The Best Way To Spend Your Gems!

The Best Way To Spend Your Gems!

Note: This is a guest post by Soldier.

Hello, brawlers today I will be showing you how to spend your gems effectively in Brawl Stars. I will compare different methods and what value they provide in order to ensure that you maximize your profit. Enjoy!

Special Offers

Right off the bat, I want to mention that these special offers provide the bang for your buck, so make sure to purchase these offers first. Then, in order to use the rest of your gems efficiently, make sure to continue reading!

Shelly’s Stash: Big Box + 80 Gems ($1.99) – 5x Value
Bull’s Bag: Big Box + 170 Gems ($4.99) – 3x Value
Poco’s Pouch: Big Box + 350 Gems ($9.99) – 2x Value
Coffer Offer: Big Box + 700 Gems ($19.99) – 2x Value

Gem Packs

Fistful of Gems: 30 Gems / $1.99 = 15 Gems per dollar
Pouch of Gems: 80 Gems / $4.99 = 16 Gems per dollar
Satchel of Gems: 170 Gems / $9.99 = 17 Gems per dollar
Bucket of Gems: 350 Gems / $19.99 = 17.5 Gems per dollar
Crate of Gems: 900 Gems / $49.99 = 18 Gems per dollar
Haul of Gems: 1850 Gems / $99.99 = 18.5 Gems per dollar

As you can see, the Haul of Gems provides the best value for 1 dollar, so I will be using that offer for the rest of my calculations.


When buying boxes, you can choose between Brawl Boxes and Big Boxes. Brawl Boxes offer 1 Box for 10 gems, whereas Big Boxes offer 10 Boxes for 80 Gems, or 1 Box for 8 Gems. Obviously, Big Boxes provide a better value than Brawl Boxes.

As seen in the previous section, purchasing 1850 Gems gives the best gem value for your money. This means that you can get 23 Big Boxes (1850 / 80) and 1 Brawl Box (1850 / 80 has a remained of 10).

23 Big Boxes + 1 Brawl Box equates to 231 Boxes, meaning $100 can give you 231 boxes guaranteed. However, this is not the only way to spend your gems.


After the December Update, the Coin Booster was removed from the game. The Coin Doubler still remained in the shop, so I will be using that for my calculations. For 50 Gems, your next 1000 coins are doubled, meaning that you will earn 2000 coins instead of just 1000.

With 1850 Gems you can purchase 37 Coin Doublers. If each Coin Doubler gives an overall gain of 1000 coins, or 10 boxes, then purchasing Coin Doublers will give you 370 (37 * 10) boxes. However, this method will take more time since you have to earn 1000 coins 37 times in order to obtain an extra 370 boxes.

Event Tickets

Pack of Tickets: 6 Tickets / 10 Gems = 0.6 Tickets per Gem
Pile of Tickets: 20 Tickets / 30 Gems = 0.67 Tickets per Gem
Roll of Tickets: 60 Tickets / 80 Gems = 0.75 Tickets per Gem

The Roll of Tickets clearly has the best value of tickets to gem, so I will be using that for my calculations.

You can purchase 23 Rolls of Tickets, and have 10 Gems leftover to buy the Pack of Tickets. This will give you a total of 1386 Tickets. Now, this is where results will vary.

If you a really good player who can consistently score above 7 minutes in Robo Rumble, then you will earn the max amount of coins, 40, every match. Assuming you get 40 coins for every
match and ticket, then you could earn 55,440 coins, which is insane! That equates to 554 Boxes with 40 coins leftover!

Now if you aren’t a top player but still good at the game, then you can consistently get over 6 minutes in Robo Rumble and earn around 34 coins. That’s still a lot, as you will end up with 471 Boxes and 24 leftover coins!

If you are a decent player who can get over 5 minutes, then you can earn 28 coins per round, and ultimately 388 Boxes with 8 coins leftover.

Supposing you get above 4 minutes consistently, you will earn around 22 coins, or 304 Boxes with 92 coins leftover.

Either way, the rewards from Robo Rumble are insane! Since it’s easier to get max coins on Robo Rumble than on Boss Brawl, I suggest you spend your tickets on that. However, keep in mind that you must be a really good player to achieve the highest coins, but it is not impossible. Get a good team together and farm this game mode before Supercell nerfs its rewards.

As for how long it will take, here are some calculations to help you figure that out:

  • With 1386 Tickets, you could use x20 rewards 69 times, x5 reward 1 time, and x1 reward 1 time
    for a total of 71 matches.
  • Above 7 Minutes: 7 min + 1 min (time in-between matches) ≈ 8 min. 8 * 71 = 568 minutes, or 9
    hours and 28 minutes
  • Above 6 Minutes: 6 min + 1 min ≈ 7 min. 7 * 71 = 497 minutes, or 8 hours and 17 minutes
  • Above 5 Minutes: 5 min + 1 min ≈ 6 min. 6 * 71 = 426 minutes, or 7 hours and 6 minutes
  • Above 4 Minutes: 4 min + 1 min ≈ 5 min. 5 * 71 = 355 minutes, or 5 hours and 55 minutes.

I know this is a lot of time, but if you are committed then these rewards could almost max your account. Try and spread the time out across Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to make it more manageable or use half of your tickets 1 week, then wait 2 more weeks for the event to come again.


Big Boxes: 231 boxes / $99.99 = 2.31 boxes per dollar
Coin Doublers: 370 boxes / $99.99 = 3.70 boxes per dollar
7 Minutes (Tickets): 554 / $99.99 = 5.54 boxes per dollar
6 Minutes (Tickets): 471 / $99.99 = 4.71 boxes per dollar
5 Minutes (Tickets): 388 / $99.99 = 3.88 boxes per dollar
4 Minutes (Tickets): 304 boxes / $99.99 = 3.04 boxes per dollar

As you can see, big boxes provide the worst value, and tickets provide the best by a large margin. Even if you get mediocre times, you still get more profit than Big Boxes and Coin

Furthermore, as you play Robo Rumble more and more, you will get better and start to see higher times and higher rewards come your way. If you don’t have the time for grinding Robo Rumble, I suggest Coin Doublers because even though it will take a long time to maximize your profits, there is no rush or time limit.


Skins are purely cosmetic and not a very effective way to spend your gems. Regardless, you could purchase all the skins in the game for 410 Gems, and still have 1440 Gems leftover. With 1440 Gems you could purchase 1080 Tickets, 18 Big Boxes, or ≈ 28 Coin Doublers. This means that you could buy every single skin in the game, and still have enough gems to get 432 boxes (assuming you get over 7 minutes with tickets)!


Ultimately, the best way to spend your gems would be to purchase Haul of Gems for $99.99 and use those 1850 Gems on Rolls of Tickets. Then, farm Robo Rumble and try to consistently get times above 6 minutes with x20 rewards to obtain over 500 boxes as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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