. It will take El Primo 5 attacks to destroy a power-up box, but 5 attacks from an El Primo can also destroy 2 power-up boxes that are close together, and sometimes even destroy the odd 3 or 4 power-up boxes that are lined up together, as shown below.

El Primo can also just barely hit 2 power-up boxes at that are staggered at the same time if he is in the right spot, as shown below. This power-up box formation can be found in the map Skull Creek.


In my opinion, Bull is a glorified Shelly with less range, more health and more damage at point blank. Bull is the best choice for campers and power-up grabbers, since Bull’s attack at close range is fatal, dealing 500 when all the shells land on target. Below is Bull ambushing Brock at close range.

Combine that with 3 attacks and you’ve got yourself 1500 damage!

And it certainly works out well because all power-up boxes have 1500 health, which allows Bull to farm and collect power-ups extremely quickly.

1500 damage! How I wish it was a load of Bull (sorry)… But it isn’t, and it makes him pretty good against El Primo but much weaker than Shelly, since Shelly has the range that Bull is missing.

The one thing about Bull’s attack is that it isn’t very powerful unless he is right on top of you, so wandering around in the open with Bull is not recommended, because it makes Bull more susceptible to being attacking from a distance, which is not what you want. So if you’re going use Bull, a safer way to play would be to hide in the bushes and wait until you can ambush someone at close range.

I would not recommend Bull’s super in the later stages of Showdown, since most times he will over shoot right into the gas and die. But there’s no problem using Bull’s super early in the match as an escape route.

In fact, if you have Bull’s super available early in the game, it gives you more power to steal other’s power-up’s and take damage because you can just run away after you heavily damaging your enemy or stealing power-ups.


These two brawlers are also quite good in Showdown but didn’t make the cut when compared to the other 3. They also require a bit more skill to play well in Showdown.


Barley is very good at crowd control in Showdown and can be just agitating to deal with when he is lobbing attacks over a wall to prevent you from destroying a power-up box. His super is also lethal when used correctly.

But Barley is simply too soft (600 base health) and takes absolutely forever to destroy a power-up box, needing 7 base attacks to destroy a brawl box. Barley’s health is his biggest downfall and because of it he can be easily taken out by a Shelly in 2 shots and a El Primo or Bull in 2 as well.


Dynamike is here for basically the same reasons as Barley, the only difference being that Dynamike’s attack takes a second to explode, which allows for enemies to escape easily. He can also destroy a power-up box much quicker than Barley if precise with his attacks.


Nita is actually quite good in Showdown, since her main attack is just like El Primo’s, as it can transfer through one target and attack the next one attack the same time, kind of like splash damage. Her super is also extremely powerful when deployed on a camper, since the camper cannot see the bear, and in general, it is really good.

But Nita is just way too exposed to a Bull, El Primo or Shelly when she does not have her super, and that’s why she doesn’t make the top 3 list.

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Thanks! –Ben K.

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