Star Power Guide Part 1 by Bobby

Star Power Guide Part 1 by Bobby

Star Powers, Part 1

The December 2017 Update in Brawl Stars brought the game a complete UI redesign, game room improvements, new game modes, but maybe most importantly, an upgrade system overhaul. The most interesting feature of the new system is the game-changing Star Powers, unlocked after all other upgrades for the Brawler are bought.

In this 2-part article, we’ll be going through the Star Powers of each Brawler and you’ll get tips on how to use it effectively.


Shell Shock is quite good when you use it effectively. This changes the play style because now it’s a lot more value to use the Super on 2 or more enemies than to use it on one enemy and a few walls.

Team comps with Shelly will most likely be more effectively made with another wall-breaker, not using Shelly as the main one. This way, Shelly can get better value out of the Super, as well as making it easy for high damage ranged Brawlers like Spike and Brock to land their shots and charge their Supers while decimating the enemy.


Slick Boots is quite the boost for Colt, as it increases his speed from 650, the speed that most of the Brawlers have (except Primo, Bull, and Darryl who have 700 and Crow who has 750) to 725, which puts him as the second fastest Brawler in the game, second only to Crow.

This has many positive implications, aside from the fact that he simply moves faster. Higher speed means more effective strafing (moving and firing at the same time) which can cover a larger area than before, and therefore hit more people.

In Showdown he can more effectively strafe the Elixir boxes by zigzagging back and forth while shooting. Overall a significant improvement to Colt.

(Note: The best Colt player in the world is at over 1100 trophies with him, more than any other Brawler…)


Bear With Me is an amazing boost to an already amazing Brawler. This Star Power emphasizes the link between Nita and her Bear, and it can be devastating when used well.

The best way to take advantage of this is to play defensively until you can get your Supercharged, and avoid placing the Bear near Bull, Darryl, or others that can instantly wreck it. If it survives even for 15-30 seconds you can be extremely aggressive and neither you nor your Bear will die until you run out of enemies to demolish.

Try not to place the Bear over a wall, although it is tempting because then you will have a hard time getting over to the spot where the Bear is attacking and helping it survive.


Dyna-Jump is arguably the most interesting of the Star Powers, allowing Dynamike to be infinitely more mobile. His jump can be used to get out of a sticky situation (pun intended) and to quickly pull a get in-grab crystals-get out maneuver in Smash and Grab.

With enough practice, you can even chain the jumps and “double-jump.” This allows you to traverse long distances more effectively.

It also changes the way you play his Super, as the Super bomb propels him far more than the normal dynamite. You can cast the Super right on top of yourself after luring in close range Brawlers, and it will catapult you away from the impact zone.

El Primo

El Fuego is certainly a powerful Star Power, giving El Primo a Crow-like damage-over-time effect. This means that his Super effectively does 600 more damage, but it has more subtle effects on Primo and his enemies.

After getting hit by Primo’s Super, enemies have to wait 7 seconds before they can start healing: 4 seconds of burning and 3 seconds of taking no damage to start healing. In this extended time, teammates can aggressively attack the enemy to kill them before they can heal back up.

The teammates should follow Primo as he jumps up or down to wherever he chooses, so they can assist in the destruction to follow. This will also help them charge up their Supers.


Berserker, having recently gotten a huge and much-needed buff, is now really strong and can help Bull dominate enemies in clutch situations. He can rush in aggressively and although he will die, he can deal massive amounts of damage and snag a few kills in that time.

Team comps with Bull should probably consist of high damage ranged Brawlers that can punch the enemy while Bull distracts and attacks them. It’s a win-win because if they choose to focus on the Bull, the damage dealers can hammer them down from range; and if they choose to focus on the ranged Brawlers, they can keep their distance while Bull wrecks them.


Incendiary is amazing when used correctly and can deal up to 480 extra damage to opponents if they stay in the fire. There are many precise techniques with this, but with a little bit of practice they can be learned, mastered, and used in ranked matches.

This Star Power is best used with area denial Brawlers such as Barley or Dynamike, who can “block off” areas of the map with their attacks. If Brock shoots two of his attacks ear each other, they will both leave behind fire close to each other, and Barley/Mike can block off the remaining area, leaving the enemy nowhere to run.

In Heist or Brawl Ball his attack can be used to hit one person as they are coming through a critical choke point and leave the incendiary flame there so the enemy support cannot come through the choke point without taking damage.


Medical Use is amazingly good and suits Barley well. As a glass cannon, he has great damage output but struggles with health, and this bridges that gap significantly.

This enables him to excel even more at game modes like Smash and Grab, in which he can rush into the center and grab crystals while choking the critical choke points and healing himself while doing it. He can also do better at Heist, because when he’s close to the safe and attacking it, he’ll heal up at the same time, letting him get in a few more indispensable shots before the enemies kill him.

This is a great boost for Barley and makes him a much better all-around Brawler.


Energize is extremely good, for more reasons than are perceived at face value. It not only keeps Scrappy alive for longer so it can wreak more havoc, it also acts as a window into Jessie’s automatic targeting system.

The Scrappy can be used as a dummy target because when the energy ball bounces off the Scrappy, auto-targeting starts. Normally, you would have to land the first shot for automatic targeting to begin, but now you just have to shoot the Scrappy.

The healing it provides is massive, so stay near the turret and it won’t die unless the enemies waste all their attention on it, in which case you wreck them anyway.

That’s all the Star Powers for Part 1, look out for Part 2 coming soon. I hope this helps you take advantage of the new Star Powers and use them to their full potential.

BONUS: Some quick tips about the Star Powers

  • If you want to practice with a certain Star Power, just do it in a Friendly Battle. In Friendlies, all Brawlers are maxed out.
  • After you’ve unlocked all the Crests for a certain Brawler, instead of buying the Star Power with 720 hard-earned tokens, just wait to pull it from a box! Even if it takes a while, it costs almost 5 times more to buy than a legendary token drop!

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