Poco In Depth

Poco In Depth

Introduction To Poco:                                                                  

“After losing his fans to a rival band, Poco fills every waking moment trying to find the perfect riff to win it all back.”

Poco is one of the first character released in the newest Supercell Mobile Game, Brawl Stars, a game with 1 on 1 skill, and first-person action. I have Poco, and personally think he is one of the top 10 brawlers in the game.

With Poco’s super wide range, and healing special “Encore”, leads him to be a very strong supporter character in the game. Although being overshadowed by the fairly new released Pam who can also heal, Poco is still a very strong support brawler.


Poco strums his guitarrón, sending forward bone-jarring sound waves. Enemies hit by the waves take the damage.


Poco plays an uplifting melody that heals himself and any teammates within range. Encore!



  • Although Poco’s range is not particularly long it’s width is what’s scary. This allows Poco to deal damage to multiple enemies at once.Poco’s wide-range also makes it very difficult to miss your shots, giving you an advantage over longer-range shooters who have to be much more precise when aiming.
  • Poco’s encore is a great ability. By healing himself and any other teammates within the effect of his special, he can prolong fights, save lives, and even win games.This can be very useful in team events, but it’s effectiveness is considerably reduced when playing Showdown.
  • Also, Poco’s health is more than average at 800.



  • Poco may be a great team player, but his individual skills aren’t too great. His best features are practically useless in a brawler-on-brawler situation. With the skeleton’s average health and damage, most brawlers can easily defeat him when facing off individually.
  • Poco’s attack strength is also not so great, although its width can make up for it in tight scenarios.

Other than that, Poco is a very strong team player, that when hid behind a tank, can really cause some havoc on the field of play.

Upgrade Priorities:

  1. Super – His super is what makes Poco a Super Rare Brawler. Make sure to upgrade his super ability first because of this.
  2. Health – Although Poco’s health is strong already, it’s maximum health is 1000, which leads into being a tank, and this makes Poco fairly OP.
  3. Attack – Poco’s damage is hopeless already, so don’t try to make up for it by spending all of your elixirs.


  • When playing Poco, make sure to not get carried away and fight by yourself. This makes you very vulnerable, since Poco is terrible at 1 V 1 encounters. Also this makes you not be able to use your super on your teammates, which will leave them vulnerable.
  • As Poco, you want to stay behind a tank with over 1000 starting health like an El Primo. This will make sure that you can do high damage with your tank, and heal them up to.
  • In Smash & Grab and Bounty make sure to have the following on your team: A tank, A damage character, and a support (you). Here is a list of the following types of characters:

Tanks: El primo, Bull, Pam.

Damage: Piper, Brock, Dynamike, Barley, Colt, Spike Ricochet                                     

Support (you): Poco, Shelly, Mortis, Nita, Bo, Jessie, Crow, Tara

  • Don’t use Poco in showdown, because he won’t get up in the ranks to earn trophies.

Smash & Grab:

Smash and Grab is a gamemode where whichever team collects 10 crystals on the battlefield first wins. Each crystal pops out of the middle, but be careful if you die, your crystals sprawl around where your death area is and the other team can collect them.

This is Poco’s top gamemode because of Poco’s special ability, where he can heal his teammates in clutch up scenarios, like when your team has 10 crystals on 1 guy, and he is about to die with 1 health. Poco can clutch up here, and save your teammate from eternal death (just kidding, it’s just a game).

Also, Poco’s Primary Attack is super useful in this gamemode when the other team clumps up, and you can hit all of them, because of your insane width of range. It may not seem like much, but trust me, triple kills are pretty cool!


The goal of Bounty is to have the most stars on your team in the time limited match. Each kill is worth 2 stars, unless the victim has killed other brawlers.

Each kill you get, another star gets to yourself (upto 7), and 2 go to your team’s score. So if I kill 5 guys i have 7 stars on myself, so if I get killed, the other team gets 7 stars for that 1 kill to their overall team score.

Poco is superb at this gamemode because like in Smash & Grab his special is clutch, and can keep himself, and his teammates in the match for a longer period of time, which equals more team kills/stars. Also if your team sticks together in the bushes, and surprises the other team, Poco can clean up with triple kills!

Brawl Ball:

The point of Brawl Ball, is to take the ball and score into the other team’s net. Pretty simple, eh?

Well, Poco is pretty average at this gamemode to be honest, nothing special here. Although his special is still clutch, and his attacks width, he still isn’t amazing at this gamemode.


The point of heist, is if you’re on offense, you want to destroy the other teams Safe with the crystals in it, and if you’re on defense, you do the opposite which is defend your safe.

Poco ain’t so good at this game mode because he has nothing special about him that excel in heist. In heist you need damage, and that’s just what Poco doesn’t have for his character.


Poco is also very bad in the game mode showdown. The point of showdown is to avoid the smog and be the final player left out of ten players at the start.

The higher you place, the more trophies you obtain. But be careful because you may find yourself trapped between 2 brawlers and die because you were too aggressive.

Poco is absolutely terrible at showdown because of his damage flaw. Since Poco doesn’t have a lot of or a crap ton of health, he just gets targeted and killed right off the bat.

Also, it takes Poco about 5000 years to break open a single power box. This leads to bad stats nearing the final brawlers, which equals no first-place finishes.


Overall, Poco is a pretty good character, with some really cool concepts, like his special, and width of his attack to get those triple kills! Just make sure to not use him in Showdown and you will be successful with Poco and gain a lot of trophies.

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