Pam Guide (Learn to Use Her)

Pam Guide (Learn to Use Her)

Hey, Brawlers!

Today, I will be talking about one of the newest brawlers in the game, Pam. Pam is well-known for her extremely useful super – she deploys a healing turret that heals her and her teammates. On top of that, Pam has a hefty 1000 health (+250 with upgrades).

However, although she provides a massive amount of utility to the team, she features one of the lowest damage per second in the game, along with very poor accuracy.

Since Pam’s buff in September, she has become an amazing pick in both Smash and Grab and Showdown. However, she is still not used frequently, mainly because of her high skill cap. Because of this, I will look in depth into Pam and highlight her key aspects and tactics when using her.

Main Attack – Scrap storm

Pam shoots a total of 11 shots each dealing a 40 damage (+10 with upgrades). These shots are fired in a 30 degree arc, in a right-left-right-left motion. However, unlike Bo, it is almost impossible to control this spread, as the shots are fired quickly and with much more spread. Even at close range, it is still heard to hit a lot of your shots as the attacks takes a while to commence, so your foe could dodge out of the way of your bullets easily.

Although Pam is not able to deal a lot of damage quickly, she certainly can get 2-3 shots on an enemy on an enemy consistently. Paired with her excellent range, Pam is excellent and holding off an enemy from afar, as your enemy won’t be able to dodge your wall of bullets, and take some damage in the process.

Pam’s attack takes a while to commence. Since you can’t reload while firing, Pam usually has to spend a while to reload after she has fired her shots. To try to shorten this time, try to take a 5 second break simply to reload. You will have your 3 shots ready to go and will be able to support your team much more than just trying to fire every time you get your shot.

Super – Mama’s Kiss

Pam throws a healing turret onto the ground. When deployed, the healing turret creates a ring of healing for 3.5 tiles. In the ring, you will be healed 80 health per second (+20 with upgrades). The turret itself has 900 health (+145 with upgrades). It takes Pam 23 shots to get her super.

Pam’s super is an absolute game-changer. Not only does it allow your team to heal up much faster, but it also allows you and your teammates to heal while shooting!

Try to place this brawler’s super behind cover. This way, most characters will have to push forwards to take it out. However, if there is a Dynamike or Barley on the enemy team, things might get a bit complicated, as they can throw over walls. If this is the case, you’d want to put your super farther back. Yes, it won’t be as useful because it would be too far back to stay in the zone and shoot, but it’s still a huge benefit and allows you to fall back when you need to and save 1-2 seconds on healing.

Pam’s super can also be used when you are running away and you are at low health. You can deploy the super to block the shots for you, often saving you and your teammate’s lives. Your station has a surprisingly large health pool, so make sure to use this to your advantage.

Using Pam in Smash and Grab

For sure, Pam’s strongest mode. Pam is able to take control of the centre effectively by hitting multiple opponents and this is the mode where her healing turret provides the most benefit.

In the beginning of the game you should be very aggressive – you should be focused on getting your super as fast as possible. Once you have achieved your goal – fall back and deploy or healing turret behind cover.

From now on, you should avoid aggression – yes, there might be instances where pushing to kill an enemy might be necessary, but during the midgame, you should mainly try to collect gems, as Pam is considered to be one of, if not the best gem collector in the game. She has a lot of base health, a turret that can heal and block a substantial amount of damage, and she is not hindered by collecting gems as she has a lot of range, allowing her to kite most brawlers and not risk dying.

In addition to collecting gems, instead of focusing on dealing damage, focus on preventing the enemy team from healing. Your large spread and good range, as well as fast bullet speed, allow you to interrupt the enemy’s healing process, buying you some more time.

Once your team is at ten gems, fall back with your team and throw down your super as far back as you can to allow you team to survive the enemy’s final push.

Always put Pam’s super behind cover. This will keep your healing station safe, allowing it to be out for longer.

Using Pam in Showdown

Although Pam is better off in Smash and Grab, she can also be used well in Showdown. The main reason Pam is great in Showdown is because she is excellent at a 1 vs 1 fight, since her super will allow her to heal up to 100 health per second, while the enemy player will slowly get whittled down until you eventually secure the kill.

In the beginning of a showdown match, always try to go to the area with less people. Pam is very bad at coping with multiple brawlers and simply can’t deal enough damage to be a huge threat to them. Because of this, avoid the middle in most maps, especially Feast or Famine. Try to stick to the outskirts and focus on getting 1-2 energy bottles from there.

During the game, you should be working towards your super. Once you can deploy it, try to single an enemy off, put out your healing station and then kill them. The healing station will allow you to take an immense amount of damage, and usually, let you win the fight.

Barley, and Dynamike will usually be your main threats, as they can throw over walls and deal massive damage to you, however characters like El Primo and Bull are also hard to deal with as Pam as they have enough health to tank through your attack and take you down. Since this is an issue, you might want to try teaming with characters that are big threats to you.


Using Pam in Heist


A mode that is certainly not recommended for Pam, but it could work, provided you are defending. When defending, you can charge up your super and deploy your healing station to heal your team, allowing you to mitigate some of the damage you take in from incoming attackers. This means that, in theory, Pam is a good choice on Heist when defending.

However, this is not the case when attacking. The defenders will be able to use cover to avoid getting hit by her attack easily, she cannot break walls and isn’t able to deal a lot of damage to either the players or the safe. To add on, the main problem with her in Heist when attacking is that she cannot move her super. The healing station will become useless once your team pushes up just a bit.


Using Pam in Bounty


Another mode that is not recommended for Pam. The main issues are just as before, Pam doesn’t have enough firepower, and her poor accuracy often makes it hard to secure kills on brawlers with low health. However, if you do intend to play Pam, focus on flanking. Pam is decent at flanking and when up close, can actually deal some pretty good damage.

Regarding your super, the same issue as in Heist occurs. In Bounty, you will often have to move around the map a lot. Since your super is stationary if often becomes obsolete. However, as long as it is in a safe place, it can still be useful, especially when you are winning, since you will usually be around your spawn, which will mean that there is a lot of cover to hide your super behind, allowing it to heal you effectively while keeping it safe.


Using Pam in Brawl Ball

Surprisingly, Pam works quite decently in Brawl Ball. Although she still isn’t able to kill opponents very easily, her good ammount of health allows her to be aggressive and score goals when the need arises. Her super can also be useful as it allows your team to stay aggressive and keep the enemy away from your side of the field.

As Pam, you should be trying to prevent the enemy from healing. This way, your team can stay aggressive. In addition, try to apply as much pressure as you can. The enemy usually won’t want to come out of cover into a stream of Pam’s bullets.

Fun Fact: Pam’s super can block the ball, so you can put it at the goal line to prevent the ball from going into the net!

Team Compositions with Pam

Just as with most characters, Pam is used best with characters who make up for her weaknesses. However, this is especially important with Pam, as she has some huge flaws. Her main flaw is power, or in other words, damage per second. Because of this, a character such as Colt, Ricochet or Bo work well with Pam. Another one of Pam’s weaknesses are that she isn’t very accurate. Her shots fly everywhere which means that she cannot focus on one brawler effectively when fighting. In addition, Pam cannot shoot over walls. Because of this, Barley and Dynamike will be great choices with Pam as well. Try to incorporate these brawlers when playing with a Pam: (Colt, Ricochet, Bo, Dynamike, Barley)

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