Brawl Stars Shelly Review + Guide (Blast Away!)

Brawl Stars Shelly Review + Guide (Blast Away!)


This guide is pulled from the video above so be sure to watch that first. This guide is for the Brawler Shelly and will go over her general usefulness as a character.


Shelly is a common Brawler and her purpose is to run and gun. She is perfectly designed to be the aggressor in most combat situations and she is set out to seek and destroy.

Shelly’s base hit points are 800 and you can obviously level them up by upgrading your HP ability. And her primary attack is Buck Shot.

With Buck Shot shells locked and loaded in her boomstick, Shelly can run and gun with the best of them. Grapeshot is her super ability.

Shelly’s supercharged shell obliterates both cover and enemies. Anyone who survives the attack gets knocked back.

Strength and Weaknesses

Let’s talk about Shelly’s strengths and weaknesses.

First focusing on the strengths, Shelly’s strengths are she has very very high damage output. Her attacks spread into a wide cone shape range that go all over the battlefield and has a decent range for a shotgun.

This makes landing shots very simple and makes her a very accurate Brawler. Shelly’s shots can cripple a whole team at the same time due to that spread and they seemingly all do a lot of damage per pellet so Shelly is definitely a Brawler to watch out for.

She is able to stop an enemy approach before it starts because her shotgun can cover an area very effectively. She’s also very good at protecting teammates because of her knock back ability.

Many times you’ll see teammates retreating from an oncoming enemy threat and Shelly is able to pop her Grapeshot ability knocking the enemies back doing heavy damage and eliminating the pursuit. In addition to doing great damage, Shelly’s super can also destroy walls and cover.

This is a very significant ability and it really increases the ability for Shelly to be tactical by ambushing her opponents when they think they’re safe on the other side of cover. Another great thing about Shelly is she’s very easy to play at a high level.

She’s a low skill cap character making her a great choice for your first Brawler. Now for Shelly’s weaknesses.

Shelly has a short range and it’s average at best. It’s decent for a shotgun but still isn’t that of the other Brawlers.

She can be kited very easily, which basically means she can be lured by enemies but she’ll never get in range to damage them while they’ll be able to damage her until she’s taken out. Shelly is not exactly a glass cannon but when she gets up close and personal in a fight she better not miss.

You will not have the luxury of missing shots with her because she has to get the kills before she’s killed and that’s the way she survives. Shelly doesn’t have a gap closer when she’s in pursuit.

If she is able to land a couple of initial volley’s on her target when they begin to retreat, when they are out of range they’re likely to stay out of range until they receive reinforcements from their teammates. Shelly just doesn’t have any movement speed buffs or ability to close any gaps or to fire at range in order to take out those retreating foes.

She doesn’t really have any abilities for supporting in game modes other than suppressing fire. Not to underestimate the suppressing fire as it can control an area of the map, but ammo is limited and once it runs out Shelly doesn’t become completely useless but much less useful.

Tips and Tricks

Now we’ll go into some tricks and tips for using Shelly.

She’s a great Brawler for an early game mid rush she’s able to damage all opponents at the same time so even if Shelly dies her teammates can mop up a weakened squad. You can catch your enemies off guard by using your super to obliterate the walls they are standing behind.

Sometimes enemies think they’re safe by just crouching behind a wall thinking that you can’t reach them but you can definitely surprise them when the time is right by blowing the walls apart and then finishing them off making sure your ammunition is full before you take out the wall.

When one or more enemies lurks and wait, or deliberately kiting you behind the wall or cover wait until your teammate approaches from another direction. And when the fighting is about to start use the super to destroy their cover and also deal significant damage.

The knock back does disorient the opponent and makes the team fight pretty simple for you and your approaching reinforcements. Shelly is one of the most dangerous Brawlers to stumble upon in the bushes.

Try to sneak into the bushes in high traffic areas when no one is watching. Wait for your enemies to approach you and a great opportunity to do this is when all of the action is taking place on the other side of the map or when you wipe the enemy team forcing them to respawn.

Shelly’s shotgun blast at short range is lethal and can even take out weaker Brawlers in a single shot. That is a big surprise to stumble into when you think the bushes are clear.

Don’t forget to fire upon enemies that are in pursuit of you. Just a couple of hits from your shotgun and they’ll have no choice but to retreat.

While her range is shorter, it is made longer by opponents pursuing you and thus extending your guns range. The best game modes for Shelly to play are Smash and Grab where you try to control a central gem mine.

She’s great at rushing the mine in the middle of the map at the start of the game and great at keeping people off it due to the wide spread of her shotgun. Showdown is another mode that Shelly is great at.

She’s great at 1v1 battles provided that she can find cover to hide in so that her location is undisclosed. If ranged characters see Shelly then she does become and easier target for taking damage before she’s in range to fire.

Another great game mode for Shelly is Bounty. Bounty is where you’re basically head to head in a team death match style vs another 3v3 team.

She can definitely pull her weight and act as a front line hero to disrupt the other team. The worst game mode for Shelly is Heist.

There really isn’t a lot of utility for her to use to help out and support her team. Heist is about damaging the safe and dealing damage over long distances.

Shelly really has nothing that can bring usefulness to this mode and is better left out of it.

Matchups (Favorable)

Some favorable match ups for Shelly are as follows:

Mortis is the sworn enemy of many Brawlers but Shelly is not one of them. If Mortis gets in her range then Shelly can take him down in just a couple of shots and its hard for her to miss due to her wide range of fire.

Dynamike is another great match up as she’s able to charge in and get inside of his range of dynamite and take him out with ease.

Ricochet is another opponent that as long as you can dodge his initial shots and getting in range you’re able to take out a very low hit point Brawler with ease.

Lastly, you got Brock. Brock only fires a single missile at a time so as long as you can dodge those missiles Shelly is able to get him on the run and force him to become less accurate giving her the time needed to take him out.

Matchups (Not Favorable)

Difficult match ups are as follows:

Crow is able to stay at a distance, picking and popping and doing damage over time. Never having to engage the enemy up close he can sit back and deal damage while making it hard for Shelly to even get in range of him.

Another difficult matchup is Nita. Nita’s difficulty comes from her super ability and her ability to spawn a bear. The bear’s big issue is letting Nita charge super juice with each swing and if the bear is getting off swings that means that Shelly is going to have to focus fire the bear instead of Nita who does a good amount of damage herself provided that she’s in range.

Bull is another tough match up for Shelly simply because of how similar they are as characters but Bull has more HP than Shelly. So, in this case, Bull will always outmatch Shelly in a head to head fight.

Spike is also a tough matchup. Spike can kite Shelly and keep her sticking around with his super lowering her movement speed and making her an easy target. Once her movement speed is gone she’s pretty much out of luck.

Hard Counter

Hard Counters for Shelly are as follows:

Barley is very similar to Dynamike but can cover the ground around him as he tries to get away. Using his whiskey to cover the ground he can deal damage over time making it very tough for Shelly to get within range to deal damage before being taken out too quickly.

Overall hero recommendation for Shelly. Shelly is not only the first character unlocked but also one of the easiest to play.

In addition to being able to do very good with Shelly she’s a beast in one on one situations. She can also overpower entire teams if they’re foolish enough to group up on her.

Low hit point teams are also easily taken down by Shelly and she’s an extremely versatile that can make a significant impact in the majority of game modes. She’ll make a great addition to any team in almost any game mode.

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