March Update- 2018 (by Huss)

March Update- 2018 (by Huss)

Howdy brawlers! Today I will be talking about the new Brawl Stars update that was earlier discussed in the brawl talk. On March, the 5th, the Brawl Talk was posted on the Brawl Stars channel where Ryan, Lex, and Cory discussed the new changes that I will be pointing out to you guys in detail in this article, so stay tuned!



In the newest update, the game will be changing from portrait to landscape, and according to the Dev Team, this took a lot of time because they had to redo the whole user interface. And the main reason behind this change is that joystick is the most popular choice of control (over tap to move), and joystick fits landscape better.

Now the benefit of this is that it is now more comfortable on the hands, so it will be easier to play. On the other hand, more casual players may feel awkward to play the game since now it looks like they are playing, rather than before, just texting or doing something casual.


Dual Joystick+Auto-attack

Another very controversial announcement is the dual joystick. There will be one joystick for movement and the other for shooting. This changes the way people play because now they will have to swipe to shoot, instead of tapping like before. However, it is somewhat decent for tap to move players because they are used to swiping to shoot. The reason this was introduced to the game was that new players found the older system “overwhelming”, so this should ease stuff up and attract them to the game because it is now more friendly.

The main advantage of this change is that like I said, it may seem easier for new players to the game. On the other hand, I feel like aiming with long-range brawlers like piper and brock will now be a mission impossible, because imagine having to aim the small hitbox of the shot directly at the enemy with piper, this means that with the dual joystick, one small angle change can make a huge difference on the intended shot. In addition to that, Lex and Coach Cory who have both tried the new controls said that it will take a lot of practicing to get used to the new controls.

Auto-attack is a small feature on the dual joystick where you can tap it to shoot the brawler highlighted in red. This can be useful when you are flanked because aiming won’t have to be as hard since all shots directly land because the enemy is close to you, but the drawback is that it is not always available when you want it to.


Camera angle and view changes

The way you view the gameplay also changes, as now you will be able to kind of see a little further ahead of you and a wider view of the map because it is in the landscape. The brawl stars team also evened out the playing field by having all the devices see the same amount of the map, so now iPads won’t differ from iPhones, they both will view the exact same gameplay, unlike before iPads would show more horizontally than vertically and vice versa for iPhones.

The main benefit of those changes, in my opinion, is that now iPad users like myself will be able to see the end of Piper’s shot, and of course, everyone is even, Showdown won’t favor iPads as much now like it used to. However, the disadvantage for this is that now, my all-time favorite strategy, flanking, will be almost impossible to pull off, since all players will be able to see the whole width of the map.


New upgrade system and shop

On the Brawl Talk, they also announced that the upgrade system will be revamped. Again! So this means that upgrade tokens will be removed, but instead, a new currency called power points will be used. And the way that this works is that similar to Clash Royale cards when a specific number of power points is collected for a brawler, you can upgrade them with coins. The maxed level is 10, and star powers start appearing in boxes from level 9.

In addition to that, a new currency was also introduced called “keys”. You win keys from combat and similarly, you use 100 keys to open 1 brawl box. You can now also purchase power points for certain brawlers from the shop, and “coin packs” have also been added.

Coin Packs



This new upgrade system benefits new players because they are familiar with it (from Clash Royale). However, It is much more difficult to max an account now.


All in all, I think that the update look aesthetically pleasing and is very helpful for the new players, but the older players who have gotten used to the old controls will find it very difficult to move and control their gameplay.


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