Patch Notes (July 6th)

Patch Notes (July 6th)


Below is a list of changes that have been made in the most recent update.

Balance Changes

Piper was a bit to strong in high-trophy games. Her Super recharged to quickly which allowed her to escape danger too often.

  • Piper’s Super reloads 25% slower

Gem and Chip Changes

We wanted to increase the value of the Gem packs! This should give everyone more bang for their buck. This offer maybe for a limited time:

  • Gem packages will now reward approximately 50% more Gems!
  • Decreased price of all skins!
  • Increase Chip gain from Epic duplicate Brawlers from 5 to 10
  • Increased Chip gain from Legendary duplicate Brawlers from 10 to 60
  • Reduced Epic Brawler Chip cost from 70 to 60
  • Reduced Legendary Brawler Chip coset from 600 to 500

Other Changes

  • Lose slightly fewer Trophies when playing Showdown at low Trophy levels
  • Altered Game Mode rotation – Double XP event is now every 4 days (Instead of Saturday/Sunday) and gives slightly more Coins
  • Fixed an exploit allowing Band members to alter descriptions, badges, etc.

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