Bounty MapTemple Ruins

The Temple of Ruins is a bounty map where there is a star in the center. The center of the map doesn't have any bushes, so you will not be able to hide easily. Map control of the center is key here, as you will want the option to battle or retreat to either the top/bottom side of the map.

There are side bushes and 4 walls in the center, giving you a strategic way to play as a team. It is best recommended to use your side of the wall as defensive cover should you want to defend your lead.

Spawn points on the map are shown with the spawn point icon.

Tap on the map to zoom in and out.

Temple Ruins Brawler Tiers

Tier 1

Now Mortis has incredible mobility despite the recent nerfs to his range. He can get in and out of battles easily. Because of his range, he can hide in bushes on the site, wait for a good opportunity to gap close on super ranged characters like Colt or Brock.

His ultimate allows him to survive due to his low health. You will want to use it when enemies are cluttered together,

Tier 2

Shelly has good range and dueling power. She does well against El Primos, as long as she doesn't get ambushed.

Her special will bust through walls, so you can use that to sniff out bush campers.

Her best offense is when you get up close to any character, as her burst shots from point blank range hits for 260+ damage per shot.

Tier 2

Jessie is extremely underrated in this map. Her regular attack will seek out enemies that like to clutter together. With the map favoring straight line attacks, you can shoot your lightning balls and go back to hiding behind walls or in the bushes,

Her strongest suit is definitely putting her cannon in the center of the bushes. This gives you map control, giving you the option of either retreating to defend a lead or stay in the center of the map.

Tier 2

Poco is awesome on this map, as long as he has offensive teammates like Shelly, Colt or El Primo on the team.

He is able to heal teammates and deal decent damage from range. In drawn out battles, he shines.

Utilize Poco by attacking consistently in the center of the map to gain map control. Heal up your teammates when they get low with his super.

Tier 2

Spike can slow enemies, so this you can gain map control as long as your regular attacks hit.

Spike is best paired with Shelly, El Primo or Mortis. This gives them the opportunity to get up close to deal more damage.

With his slow, it also allow other teammates such as Colt, Jessie or Brock to land their narrow straight line attacks.

Tier 2

Bo is great in this map as his super's mines are hidden. So sometimes, your enemy will have forgotten where your hidden mines are.

You should try planting them in the pathways to the center of the map to get map control. Side bushes are also great to plant them. Most Brawlers will not see those coming if you set them ahead of time.

Tier 3

Barley is actually decent in this map, as long as you can hide behind walls to avoid El Primo, Mortis, Shelly and Nita. You will want to utilize Guerilla warfare tactics.

Anytime you El Primo, Shelly or Mortis get in front of you, you are pretty toast. Kiting and hiding is your best bet here.

Tier 3

El Primo is not as strong in this map due to the lack of bushes in the center of the map. He will need to go to the side, hide there and ambush ranged characters from there.

Smart ranged players will know how to kite you, so your best bet is to start getting map control in the center and start flanking from the side.

Your super will come in handy here. This allows you to gap close on ranged characters such as Barley or Colt, where you get to annihilate them.

Tier 3

This map is favorable for Colt, particularly the side of the map. With the bushes there, many characters such as El Primo or Mortis will need to come from the side, allowing you get a clean straight line shot against them.

His super does a lot of damage and also breaks walls. Use it to your advantage against fleeing enemies.

Always kite back and hide behind wall or bushes. Colt is toast when El Primo or Mortis gets in his face.

Tier 3

Crow throws poisonous darts, so he can deal damage over time. With his range, you will want to throw from afar to stay away from El Primo or Mortis. His special gives him a bit of "invincibility frame" time.

Tier 3

Nita is great in this map due to her wide range attack. Her super will buy time and also demolish ranged attackers if he gets close.

Utilize Nita's bear when there is a skirmish going on. Most of the time, your enemies will focus on the bear, giving your team an advantage as they can get free shots in.

Also, you will want to throw the bear in the bushes for a surprise attack!

Tier 3

Now Bull has shorter range than Shelly in terms of his shot gun. So he will be at a disadvantage in this map. However, Bull's point blank shotgun damage is 420+. This will give you a tremendous advantage if you use your super to gap close on ranged characters.

He can be easily kited by ranged Brawlers like Shelly, Jessie or Brock, but use the bushes and walls to get in range of your enemies!

Tier 3

Brock's long range rockets are excellent in this map. You will always want to stay way back of your side of the map, shooting rockets in the center. Then, you want to hide behind walls. He is also good at taking our Jessie's pesky cannon turrets.

Once you have gained your super, you will want to wait for a great opportunity to unleash it when enemies clutter up!

Beware of Mortis, Bull, Shelly and El Primo. Once they get in range, you are done for.

Tier 4

Ricochet's shots can bounce against walls, so it works very well in this map as he can stay in the bushes, shooting at the side of the walls to catch enemies off guard from long range.

Do keep in mind that he has very low health, so if he gets caught by El Primo or Shelly in close range, he is pretty toast.

Tier 4

Dynamike isn't the best here since his regular attack has a short delay before his bombs go off. That allows players to dodge easily, especially against good players.

Since a lot of El Primos and Mortis are common in this map, Dynamike will have a lot of trouble keeping his distance from them. Once these guys are in range, you will have a hard time kitting them.

Your best bet is to hide in the bushes to stay safe and throwing bombs from a distance.