TARA GUIDE | 5 Pro Tips to Dominate w/ Tara in Brawl Stars!

TARA GUIDE | 5 Pro Tips to Dominate w/ Tara in Brawl Stars!

By CWA Mobile Gaming

A big thanks to CWA Mobile Gaming for the information in the video above.

Top 5 Pro Tips for Tara

Tara was one of the early Brawlers added in the history of Brawl Star. She’s only been in the game for about a year and is still one of the most versatile characters to use.

She’s not very squishy and has a pretty good ultimate on her. Depending on the kind of game mode you’re playing she can be a key character, especially in Heist.

Tip #1: Have Patience

Patience with this Brawler is the most important quality to have as a player. Tara can be a really strong Assassin or Aggressor. And when you have your super, having the patience to use it is something you’ll realize is really important.

This is a Brawler that you kind of really want to make the most out of your super and ideally when you are using it try to ensure that you’ve got at least two or three shots ready to roll. Because you can really back-to-back your super that way.

If you use your super and you’ve got one shot cause you already used the other two then you’re not gonna get much value from gathering those Brawlers together. You get one shot and then you kind of maybe get halfway there again, but nothing too extravagant.

Tip #2: Know your Role

With Tara, she is a great Assassin and also a great Aggressor and it’s knowing how to behave in each of those roles. It’s all about knowing what you’ll be doing in the match and how to go about it.

A good thing for Tara is playing sneaky with her. Cause if you’re good at positioning you can hold onto your Super with patience and let your opponent forget you’re there.

While they’re focusing on other things in the match you can throw out your Super to really throw them off guard. If you play patiently and are good at staying out of sight Tara is great for this.

Tip #3: Line up your Target

This is an important thing to remember when using Tara. The more that you are aware of your positioning of the map and lining up Brawlers kind of makes you think in a different way when using her to other Brawlers.

Like most Brawlers, her usefulness depends on the map. On some maps you want to keep distance and just do chip damage but if its an open map you’d be better off trying to flank your opponent especially if they’re someone squishy.

It’s also important to know which Brawlers Tara is good and bad against. A Brawler she’s bad against would be Spike and Nida because of Spikes range and Nida’s hard-hitting close range attack.

When you get to the top in terms of trophy pushing you’ll start to see similar team comps. So you’ll likely know what you’re going into before the match starts in the later trophy games.

Tip #4: Know your Range

A good thing to know as a player, especially if you’re new, is to know your Brawlers attack range. It helps a lot if you know exactly what kind of positioning you need to have for Tara and any Brawler you’re playing.

Tara is great for positioning in the bushes for focusing on being a good Assassin. But it’s all based on your play style and how you want to play them.

But particularly with Tara, especially when you have your Super. It’s very easy for the opposing team to forget you have your Super if you’re playing quietly and utilizing her Assassin capabilities.

Number 5: Do NOT Use Auto-Fire

There are some Brawlers that are favored to using Auto-Fire. But I would advise to try and never use Auto-Fire if you can prevent it.

There are some circumstances where it is handy, maybe if you’re in a situation when a Brawler is coming out of the bushes and you go into a panic fire. That would be a good situation of when to use it or maybe if you play Bull or El Primo.

But with Tara, you really don’t want to use Auto-Fighter. Going back to one of the previous tips, Line up your targets, it’s much easier to do this without using Auto-Fire because you can be more exact.

It really depends on who you are as a player as well. It’s all about how you play and what you’re trying to get out of the game.

The main point would be that with Tara your best bet is to always try and line up your shots with her. She is far more effective when played without the Auto-Fire feature.

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