Tara Brawler Review [In Depth Guide]

Tara Brawler Review [In Depth Guide]

In the September update, Super Cell have introduced a new category of Brawlers, named as Mythic. Mortis got moved from Epic to Mythic and a new Brawler was added, a mystic from a far land that use her tarot cards and gravity energy to deal with her enemies, knows as Tara.

She takes more of a supportive role due to her low damage on Main Attack and the great utility of her Super, specially when combined with high damage AOE Brawlers like Barley, Dynamike and Spike.

Base Health

Tara’s base health is the same as Nita, Poco and Shelly, considered mid-tier HP, only bellow El Primo and Bull.

LvlDamageUpgrade Cost
2840Elixir x1
3880Elixir x2
4920Elixir x3
5960Elixir x4
61000Elixir x5

Main Attack – Tripe Tarot

Tara’s basic attack have a very good range and is more effective when enemies are grouped up. The tarot cards can pierce through enemies and hit multiple targets at once.

Each card deals 100 DMG at level 1 and 125 DMG when maxed per (+5 for upgrade).


Tara flicks her wrist, snapping off three tarot cards that pierce through enemies. Quite a trick!

LvlDamageUpgrade Cost
2105Elixir x1
3110Elixir x2
4115Elixir x3
5120Elixir x4
6125Elixir x5

Attack reload speed: 1.8s

Super – Gravity

This is probably the best crowd control ability in Brawl Stars. Tara can pull all enemies into a specific point and deal a little damage with an explosion in the end of the effect. Use it whenever there are at least two brawlers in the effect area radius and try to combo with your team abilities while you deal damage with your main attack.

If you are playing against Tara, the best way to counter this skill is keeping a certain distance from your team-mates, not allowing her to make an effective use of Gravity, pulling your team together and setting up the terrain to her team deal a high amount of damage at once.

Gravity explosion deals 100 DMG at level 1 and 125 DMG when maxed out (+5 per upgrade).


Tara’s greatest illusion draws her audience inexorably in. Everyone caught in the attraction will bum heads painfully!

LvlDamageUpgrade Cost
2105Elixir x1
3110Elixir x2
4115Elixir x3
5120Elixir x4
6125Elixir x5

Upgrade Priority

1. Attack > 2. Health > 3. Super

Since Tara’s base damage isn’t that great, is recommended that you upgrade it first. Since the main use of her Super is the utility, you don’t need to bother upgrading it before Health.

Using Tara in Smash and Grab

This is the game mode where you will see Tara’s real potential. Her piercing damage will help to lower of the enemies and make them more vulnerable to your team’s attacks.

Her Super ability shines specially at countdown, where you can keep the enemy team away from your gem carrier for a few seconds.

Using Tara in Showdown

Win a Showdown match can be very tough due to Tara’s low base damage. Use her Main Attack to destroy boxes while dealing damage to nearby players. You can use her Super to pull enemies close to each other and make them fight themselves, use this in your advantage.

The best map for you will be Feast of Famine. Avoid maps that have too many obstacles.

Using Tara in Bounty

Tara can perform very well in Bounty matches, specially when playing with a pre-made team. Try to team up with high damage Brawlers and mainly play supportive, using your Super to pull enemies and letting your team-mates deal a high amount of AOE damage.

Using Tara in Heist

For Heist events, you are not recommended to play Tara. While she can perform decently in defense as a team support, she is nearly useless when attacking. In the current Heist meta, you will have a hard time to reach enemy’s safe.

Using Tara in Brawl Ball

Tara can do pretty much everything well in Brawl Ball matches. Enemy players will be usually grouped up near the ball and Tripe Tarot can be a powerful weapon, dealing damage to multiple brawlers at once.

Gravity can help you to destroy obstacles and give your team an opening to approach the goal as well as reposition enemy brawlers to pull them out of hiding or aid your team-mates.

Another reason to use Tara in this game mode is to counter Mortis that is one of the most popular and effective picks in Brawl Ball.

Team Compositions

As stated before, Tara is a team player and will be more effective in a team with high AOE damage Brawlers such as Barley, Dynamike and Spike.

Try to play with your friends or band-mates and always check if they have their Super ready before you use yours. A good combo with Gravity can easily grant you a victory in Smash and Grab and Bounty matches.

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