Mini Update for Bo and Mortis

Mini Update for Bo and Mortis

Supercell made some minor changes to Mortis and Bo. This balance change is more likely to affect high-trophy games.

Balance Changes

  • Mortis
    Decreased dash range by 25%
  • Bo
    Decreased reload time by 13% (faster reload)

Mortis is strong in both premade games and regular matchmaking. His quick dashes made it easy for players to quickly move around the map, and evade damage.

Bo has been a little underpowered (especially in regular matchmaking). This is a minor change, but we hope it increases his usefulness.

El Primo is remaining the same (for now!). We’ve seen that he is not overpowered in premade high-trophy games, and only slightly above average in regular matchmaking. We’ll still be watching his win rates closely to make sure he is balanced.

Notes above are via reddit.

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